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Stand Alone

Malcolm wakes up in Sickbay to find his lover near.  A post "Shuttle Pod One" ficlet.  (Archer/Reed)

After the Ferengi incident, Jonathan is feeling a bit depressed and Malcolm, a little territorial.   A post "Acquisition" story.  (Archer/Reed)

Jonathan's feeling guilty because he needs to rest.  (Archer/Reed)

Malcolm reflects on the changes that have occurred in Jonathan since they've been tracking the Xindi.  A post Anomaly story. (Archer/Reed)


"Finer Things in Life" Series

Malcolm's wound seems to affect Jonathan more than Reed.  A post "Terra Nova" story.  (Archer/Reed, pre-slash)

Dr. Phlox refreshes his understanding of human terminology.  (Archer/Reed, pre-slash) Trip is a better engineer than he is a matchmaker.  (Archer/Reed)

Malcolm Reed isn't the only one using the Enterprise's gym to work off some tension.  (Archer/Reed)

Jonathan invites Malcolm to a private dinner.  (Archer/Reed)

"Lessons" Series  (AU) Jonathan helps Malcolm, past and present, overcome his fear of the water.  A post "Minefield" story.  (Archer/Reed) Jonathan Archer, past and present, really doesn't like bullies. A post "Marauders" story.  (Archer/Reed)


"Triple Play" Series

Reed can't make a choice between the two men courting him, but Archer and Tucker don't see it as a problem.  (Archer/Reed/Tucker)

They had him for one night, but can Jonathan and Trip get Malcolm to stay?  (Archer/Reed/Tucker)

When the encounter with the Ferengi leaves Jonathan depressed, Malcolm and Trip devise a way to cheer him up.  A post "Acquisition" story.  (Archer/Reed/Tucker)

The lovers get a scare when Reed is hurt during an away mission.  (Archer/Reed/Tucker)

                    Part 1

                Part 2

Trip's endearments leave a lot to be desired.  (Archer/Reed/Tucker)  Inspired by TheGrrrl's "The Rescue."


"When the Sea Meets the Sky" Series (AU)

After crashing on a watery planet, a Starfleet captain meets an alien creature of the sea.  An Alternate Universe Star Trek tale.

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