Don’t Come Knockin’ 

By Juli 

February  2003

"Van? Deaq?"

Billie Chambers’ heels made a tentative tippity-tap sound as she wandered around the Candy Store. It wasn’t completely unlike her undercover officers to be late for a meeting, but just coming off a couple of vacation days, they should have been ready and waiting for her. Raring to go, in fact, and eager for their next assignment. But… they weren’t. The slender woman stopped, the emptiness of the Candy Store echoing around her as if mocking the fact that she was alone. She couldn’t decide if she should be angry or worried - always a tough decision where Deaq and Van were concerned.

A long, drawn-out moan interrupted her thoughts, suddenly making it easy for her to make up her mind.

Angry, no doubt about it.

"Not again," she muttered under her breath, her heels making a clackity-clack sound as she strode purposefully to the showcase where the cars were displayed. Sure enough, the yellow Porsche was rocking frantically. Blowing a piece of hair off her face with an explosive sigh, Billie walked up to the gyrating car and, despite herself, looked in.

Sun-kissed limbs were intertwined with ebony, engaged in a timeless friction that immediately made her blush.

Transfixed, Billie watched for a moment, then another moan from the car’s interior startled her out of her avid observation. The realization that she could have been caught in her moment of voyeurism helped her refuel her initial irritation. The fact that she had escaped notice had nothing to do with her own powers of stalking and everything to do with the utter focus of the men in the Porsche.

"Hey!" She yelled as she pounded on the roof of the car. "You damn well better not be messing up the upholstery." The moans and rocking motion of the vehicle faltered for a moment, then resumed. "And remember to clean the footprints off the back window this time!"

If anything, the rocking intensified and Billie couldn’t help but smile. Their audacity, after all, was part of the reason that Van and Deaq made such a good undercover team. Apparently, that trait carried over into whatever the duo did.

Shaking her head fondly, Billie quietly walked away, her heels making a muffled clicking sound as she moved. She looked back as she reached the door. The car was still bouncing and she was grateful for its sturdy German engineering. The workout it was getting probably wasn’t what its designers had in mind but a cheaper car probably wouldn’t have held up nearly as well.

"Have fun, boys," she murmured, even though she knew the other two were too busy to hear her. Then, she turned out the lights and left, leaving her undercover operatives to a few more well-deserved minutes of down time.

~the end~

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