Our Mr. Reynolds

by Juli

March 2004

On automatic pilot, Mal climbed down the ladder into his room. Once there, he stripped the suspenders off his shoulders and started unbuttoning his shirt. It had been a long spell of days, dodging the Alliance. All he wanted now was a good night’s sleep.

But when he turned to the bed, someone was already curled up there.

“You’re, ah, ah, there you are,” he stammered.

Simon Tam sat up, the sheet wrapped tantalizingly low across his hips. “I made the bed warm for you.”

Mal swallowed. “It looks… warm.”

“And I made myself ready for you,” Simon added, a delicate blush warming his cheeks.

Cheeks… Simon ready for him… Mal *so* did not want to go there.

“Um, bypassing the whole ready for me thing,” Mal said, talking far more quickly than normal. “What are you doing here? I seem to remember you getting’ your own room, along with your sister.”

“Am I supposed to sleep there?” Simon asked. “I thought I would be here… with you?”

“You’ve got your own room, same as all the other passengers,” Mal said, his attempt at being firm undermined by the quiver in his voice. “You been sleepin’ there since you came aboard. What makes you think you need to come down here now?”

“Because you hid us from the Alliance,” Simon explained. “You’ve had Wash pilot the ship all over this section of the Rim, staying ahead of them, more than you’ve had to do since we came aboard. I thought I should… reward you for your trouble.”

“Just because I took you and your sister in,” the captain said, even as a certain part of him stood up and saluted the prospect of being rewarded, “Don’t make you beholden to me.”

Simon stood up, the sheeting slipping down to pool at his feet. “Don’t I please you?”

“It’s not a matter of what’s pleasin’, Simon,” Mal explained, trying to look anywhere in his quarters except for the nude man in front of him. “It’s a matter of what’s right.”

“Let me tell you something, Malcolm Reynolds,” Simon said as he walked forward, stalking Mal as he spoke. “Marriages in my social circle were usually arranged, for the benefit of the family, not the individual. Some of the men that were being considered for my husband… they were ugly, vicious men, with all sorts of unnatural appetites.” By this time, he was standing right in front of Mal. “But you, as soon as I saw you and you were the captain and so kind and beautiful… I knew you were a man I could give myself too.”

“You’re just saying that because you don’t know any better.” Mal said, the warmth of Simon’s body seeping into his, even though their skin wasn’t even touching. “You’re just a kid.”

Simon shook his head. “No, I’m not. I’m old enough to defy the Alliance and rescue my sister. I may not have the life experience a man raised on the Rim would have and that might make me seem younger, but I’m man enough to know what I want.” Greatly daring, he reached out to run a hand down Mal’s arm. “I swell to think of you in me and,” he looked down, then back up, his eyes twinkling. “I see you do too.”

Mal was undone by the sweetness of that smile. “Oh, I’m gonna go to the special hell,” he breathed before dipping his head and kissing Simon.

Simon whimpered as Mal’s lips covered his own. Reaching up, he instinctively wrapped his arms around the captain, pulling him closer. Mal reached down and cupped Simon’s ass, grinding him against him firmly.

“Oh, God,” Simon cried out as he felt the heat of Mal’s erection pressed against his own. Even imprisoned by the cloth of Mal’s pants, it all but burned him.

“God ain’t gonna help you now,” Mal said, eyes dark with desire. Walking Simon backwards, he gently encouraged the younger man onto the bed. Simon lay there, silently watching, as the captain made quick work of his own clothing. The only sound he made was a small gasp when Mal’s pants came off and his erection was freed.

“Still want this?” Mal asked. When Simon merely nodded, Mal shook his head. “Nah-uh. Gotta say it.”

“I want you,” Simon said, blushing. “In me.”

“Well now,” Mal said in satisfaction, looking up and down the length of his lover’s prone body. “Didn’t know you could turn pink in so many different yet appealing places.”

Simon groaned and took Mal by the hand, pulling the bigger man on top of him. The captain didn’t fight him but once he was covering Simon, he wasn’t content to stay still either. His lips locked onto the doctor’s, Mal’s hands roamed freely and his hips humped against Simon’s. He didn’t stop until Simon broke away from the kiss to gasp for air.

Mal rolled off to lay by Simon’s side, the loss of his warmth causing his partner to protest.

“Don’t worry, not going anywhere, sweetheart,” Mal reassured him. Mal started kissing Simon again, this time with one hand gently pumping Simon’s cock.


“First time you felt someone else’s hand on you?” Mal asked him kindly.

Simon bit his lip and nodded.

Mal kissed him sweetly, then took Simon’s hand in his and guided it to his own needy penis. “Been a long time since I felt anyone else’s hand myself.”

Simon might have been unskilled at love but he was still a surgeon. Even as a virgin, his fingers were more talented that many a doxy’s. Before long, it was Mal that was breaking their kisses off in order to breathe.

Bumping his forehead against Simon’s, Mal kissed Simon one last time. “Turn over on to your other side, sweetheart.”

The doctor smiled uncertainly but still obeyed. Presented with the younger man’s ass, Mal rubbed it gently. Easily detecting that his inexperienced lover was tense, Mal kissed Simon’s shoulder. “Easy, there. Nothing but good’s gonna happen tonight.”

Mal kept up his gentle patter of words and his rubbing and caressing of Simon’s ass. Soon the younger man was relaxing and bending back for awkward kisses, even laughing softly as their lips slid off one another’s. Mal used the distraction to press a finger inside his lover – causing the doctor to arch his back in response to the sensation.

Mal immediately realized what Simon had meant when he said he’d “made himself ready” for the captain. “You really did know what you wanted, didn’t you?” He murmured.

Impaled on Mal’s finger, the doctor didn’t answer. Mal patted him on the hip and withdrew the digit, using Simon’s precum to slick himself up.

“Ready?” He asked. Simon simply nodded.

Mal gave Simon one last kiss before turning him so he was completely on his side. Lifting the younger man’s leg, Mal spread his partner’s cheeks and slowly pressed inside.

“Mal….” Simon looked back at him with big eyes. It burned.

“Trust me, sweetheart,” Mal assured him. He rubbed Simon’s hip until the younger man relaxed and then pushed in some more. By the time he was fully sheathed, they were both trembling.

Mal had never felt such heat pressing so close. He lay still as he felt Simon’s body ripple around him. Spooned behind Simon, pressed as tightly as two bodies humanly could be, he felt his own heart open up to the younger man. Wiggling until he had one hand underneath Simon and the other wrapped around the other side of the doctor’s waist, Mal clasped his hands across Simon’s belly. Then he started thrusting, using small strokes designed to open the doctor’s body to his penetration.

“Mal…” Simon groaned as he lay his head back against the captain’s shoulder. It was a testimony to the captains’ skill that the normally articulate doctor had been reduced to throaty moans of the other man’s name.

“Hang on, sweetheart,” Mal encouraged him, “This is the good part.”

It was beyond good. For uncounted minutes, the two men lay, coupling on the bed. Mal was content to thrust slow and easy, rediscovering with Simon the sensations of each new angle of penetration. Only when the body he was inside began to struggle for climax, did Mal reach down and grasp Simon’s cock. With a few gentle pumps, Simon cried out and orgasmed, the spasms of his body milking Mal’s own release.

Afterwards, Simon immediately drifted off to sleep, the smile on his face assuring Mal that the younger man would have sweet dreams. Pulling the forgotten sheet up from the floor to cover him, the captain came to the conclusion that Book was wrong. Taking Simon hadn’t lost the younger man his innocence; it had helped Mal rediscover his own.

And if there was a special hell for designated for that, well, Mal could live with it.

~the end~


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