Fractional Romance

by Juli

August 2005

“Red… White… Yellow…” Van Ray muttered under his breath as he looked at the roses displayed in the flower case. He’d bought flowers for women before, lots of times. Deaq, on the other hand… how did he pick out the right flowers for Deaq?

“Can I help you with something?”

Van turned to find a saleswoman at his elbow. “Yeah. I need to buy some flowers.” He took a quick look at her nametag and flashed her the trademark Ray grin. “I think I need an expert’s advice, Marge.”

Marge smiled at him kindly. What a charming young man; it was too bad her daughter couldn’t find such a nice boy. “Flowers have their own language. What’s the event? A birthday? Anniversary? We have an arrangement for every occasion.”

Van looked at her blankly. Somehow he doubted the shop had a floral arrangement that covered having your lover walk in to find your mutual boss on her knees, undoing your belt in preparation to giving you a very public blow job.

“Let’s just say I have to apologize for something stupid. Really stupid.”

“In that case,” Marge reached for a colorful bouquet of pastel carnations and tea roses, arranged in a delicate china cup. “’The Cup Full of Regret’ is our most popular apology arrangement.”

Van took one look and knew it was wrong. “No, that’s very nice but it’s a little more dainty than what I had in mind.”

Marge smiled and put the cup back. She should have known better. Judging by his clothes, this young man had a flair for the extravagant. “Is the arrangement for a significant other? Co-worker? Parent?”

“Significant other – definitely.” Van’s eyes kept straying to the red roses.

Marge noticed the direction of her potential customer’s gaze. “Sometimes, dear, it’s not what you say that counts but the passion you say it with.”

Suddenly, Van’s floral decision was a whole lot easier. Passion, he could handle. “I’ll take a dozen.”

“Good choice.”

Van was barely through the door of Deaq’s apartment before he was attacked. A large body hit his, shoving the young officer back into the door, closing it with a decisive bang. Van himself was pinned, a knee pressed in between his legs and hot breath tickling his ear.

“What the hell was that?” Deaq growled, grinding his body against that of his lover.

“Flowers?” Van asked. He’d been reaching for his gun when Deaq had pounced. Luckily, he’d recognized the warmth and scent of his lover before he’d done more than make a grab for his weapon.

Deaq looked down, belatedly recognizing what Van was holding. “Roses?” He smiled with exaggerated sweetness as he took the blooms from Van’s lax hand. “For me? How nice.” Smile evaporating, he tossed the flowers over his shoulder, where they landed on a nearby chair. “You think that’s gonna settle things?”

“I’m really sorry, Deaq,” Van said. “Billie’s audition – I so did not mean for it to go down that way.”

“’Go down,’” Deaq repeated, again growling. “Poor choice of words, dawg, considering what Billie was doing when I interrupted.”

“C’mon, Deaq. You know how undercover works.” Van protested. He squirmed in discomfort from the way the older man was glaring at him, but that only caused his groin to rub against Deaq’s knee, still shoved between both of Van’s. “Ya gotta expect the unexpected, r-roll with… with the punches.”

Van stumbled on his explanation as Deaq started nibbling on his ear.

“I know that,” the detective assured him as he paused in rimming the outer shell of Van’s ear. “Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

“But, why’d you say… say that the r-r-r-oses wouldn’t make things right between us?” Van arched his neck, giving Deaq better access as he nipped his way down the tender skin.

Deaq sucked on the juncture between Van’s neck and collarbone, only stopping when he was positive he’d left a juicy red mark. Releasing his lover’s skin with an audible pop, he explained. “Didn’t say things was wrong between us, babe. Just that we got to settle them.”


Deaq grinned in satisfaction. He loved it when he was able to render Mr. Motor-mouth inarticulate.

“Didn’t say you did anything wrong.” Deaq picked up one of Van’s hands, bit the inside of his lover’s wrist sharply, and then slapped the hand flat against the wall. “Didn’t say I was mad.” Van’s other hand received the same treatment. “Just said we had to put things right.”

Van knew better than to move. “Oh.”

The detective started working on the buttons to his partner’s shirt. “’Oh’ is right. I know why it happened the way it did, but if anybody’s goin’ down on their knees in front of that fine body of yours, it damn well better be me.”

Each button revealed another hand span of Van’s skin, which Deaq greeted with a nip and a lick. Van moaned and bit his lip, but otherwise was silent. When the shirt was finally unbuttoned, Deaq lifted it out of the other man’s pants, slowly sliding it off Van’s shoulders. The forgotten piece of clothing drifted slowly to the floor.

“I think I did that with a little more finesse than Billie, don’t you?”

Van could only nod, causing a chuckle to rumble deep in Deaq’s chest.

Big hands slowly traveled from Van’s hips, up his sides, and to his shoulders. “Billie’s seen you without your shirt lots of times.” Thumbs rose to trace Van’s lips. “But she’s never touched. You know why?”

The younger man nipped at Deaq’s fingers, emerging from his lust-filled haze long enough to quip, “’Cause she likes girls?”

Deaq bent down and kissed his lover hard. Sometimes, that was all you could do with Van. “No, dawg. Even if Billie did like guys, she’d still be hands off. Why?” This time, he didn’t wait for Van to answer. “’Cause she knows you belong to me.”

“I do, huh?”

“Damn straight.” Deaq’s hand dropped to Van’s belly and stroked the soft skin there gently. “And it’s time I re-stake my claim.”

Van leaned forward and bumped heads with Deaq. “That ownership thing – you know it goes both ways, right?”

“I know.” Deaq’s kiss was much more gentle than the rest of the encounter had been. “But you were the one with your shirt off and your belt bein’ unbuckled – you dig?”

“Yeah,” Van said. He settled back against the wall. Deaq had nursed him through enough of his own relationship-based anxiety attacks that he was more than willing to do whatever it took to get his partner through his. And if that meant staying still while Deaq had his wicked way with him, then that’s what Van would do.

Deaq slid down to his knees, making sure to kiss as much of Van’s skin as possible on the way down. When he got there, he absent-mindedly slid Van’s shoes and socks off. Somewhere, a deeply buried part of his brain was congratulating himself for his foresight; it would be much easier to get Van’s pants off when he was barefooted – and getting Van’s pants off was a priority. Mostly, however, Deaq’s attention was captivated by a sight that was exactly at his current eye level.

Van’s belly button.

Why hadn’t he noticed it before? Finished with the shoes and socks, Deaq leaned forward and nuzzled his lover’s belly. He kissed it reverently before his tongue darted forward to plunge into the unknown depths of Van’s bellybutton.

“Deaq!” Van hadn’t been anticipating the other man’s action and having a warm, moist tongue suddenly invade that unexpected place at first startled him. Then, it really turned him on.

Van’s hips surged forward, but Deaq took a firm grip and pushed him back, holding his lover in place. Squirming, Van tried not to whine; each lick felt like it was wired straight to his cock. It quickly became a struggle to keep his hands flat the way he’d silently been instructed to do.

Eventually, Deaq left off and sat back on his heels. He took a look up at his lover and, seeing that Van’s gaze was glazed over, nodded in satisfaction.

“I think I found me a new Van button,” Deaq said smugly. “Anybody ever do that to you before?”

Van shook his head. “No. Only you.”

“Good,” Deaq said firmly.

He stroked Van’s hip possessively and leaned forward, nuzzling at the top of the younger man’s jeans. Van took a quick, sharp breath, but didn’t say anything. Deaq grinned when he looked over and saw that the hands that Van held flat against the wall were white with tension.

“Now, Billie’s a fine woman and, don’t you dare tell her I said this, but she’s a good boss,” Deaq said in a conversational tone. “But she don’t belong down on her knees in front of you. Only one person does – know who that is?”

While he’d been talking, Deaq’s fingers had been unbuttoning Van’s tight jeans. By the time he’d asked his question, he’d slid one hand inside the skin-tight garment. His partner wasn’t wearing any underwear, so there wasn’t any impediment to skin-on-skin contact.

“Y-y-ou,” Van stuttered when he answered.

Deaq grinned, not only at the answer but also at the catch in his lover’s voice. Pleased at the response, he rewarded Van with a quick kiss on his belly. Then, however, he got down to the task of removing the other man’s pants. Not an easy job, given how tight Van liked to wear them. Most of the time, Deaq didn’t mind; he liked looking at Van wearing them. When it came to getting Van naked, though, it was a real chore. It was more like peeling a banana than striping a man.

A man on a mission, Deaq persevered. He caressed Van’s flesh as the garment was slowly pulled down, rubbing his warm hands over every inch as it appeared. Van groaned, thumping his head against the door whenever Deaq substituted his mouth for his hands. Eventually, however, the pants were down and, after Van stepped out of them, they went the way of the roses.

Deaq sat back again to admire his handiwork. Naked, Van was still pinned against the door, each hand flat against the wall next to it. Thanks to Hayes’ ministrations, his cock was standing at attention; attention that it had yet to receive. Van had his eyes closed and was lightly panting, biting his lip as though he were struggling to remain under control.

In short, the young man looked thorough debouched… and they’d barely begun.

“Van, you with me?” Deaq asked.

Van nodded his head, opening his eyes to look at Deaq. “Y-yeah.”

“Good,” Deaq said, smiling. “Pay attention, because if someone’s going to go down on you, it ought to go somethin’ like this.”

The dark-skinned man gripped Van’s hips firmly before nuzzling Van’s cock. The other man moaned and shifted, but managed to stay mostly in one place. Deaq chuckled at his lover’s attempt at restraint, but he decided not to tease Van too much. Without further ado, he drew the head of Van’s erect penis into his mouth, running his tongue over the engorged head. Van cried out, all restraint gone, and tried to thrust his hips forward. Only Deaq’s firm grip prevented it.

Deaq sucked the other man like a lollipop for a minute, before sliding Van out of his mouth so he could run his lips down the length of his lover’s cock. Van hissed between his teeth, but didn’t try anything else, including moving his hands from the wall.

“Good boy,” Deaq murmured. He mouthed his lover’s cock all the way down to the base and ended up nuzzling his nose in Van’s pubic hair. He briefly contemplated licking Van’s balls, but knew that was a hot spot for the younger man. For what he had in mind, he didn’t want to entirely blow Van’s cool. Not just yet.

“Please, Deaq,” Van pleaded, straining against the hands still holding his hips still. “I learned my lesson, promise.”

Deaq shook his head in mock sorrow as he shifted his stance. “This ain’t about lessons, Van. This is about reminding each other who we belong to.”

Clarification made, Deaq bent forward and engulfed Van’s cock, taking him down in one swallow. Van gave a choked cry and thrust forward, his hands leaving the wall for the first time to clutch at Deaq’s head. Deaq immediately reached up and grabbed Van’s wrists, forcing the younger man to let go. It wasn’t an issue of who was in control; it was a matter of not getting choked. Van whined, but once again allowed his hands to be forcefully placed against the wall.

Once he wasn’t in danger of being gagged, Deaq could concentrate on what he was doing. Van filled his senses, as he always did. Deaq swallowed, relishing the hard length in his mouth. Above him, Van moaned softly and Deaq smiled around his mouthful. God, he loved Van’s responsiveness.

Deaq worked Van’s cock in and out of his mouth, enjoying the taste and feel of it. He loved being this intimate with Van, so close that his lover’s scent was the only thing he could smell. He could spend the whole night with Van in his mouth and count himself a happy man. Van, on the other hand, might not survive it. With that in mind, Hayes sped up, monitoring his success by both the sounds his partner was making and the rate at which Van was squirming. Eventually, both reached a cadence that indicated that an eruption was imminent. Deaq risked releasing one of Van’s hips and used that hand to tickle underneath his balls.

It always surprised Deaq that Van came quietly; he certainly was vocal enough on every other occasion. Van’s sudden cessation of sound was Deaq’s clue to prepare himself. Van’s body stiffened as he reached his climax and a moment later, Deaq found himself swallowing happily. Deaq used his tongue and throat muscles to milk the other man dry, then used his hands to guide the younger man as Van slid down the door. He gathered his lover into his arms as release took Van’s muscle control.

There was something strangely sexy about sitting on the floor, fully clothed, holding a stark naked and satiated Van Ray. Deaq felt all kinds of possessive, but limited himself to placing one proprietary hand on his lover’s hip.

Deaq hid his face in the crook of Van’s sweaty neck. “Damn, babe.”

Van nodded. “I think that was at least an 8 on the Richtor scale.”

Pleased, the dark-skinned man still couldn’t help but tease a little. “Much better than Billie could’ve done, right?”

Van grew rigid in his arms. “Deaq, you know that whole audition thing was a fake! I never would have let her go that far….”

Deaq couldn’t help it, he started to laugh. It was just so damn much fun to wind Van up.

The other man’s eyes narrowed as he figured out what Deaq was up to. “That wasn’t funny.”

The laughter petered out; Van was had a point. “Sorry, babe. You’re right, it’s not funny.” He snuggled his lover closer and slid his hand around to the curve of Van’s ass. “Let me make it up to you?”

Van smiled, the novelty of receiving an apology had been enough to break him out of a pout. “Well, since you asked so nicely…” He slid out of Deaq’s arms and stood. Like the Energizer Bunny, Van was already good to go.

Deaq rose a little more slowly, his sizeable erection making moving a little tricky. As soon as he was standing, Van took him by the hand and tugged him towards the bedroom. Deaq didn’t need much encouragement; he was about ready to burst.

When they got to the bedroom, Deaq pulled back just enough to bring Van to a stop. “Get on the bed, babe. Wait for me.”

For once, Van didn’t argue. He let go of Deaq’s hand, walked over to the bed, and turned his back on it. Then he stretched out his arms and melodramatically fell back on the mattress, bouncing a couple of times.

Deaq chuckled. His lover didn’t do things by half.

“Choppy chop, Deaqon. Don’t keep me waiting.”

“Good things come to those who wait,” Deaq teased as he pulled his muscle shirt over his head.

“You’re only ‘good’?” Van quipped. “I was hoping for earth-shattering.”

“I’ll give you earth-shattering, dawg,” the other man said, stripping his pants off as fast as his fingers could work the buttons. He’d kept his eyes on Van and when he saw Van’s hand start to stray towards his groin, barked, “Don’t you dare, man. That belongs to me.”

“But, Deaq,” Van whined. “It’s taking you so long.”

“Yeah, but I’m worth the wait,” Deaq assured him. Muttering under his breath about pushy bottoms, he finished undressing and approached the bed.

Van watched him with half-lidded eyes, licking his lips when Deaq got on the mattress and started crawling over to him. “I guess I can’t argue with that.”

“Knowing you, Van, you will anyway.”

Deaq stopped, poised on his hands and knees above Van’s body. His lover’s green eyes sparkled as he looked up at him and all teasing aside, Deaq knew exactly who Van Ray belonged to. Or, more to the point, Deaq knew who owned his own heart.

Bending down, Deaq kissed Van gently as he lowered himself onto the smaller man’s body. Van sighed and accepted his lover’s weight just as he accepted the sudden shift to a more serious tone. Leaving off his lover’s mouth, Hayes reached down and took hold of Van’s hand. Bringing it his lips, he softly kissed the scars that ringed Van’s thumb. It was a ritual of sorts for the two men. Deaq never tired of it; he’d come so close to losing Van that time and the scars served as a cautionary reminder.

Van wriggled underneath him. “Are you getting all mushy on me, Deaqon?”

Deaq put his sentimental thoughts away for another time. Right now, Van needed something different. Come to think of it, given how hard he was, so did Deaq.

Hayes thrust down, grinding his erection against Van’s hip. “Does that feel ‘mushy’ to you, dawg?”

“No, not mushy at all.” Van grinned and stretched out. “But do you know what to do with it?”

“Oh, I think you know the answer to that,” Deaq retorted. “But I suppose you want a reminder; you need all sorts of reminders tonight.”

“You did promise to show me who I belong to.”

“And I always keep my promises,” Hayes stated smugly.

He reached over to the bedside table where they kept the economy-sized package of condoms and the large bottle of lube. After a couple of fumbles caused by the combination of lust and haste, Deaq managed to get the supplies they’d need.

“C’mon, baby, turn over,” he encouraged Van, lightly slapping the younger man on the hip.

Ray didn’t need to be told twice and, for once, he didn’t argue with Deaq. Instead, Van obediently turned to his stomach, presenting his ass for his lover. Hayes ran his hands over the smooth globes in admiration. He might give Van a hard time for getting his butt waxed, but damn if he didn’t like the results.

“Deaq…” Van whined.

Hayes shook his head in exasperated admiration. Van had already come once, but was already eager to go.

“Just got to say hello to my boys first,” Deaq explained.

He bent down and licked first one cheek and then the other. God, he loved Van Ray’s ass. Van squirmed underneath him, but didn’t vocalize any complaints. Deaq took that as a good sign. After squeezing a dollop of lube on his fingers, Deaq started kissing his way up Van’s spine. He waited until his partner was good and distracted before inserting a first finger into Van’s opening.

“God,” Van moaned. “That feels good.”

“I thought it would,” Deaq said smugly.

By this time, Hayes’ kisses had reached the sweet spot in-between Van’s shoulder blades. He settled there, sucking a hickey onto the sensitive skin as his fingers took their time stretching and preparing his lover. Van was his usual responsive self, sighing and moaning with each additional finger. By the time Deaq had worked up to the third finger, Van was pushing back on his hand and whining continually under his breath.

Deaq’s boy was ready.

Hayes left off his preparations, sliding off his lover enough so he could reach for the condom package.

“Deaq….” Van protested.

“Hang on there, V, I’m gonna take care of ya,” Deaq reassured him. “Trust me.”

“Always trust you, Deaq.”

His fingers shook, but Hayes managed to rip the condom package open and slip the sheath over his cock. He waited only long enough to lube himself up before going back to his lover.

Deaq positioned himself behind Van, who was already on his knees and waiting for him. With a slow motion, Hayes buried himself inside the younger man, groaning loudly as he felt the warmth of Van’s body welcome him.

Once they were joined, Deaq draped himself over Van’s body. He held himself still, enjoying feeling his partner’s body ripple and throb around his cock.

“Who do you belong to, dawg?” He asked, kissing that sweet spot again between Van’s shoulder blades.

“You, Deaq,” Van panted out. “Only you.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Deaq said smugly.

Satisfied that he’d made his point, Hayes straightened and took a firm grip of Van’s hips. Moving slowly, he started to pull out of his lover’s body, then made a sharp thrust back in. His balls slapped against Van’s ass and Deaq paused for a moment before repeating the motion.

Van’s whining had become a low keen. Deaq was feeling the strain too and he gradually made his thrusts faster and deeper. It didn’t take long until he was hammering inside of Van. Ray’s sturdy body easily withstood the pounding and Van met him thrust for thrust.

Deaq shook his head, trying to get the sweat out of his eyes. As he did, he noticed that Van had moved so that he was balanced on one hand and the other was reaching for his straining erection.

“Hey!” Deaq reprimanded his lover with a sharp slap on his ass. “I told you that belongs to me.”

“Gotta come, Deaq.” Van begged.

“I said I’d take care of you, baby.” The endearment fell naturally off Deaq’s lips. Under normal circumstances, Van would rip him a new one for using such a wimpy endearment, but he didn’t seem to mind during sex. That was good because the sweet nothings just fell off Deaq’s lips while they were making love.

Deaq grabbed Van around the waist and encouraged him up. Van collapsed back against him, his lead lolling bonelessly against Deaq’s shoulder. His body slid that much deeper onto Deaq’s cock.

“Oh, God,” Van moaned.

“I got ya, baby,” Deaq reassured him.

Hayes reached around his lover and took hold of Van’s erection. In the new position, he couldn’t thrust as quickly or forcibly, but he could penetrate a lot deeper. Deaq started a slow undulation, stroking Van’s cock with the same rhythm as he was using to pierce his body.

“Deaq,” Van gasped.

Ray turned and demanded a kiss. It was awkward, but Deaq was happy to oblige. Once they started kissing, Deaq couldn’t stop. In fact, their lips were still sealed when Van reached his orgasm.

Deaq felt his lover stiffen in his arms as his climax hit. He held Van as the pleasure took him, continuing to stroke his partner and milking the other man for all he was worth. It wasn’t entirely altruistic on Deaq’s part, he was enjoying how Van’s ass clamped down on his cock, still buried inside.

After Van subsided, Deaq settled him back on his hands and knees. Hayes was in desperate need himself and he rode Van hard, seeking release. Van had recovered enough to murmur encouragement, knowing the words would help put his lover over the edge.

“Do it, Deaq. Show me who I belong to. Give me something that Billie could only dream about. Do me, Deaq, do me.”

Knowing he was pleasuring Van in a way that no one else could, coupled with the sensations of plundering Van’s willing body, was enough to bring Deaq to climax. He pushed Van’s head down and thrust as deep inside as he could manage, body freezing in place as it concentrated on the white-hot sensations emanating from his cock. Time seemed to hold still as Deaq climaxed, but at the same time, it was over far too quickly. Sooner than he would have liked, Deaq was sliding off Van’s prone body and slipping next to him on the bed.

Van lifted himself up and propped his head on his arm. “Wow. Maybe I should have Billie pretend to give me a blow job more often.”

Deaq cracked one eye open. “You know this was about more than a blow job, right?”

Van’s eyes slid away, but before Deaq could protest, he brought them back to look Deaq full in the face. “I know. You love me.”

“Damn straight I do,” Deaq said firmly. “You belong to me and I belong to you. Don’t you forget that.”

“I won’t,” Van promised, snuggling close to Deaq.

Hayes barely had enough energy to reach down and take off the condom. He dropped the mess into a trashcan they kept close to the bed and then reached for Van. Settling the smaller man close to him, Van’s back to his chest, he was determined to go to sleep. Before he could, though, Deaq had one more thing to clarify.

Deaq wrapped a possessive hand around Van’s ass. “This was about more than a blow job, dawg. But you do know that if Billie tries anymore blow jobs, pretend or otherwise, I will have to kill her.”

Van turned to look at him in surprise. “Kill her?”

“Yeah,” Deaq responded with a slow smile. “Her. Your ass belongs to me.”

Van grinned in return. “I love you too, Deaq.”

“Damn straight you do,” Deaq growled. “Now get your skinny white ass to sleep.”

Deaq was aware that Billie hadn’t wanted to do that blow job anymore than Van had wanted it done. He’d seen their faces; they’d both been grateful that the audition session had been interrupted. He had no doubts that both of them would have gone through with it had it been necessary. It was all about the undercover work. That was why he’d made such a big deal out of it, though. When they were on the job, Van was all about the cover and getting the job done. Off the job, his lover was a pile of nerves. All this “you belong to me” posturing might seem heavy handed to an outsider, but subtle didn’t work with Van Ray. If it took a little chest-beating, Neanderthal-inspired claiming to make Van secure in their relationship, then that’s what Deaq would do.

For the moment, everything was all right. Until the next undercover job, that was. Deaq tried not to think about that. Instead, he kissed the back of Van’s neck, prompting a vague and sleepy murmur from his partner. The contented sound made him smile. No matter what the next undercover job brought, he thought to himself, they’d deal with that too.

Content, Deaq joined his partner in sleep.

~the end~


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