When the Sea Meets the Sky

After crashing on a watery planet, a Starfleet captain meets an alien creature of the sea.  An Alternate Universe Star Trek tale.

Personalities and Terminology  

A glossary and character guide.  Personally, I don't think is necessary for reading the story, but if you're revisiting the series after some time, might come in handy.


Story #1:    Splash Down  (NC-17)

When his shuttle makes a watery crash landing, who will rescue Jonathan Archer?

                Part One

                Part Two

                Part Three

                Part Four

SQUICK WARNING:  If the idea of a human and a mermaid (fish tail and all) having sex has the potential to squick you, then this is not the story for you.  

Story #2: Turbidity  (Rating to be determined)


Story #3: Open Water (NC-17)








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