Personalities and Terminology


(If a character isn’t mentioned here, it is because they are essentially unchanged from canon.)

Acha, J’han Taan: Malc’m’s pronunciation of Jonathan Archer’s name.

Cho, Lieutenant Ruth: Enterprise’s chief tactical officer.

Mad’ne: Malc’m’s older sister.

Malc’m: Sa’an scout and rescuer of Jonathan Archer. Malc’m has dark hair and blue-gray eyes that are lighter in color than his blue-gray tail.

N’nau: Female Sa’an scout - one of two that come to Jonathan’s cave to check on the stranger.

P’ul: Male Sa’an scout - one of two that come to Jonathan’s cave to check on the stranger.

St’art: Malc’m’s father.

Tc’hla: Malc’m’s companion – a wpa’ne trained for him by his older sister, Mad’ne.


Aki: A pendent worn around the neck that has great meaning for the Sa’an. Finding the one object in the sea that is an exact match for the color of their eyes is a rite of passage for young Sa’an, success indicating that they are ready to be considered an adult and ready to take a mate. Exchanging aki pendants is part of the mating ritual, symbolizing giving your mate a part of your soul.

Choosing: A monumental event in the Sa’an culture.

Choosing Ceremony/Observation: A Sa’an ritual or celebration, during which it is traditional for them to stay close to home.

Ls’pao: A bulbous plant that has gas trapped in its structure. As a result, ls’paos can be used either as an incendiary device or as a buoyancy tool.

Noi-ta: A large predator, big enough to carry a shuttle pod in its mouth. Noi-ta are known to be attracted to shiny things.

Pi’mka: Ruling council of the Pod.

Pod: Sa’an community – a cross between a tribe and a village.

Reed Pod: Malc’m’s community.

Remnant: What, originally, Malc’m thinks Jonathan is.

Sa’an: An aquatic people, similar to the Earth myth of the mermaid.

Scout: A Sa’an who patrols the Pod’s waters, watching for predators and other dangers.

Shroud Guardian: Malc’m’s former profession.

T-da’ho: A weapon used by Sa’an scouts. It has a forked blade on one end and the other end shoots energy beams.

Ukas: Creatures that the Sa’an use for food, slow-moving with a heavy, gritty skin that is purple in color. Difficult to find and considered a delicacy, ukas are often used as a courtship item.

Water: The Sa’an name for the Minshara class planet that Jonathan crashes on.

Wpa’ne: green-furred creature, with a long snout and fangs as long as human fingers. Vaguely wolverine in shape, it has fins in the back instead of legs. They are intelligent enough to be trained for simple tasks but not sentient.


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