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Stand Alone

Why is it that doctors always make the worst patients?  (Mal/Simon)

After seeing Mal wear something different, Simon makes a spectacle out of himself.  (Mal/Simon)

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Simon takes care of River, but who takes care of Simon?

Warning: Daddy kink, including spanking

When Simon Tam awoke, he instinctively knew he was in Malís arms.

A missing scene from Ariel - NOT a death story.

When Mal has a headache, Simon tries to make it better.  (Mal/Simon)

Can Mal take back what he said about Simon not being part of the crew?  (A post-Serenity story)

Mal makes an observation and Simon makes him prove it.  (Mal/Simon)

After rescuing Simon and River, Mal is expecting a confrontation about leaving them in the first place. A post "Safe" story. (Mal/Simon)

After a job doesn't go smoothly, Mal and Simon recuperate.  (Mal/Simon)

Simon is in need of some TLC.  (Simon/?)

Mal wakes up with a funny feeling...  (Mal/Simon)

A schmoopy challenge story related to the "Shindig" episode. Simon endeavors to teach Mal how to dance.   (Mal/Simon)


"Them's Fightin' Words" Series

Mal and Jayne come to Simon to help resolve an disagreement.  (Mal/Simon/Jayne)

Simon finds out about the wager and is none too pleased.  (Mal/Simon/Jayne)

Simon braces himself for Mal and Jayne's retaliation.  (Mal/Simon/Jayne)


"UN" Series  (AU)

River isn't the only Tam that's been tampered with.  (Mal/Simon)

            Part 1

            Part 2



"Our Mrs. Reynolds" Ficlets

Based on the "Our Mrs. Reynolds" episode by Joss Whedon.

Now that Mal has a wife, Jayne's got a trade to offer.

What if it would have been Simon waiting in Mal's bed?


Firefly Slash Round Robins

I participated in two Firefly slash round robins, both originating from the FIrefly Slash list on YahooGroups.  Each story featured over a dozen writers, lasted months, and resulted in tales well over a hundred pages.  They are housed at the Firefly's Glow Archive (http://firefly.populli.org/).  Look for these titles:

Wounds From The Past  (round robin #1)

Home Is Where the Heart Is  (round robin #2)  


I have a fiction list for those who don't want to wait until I manage to get a story posted here. I also post stories to my list that I'm not comfortable putting on a public website, such as my Supernatural work. If you'd care to join, it's located at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JuliSlashFiction/


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