The Seduction of Dr. Jesse Travis
By Juli
Continued from Part 1
"Wake up, sleepyhead.  We've arrived."
Steve's voice and a tap on his nose brought Jesse out of his light slumber.  Blinking to clear the
fog out of his head, he looked around.  Sure enough, the car was parked in front of a small log
building that was surrounded by trees.  
"Where are we?"
"Just a little cabin in the woods that I rented for the weekend."  Steve had the passenger side door
open and was bending over Jesse.  Seeing the younger man's dimples come out when he smiled
in response to seeing him so close, Steve didn't even try to resist.  Dipping his head down, he
caught the upturned lips with his own, kissing Jesse as deeply as he'd been wanting to ever since
seeing the young man perched on the steps hours ago, waiting for him.  Still languid from his
nap, Jesse raised lazy arms and circled Steve's neck, deepening the kiss and pulling the bigger
man closer.
Finally, the cop pulled back, figuring the car was no more an appropriate place for Jesse's first
time than the couch had been days before.  "Hang on to that thought," He urged the younger man,
"but let's continue this inside."
Jesse reluctantly let go, allowing the older man to straighten up.  Getting out of the car himself,
the doctor noticed that their kiss had caused the car's windows to fog.  He grinned, figuring that
it was an auspicious beginning for the two of them. 
As the younger man stretched the kinks out of his body caused by sleeping slumped over, Steve
grabbed their bags from the back.  It gave Jesse a few minutes to appreciate their secluded
"Wow.  I can't even see another cabin.  This place is pretty isolated."
Steve came up behind him, planting a sloppy kiss on the back of the smaller man's neck.  "That's
the idea, sweetheart. This way, we can make all the noise we want. "  His smile became
predatory.  "And, believe me, baby, you're gonna be making a lot of noise."
Jesse shivered at the heat in the other man's voice, following obediently as Steve led the way into
the cabin.
Given its rustic exterior, the doctor was surprised by the downright opulence of the small
building's interior.  It was essentially one big room, with what Jesse assumed was a bathroom
through a door off to the side of an unobtrusive kitchen area.  A sunken portion in front of a large
fireplace was carpeted in a plush shag, plump pillows providing an inviting sitting area.  Comfy
chairs were scattered throughout the space, but almost half of the cabin was taken up by a bed.  
A very big bed.
Jesse gulped when his eyes took in the sight of the large mattress, piled high with pillows in
various shapes and sizes.  Sunlight streamed through a skylight in the ceiling above the large bed,
bathing it in a rosy glow.  
Steve had been busy in the bathroom while the younger man explored, emerging to find a lost-
looking young man in the center of the cabin.  Quickly crossing the room, Steve wrapped his
arms around his apprehensive lover.  "Hey, you okay?"
Jesse buried his face into Steve's chest.  "Just the jitters.  I'll be fine, really.  I know I'm being
Steve bent down to nuzzle the top of the shorter man's head, loving the way Jesse's hair tickled
his nose.  "You're not stupid, you just have a little healthy wariness of the unknown.  That's not
necessarily a bad thing."
"If you say so."  Jesse lifted his head and continued his visual inspection of the room from the
safety of the older man's arms.  "This place is really something.  How did you know it was
here?"  He was careful not to look at the man holding him.
The nonchalant tone of the doctor's question didn't fool Steve a bit, the unspoken question Jesse
wanted to ask coming through loud and clear.
Had Steve brought any other lovers here?
"About a year ago," the cop explained, "I was partnered up with this detective that had just got
back from his honeymoon.  He raved about the place, so I sent off for a brochure, just in case I
had a special occasion I wanted to celebrate."  Steve unwound one arm from around Jess,
cupping the other man's chin in his hand and turning his face so he could look at him. 
"Somehow, this seemed appropriate."
Jesse blushed, feeling embarrassed for his case of the nerves.  Reaching up on tip-toe, he lightly
kissed Steve on the chin.  "It's perfect."
"Glad you approve," Steve replied, even more glad to feel the younger man relaxing in his arms. 
"I tell you what, Jess.  I'm ran a bath for you, I think that'll make you feel better.  Take your time
and when you're ready... then we'll see what happens."  
When Jesse didn't protest, he led the other man to the door to the bath, kissing him before
carefully ushering him inside.  He gently shut the door behind the doctor, but had only moved
away a step or two before it opened again.
"Steve, there's a robe on the back of the door.  Do you want me to wear that... or put my clothes
back on... or what?"
The detective smiled.  "Whatever makes you feel comfortable."
Jesse ducked his head back into the room, quickly popping it out again.  "I think I'll go with the
"Good choice."  
Steve laughed under his breath as the younger man disappeared into the bathroom again, this
time, apparently, to stay.  He moved quickly about the outer room, figuring it would be easier for
Jess if certain preparations were made ahead of time.
He hoped Jesse didn't wear himself out with all this nervous energy.  He better ways of helping
the young man work it off.
In the bathroom, Jesse made himself stop and take a couple of deep breaths to calm himself.  As
he did, he couldn't help but notice the delicate scent in the air.  Approaching the steaming tub, he
found that the surface of the water was covered with red rose petals, the hot water from the bath
releasing their heady fragrance.
"Man," he muttered to himself, "Steve is taking this de-flowering a virgin thing a little too far."
But despite the wisecrack, he was truly touched. Who would have thought the soul of a romantic
lurked in the heart of his big, brawny cop?
His.  Cop.  
Jesse shivered and wrapped his arms around himself.  Instead of nervousness, though, this time
the quiver was in anticipation.  Eagerly, he shed his clothes, ready for the bath and anxious for
what came after.
First, however, he had a pragmatic detail to take care of.  A babe in the woods he might be, but as
a physician, certain realities had to be faced.  Grimacing, he took an over-the-counter enema box
out of his bag. Even though overprotective Steve probably had different ideas about what this
first encounter would be, Jesse knew what he wanted... and was determined to get it.  So far he'd
been content to let the more experienced man control the development of their relationship, but
this was something that he was resolved he wouldn't budge on.
Sighing as he opened the enema package and prepared to use it, Jesse reflected that the rose
petals were probably a good idea.  After this nasty little chore, he'd need a little romance to get
back into the mood.
Steve had begun to get worried.
The rollercoaster of emotions Jesse had exhibited so far this morning was perfectly
understandable.  No matter how prepared he young man thought he was, his whole self image
was about to change in a big way.  Steve understood that and sympathized with it.  After all, he'd
been through the same thing himself.
The detective was dedicated to being there to support Jesse   but first Jess had to come out of the
The big man was about to go knock on the door when it opened and Jesse hesitantly stepped out. 
"Hey yourself," Steve greeted him, getting up take Jesse's hand.  The doctor was in the
aforementioned robe, it's light blue color picking up the same hue in the young man's eyes.
"I liked the rose petals," Jesse shyly said.
"I'm glad."
The two men looked at each other awkwardly, then simultaneously started to laugh.
"I feel like a sophomore out on his first date," The younger man admitted.
"Me too."
"You?"  Jesse was surprised at Steve's admission. "But you've done this before."
The cop pulled his companion close.  "Not like this, I haven't, baby.  It's like the world starts this
The two men swayed as they embraced, a subtle rocking motion.  Jesse bit his lip and looked up
at the bigger man before asking, "Where do you want me?"
Steve was tempted to answer with something witty, like anywhere or everywhere, but decided
now was not the moment for it.  Remembering the doctor's apprehension at seeing the large bed,
he instead led the younger man towards the fireplace.
"How about we make ourselves comfortable in front of the fire and see what happens."  While
Jesse was taking his bath, Steve had been busy too.  He'd made a cozy fire and then changed into
his own robe, figuring that simplicity was what would be called for to put his lover at ease.
The two men settled down on the pillows, Jesse snuggling up close to Steve's warmth.  "It seems
odd to be doing this in the middle of the day."
Steve's arm came around to drape across Jesse's back, his big hand rubbing comforting circles
on the doctor's cloth-covered back.  He reverently kissed the younger man's temple.  "I wanted
our first time to be in the daylight, sweetheart.  In the dark, it's too easy to miss something and I
want to savor every moment, every expression on your face."
Since the older man was revealing some of his aspirations for what was to come, Jesse figured
now would be a good time to mention his own special hope for their first encounter.  "I- I have
something I want this afternoon too."
"Just say the word, babe."  Steve was encouraged to see Jesse articulating his own desires.
"Anything you want, you got it."
The younger man played with Steve's fingers, feeling a bit weird at having this conversation. 
He'd never talked about having sex so much before actually doing it and he wasn't sure how to
say what he wanted without sounding like a bad actor in a cheap porn flick.
"Could... could you take me this first time?"
Steve was speechless.  Given Jesse's male-to-male innocence, he'd fully expected to be on the
receiving end during the beginning portion of their relationship.  He'd never figured that his lover
would be wanting penetration during his first time and, frankly, the cop didn't think it was a good
idea.  "Jess..."
"Steve, hear me out."  The younger man didn't wait for his partner to try and talk him out of it,
barreling ahead with his explanation.  "So far, you've been making all the decisions."  He held a
hand up when the older man protested.  "I'm not complaining, mind you. But I've been thinking
a lot about this, especially the last couple days. The idea of having you inside me, it just blows
me away, like there's been a lonely spot within me my whole life, just waiting for you to fill it."
Looking at his lover, his jaw set with determination, he reminded the other man of his earlier
statement.  "You said anything I want.  You in me.  That's what I want."
Steve blinked at his smaller partner, pleasantly surprised at Jesse's adamant attitude.  "Well, all
right then."
Jesse's smile was brilliant.  "Good, it's settled."
The cop shifted so that he was braced on his arms over the other man.  "You know, you're pretty
sexy when you're assertive."
"Ummmhmmm," Steve murmured absently, carefully settling his weight on top of his lover. 
"You're sexy when you're sleepy and when you're bashful too."
"Ah," Jesse replied, although it was difficult to tell if the noise was an agreement to what the
bigger man was saying or if it was in response to Steve nibbling on his ear.  "You-you're pretty
sexy yourself, big guy."
"Really?" Steve commented, echoing Jesse's response to his earlier claim.
"Yeah.  You're sexy when you're being protective.... and when you're being... being ro-
romantic."  The doctor's words became disjointed as the older man's mouth began traveling
down from his ear to gently kiss and bite his way down his neck.  "Ooooh, I like that."
"What, sweetheart?"
"You.  On top of me."  Being a relatively short man, Jesse had been with taller women, but never
before had experience with a lover that dwarfed him by such a significant margin.  Instead of
making him feel diminished, though, Steve's larger size made him feel safe.  Cherished.  
"Good, 'cause I'm kind of particular to this position myself."   Steve moved from nibbling on
Jesse's neck to licking his way underneath the younger man's chin.
The doctor bit his lip, trying to stifle his moans of pleasure.  Considering his inexperience at
being with another guy, Steve probably thought him a pretty unsophisticated lover already.  He
didn't want to seem too eager and risk adding to that image.
The detective noticed the gesture, mesmerized by the sight of Jesse's strong, white teeth chewing
on the fleshy mound of his lower lip.  Strangely enough, the big man became jealous of his
lover's mouth   if anyone was going to chewing on Jesse's lip, he wanted it to be him.
Growling softly, the older man surged up his slighter lover's body, putting one hand to either side
of Jesse's face before plundering the doctor's mouth with his own.  Jesse melted into the
embrace, letting the forcefulness of the cop's lunge push him deeper into the pillows.  Blindly,
the young man clutched at Steve's shoulders, needing something to hang on to as he rode the
waves of pleasure originating from their coupling mouths.
As the two men grappled on the lushly carpeted floor, the motion of their bodies writhing
together caused the fabric of their robes to shift and Jesse soon felt a hard, hot length jutting
against his thigh.    
"Mmmph!"  He exclaimed in surprise, the sound muffled by Steve's tongue in his mouth.
The older man pulled back, a trail of saliva following him as he did.  Looking down to where his
rock-hard erection protruded from his open robe, the cop figured out for himself what had
startled his lover.
"Jess?  You okay?"
The young man's eyes were fixated on Steve's revealed cock and it took a moment for him to
realize that his partner had addressed him.  "What?  Oh, yeah, right.  I'm fine."  Jesse reached
out, then snatched his hand back.  "Can I touch it?"
The other man chuckled in relief.  He had been afraid that Jesse's reaction had been due to
revulsion, but now he could see that the doctor was about as far from being repelled as possible. 
"Go ahead, it won't bite."
Steve Sloan had been with some extremely talented sex partners in his time.  Although far from a
slut, he considered himself a fairly well-rounded man in the bedroom arts.  But nothing in his
experiences, absolutely nothing, prepared him for the sheer eroticism of the tentative touch of a
virgin's first exploration.
Jesse started with one fingertip, running it up and down Steve's length. Marveling at his partner's
hardness, he delicately traced the slightly bulging veins, smiling at the way the older man's
breath caught at the sensation.  Growing bolder, he wrapped his hand around it, still careful to
keep his grip light. 
While Jesse was busy with his new toy, Steve's hands did some wandering of their own.  Kissing
the side of the younger man's mouth, he let his lips map a trail back down the smaller man's
neck, pushing the doctor's robe aside as he encountered the fabric of its collar.  Nipping at the
juncture between neck and collarbone, he stopped only long enough to unfasten the still loosely
tied belt, shoving the now unwanted garment off Jesse's shoulders.
His contemplation of his lover's revealed body was interrupted by a hesitant touch to his
"Hey," he said softly, gently reaching for Jesse's hands.  What the younger man was doing felt
good, but was that was the problem.  Steve's balls were a big-time erogenous zone for the older
man.  Too much of that kind of touch and he'd be finished much too soon.  "You act like you
haven't seen one of those before."
"It's the same, but different..."  Jesse struggled to explain how he felt at exploring another man's
sex organ.  Since he had one of his own, he should be familiar with how a penis was put together,
but the fact that it was Steve that he was handling made all the difference in the world.  Then,
remembering that the older man had stopped him from continuing, he frowned in worry.  "I
wasn't doing it wrong, was I?"
"No, baby, not at all," Steve reassured him.  "You were making me feel good.  Real good. I just
want to make sure I have a chance to do the same for you."
Abruptly, Jesse realized that Steve had stripped him of his robe while he was distracted and that
he was now lying totally naked next to his lover for the first time.  Blushing brightly, he resisted
covering himself with his hands.  "Everything you do makes me feel good," he whispered.
Steve resisted the urge to pounce the suddenly bashful man and instead gently pulled him into his
embrace.  Capturing Jesse's mouth in a tender kiss, he waited until his lover's arms had come
around him.  Leaving one big hand on the slighter man's hip, he reached down to clasp Jesse's
straining erection.
"Oh," Jesse's startled exclamation broke off their kiss and he automatically stiffened at the
unfamiliar touch.
"Just relax, sweetheart," Steve crooned, slowly pumping his lover's cock. "Gonna feel good."
Jesse buried his head in Steve's chest, unable to do anything but hang on and enjoy the ride. He'd
been given hand jobs before, of course, but never by a lover with a fist as big as Steve's.  The
callouses he'd noticed earlier on the big man's palm took on a whole new importance as the
rough texture of the skin there added a tantalizing abrasive nature to the touch.  
"Oh," Jesse whimpered, pressure quickly building up in his groin.  "Oh, God!  Steve!"
The detective pressed another kiss to Jesse's temple, using more pressure to increase the friction
he was applying to his lover's penis.  "Let go, baby.   That's right, sweetheart, cum for me." 
Seeing that the younger man was hovering on the brink of orgasm, he stopped pumping and
instead used his thumb to circle the head of Jesse's leaking cock, tickling the sensitive slit.
Jesse gave in to the sensations wracking him, muscles tightening as his orgasm hit.  "Steve!"  He
clutched his lover's shoulders as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through his body.
Steve continued to gently pump his lover's cock, enjoying the warmth as spurt after spurt of the
younger man's seed spilled out over his hand.  Using the syrupy fluid, he traced random patterns
onto Jesse's flat stomach, bringing one coated finger up to his mouth for a taste.  The detective
closed his eyes as the salty flavor exploded across his tongue.
"I'm sorry."
Jesse's quiet apology interrupted Steve's reverie and he looked down to find sad blue eyes
contemplating him.  "Sorry?  What for?"
"You made me stop touching you so you wouldn't cum too soon... and I exploded right away.  I
usually have more control than that.  You must think I'm an idiot...."
Steve put a finger, still faintly tasting of ejaculate, across Jesse's lips. The touch and the taste
silenced the young man, giving his lover a chance to reassure him.  "Baby, do you have any idea
how it makes me feel that my touch can make you fall apart like that?"  When Jesse blushed and
shyly grinned, he continued.  "Besides, one of the few benefits Mother Nature gives us guys
when we get older is stamina in the bedroom." Playfully, Steve rubbed his still solid erection
against Jesse's hip.  "Trust me, sweetheart, I'll still be ready when it's time to give you what you
asked for."
Jesse looked so cute when he blushed that Steve couldn't resist another kiss... and then another. 
Soon, the two men were all but devouring one another.
Realizing that there was a more comfortable place they could be doing the same activity, Steve
slowly rose to his knees and then got up, backing towards the bed.  Striving to keep their lips in
contact, Jesse instinctively followed, not even noticing the change in venue until they bumped up
against the tall mattress.
"Wait a minute, Jess," Steve said, breaking away from his lover to reach for something on a
bedside table.  
Like the bed itself, the nightstand was oversized and the younger man noticed that two chafing
dishes had been placed there, one a quite a bit bigger than the other.  They were smaller than the
kind typically found on a buffet table, but had the same type of lit candles underneath that served
to keep the dish's contents warm.  Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the larger dish was
filled with water, red rose petals floating on the top as in the bath Steve had prepared for him
earlier.  He couldn't quite figure out what the liquid was in the other heated dish, but figured his
lover would let him in on it soon enough.
"Here, this ought to feel good," Steve said, having visited the larger of the two chafing dishes
while Jesse was still looking at them.  He'd dipped a soft cloth into the rose-scented water and
started using it to clean the rapidly drying semen off the younger man's belly.
Steve was right, it did feel good and Jesse felt his cock begin to swell again.
Mission accomplished, the detective tossed the soiled cloth aside and reached for his lover. 
Wrapping his hands around the smaller man's waist, Steve lifted, gently depositing Jesse on the
tall bed.  Before the doctor could get too lonely up there, he hopped up to join him, drawing the
other man down onto the softness of the mattress.
"Now, where were we?" Steve asked facetiously, "Oh, right.  Now I remember."  Pressing
Jesse's body down, he started kissing him again, pleased to feel his lover respond
enthusiastically.  The detective automatically reached for his the other man's cock, but was
surprised to feel a hand on his wrist, stopping him.  Confused, he looked to the younger man for
an explanation.
"I don't wanna cum by myself again," Jesse said firmly.  "You in me.  You promised."
Steve grinned. Jesse was persistent as ever.  "All in good time, baby.  How about we try this for
now instead?"  
The bigger man braced himself on his elbows over Jesse's prone body, thrusting a knee between
his companion's thighs and forcing them to part. When he had room to maneuver, he lined his
body up over his prone partner's, aligning their cocks for maximum contact.
Then he started to hump.
"Oh!"  Jesse cried out when he felt the length of another man's erection slide against his for the
first time.
Since he was positioned over the younger man, Steve had a good look at Jesse's face and saw the
other man's eyes dilate with pleasure.  Snatching a quick kiss, the detective threw his own head
back and humped for all he was worth, stopping only when he felt his balls draw up to his body,
indicating an impending orgasm. A promise, after all, was a promise and Steve had every
intention of keeping the one about topping Jesse during this first love-making experience.
He ignored Jesse's groan of protest, instead slithering down the writhing man's body until his
face was over his lover's penis, by now rigid again with desire. "You've had a blow job from a
woman before, right, babe?"  
Steve kissed just the tip of Jesse's cock to get the young man's attention.  "In the past, Jess. 
You've had a girlfriend suck you off, right?"
"Good, then you'll have something to compare this to," Steve said, nuzzling his face into the
curls at Jesse's groin.  Once he'd gotten his fill of his lover's scent, he licked along Jesse's hard
length, fulfilling a long-held desire to taste the young man.
"Ooooh!"  Jesse moaned, instinctively spreading his legs to give the older man access.
Steve used his hands to hold the smaller man's hips in place, not wanting any interference as he
pleasured his lover.  Settling in deeper between Jesse's outstretched legs, he got down to
Every inch of Jesse's cock was reverently explored.  Delicate licks to the mushroom-shaped
head.  Firmer strokes up and down it's length.  A careful tongue bath to his sensitive testes. 
When he was satisfied that he was now familiar with his lover's manhood, Steve sat back.
"There.  Wasn't that every bit as good as any woman who's done you?"
Jesse looked at him with glazed eyes.  "B-better.  Much better."
Steve rewarded him with a blinding smile.  "Thanks, Jess.  Okay, now pay attention, sweetheart. 
Here's where having a sex partner with the same equipment comes in handy."  His grin turned
smug.  "Another guy knows just what a cock wants -- and what it can take."
With that, the older man descended on Jesse's penis again, using both his hands and mouth this
time.  Whereas his previous exploration had been gentle and reverent, this time, his caresses were
firm, his grip on the smaller man's shaft tighter.  He manhandled the other man's cock, even
slapping its hard length lightly.  When the smaller man's writhing became wild enough that the
cop needed his hands to control him, Steve eventually went back orally pleasuring his lover. He
engulfed Jesse's leaking erection to its root and then, as he released the ultra-hard shaft, carefully
scraped along its length with his teeth.  He was more careful around the scrotum, knowing that,
like with all men, it was likely to be more sensitive.  But, even so, he lightly scratched the
sensitive skin of the sweet spot between Jesse's ass and groin, grinning when the move caused a
particularly throaty groan.
Soon, Steve noticed a characteristic tightening of Jesse's balls and he left off with the foreplay,
moving back up to embrace his shivering lover.  Stroking the younger man's arms and back, he
murmured soft words, bringing Jesse back from the brink of orgasm.
When he'd recovered enough to stop shaking, Jesse slapped Steve on the arm.  "Bastard," he
muttered, but without any real heat.
"Sorry about that, sweetheart," Steve apologized.  "But you said you didn't want to cum alone
"I know," Jesse admitted absently, eyes fixated again on Steve's swollen erection.  Now that the
time had nearly arrived to have it inside him, he appreciated for the first time how big it was.
Steve couldn't help but notice where his lover was staring.  "It's not too late to change your
mind, you know."
Jesse shook himself and quickly looked up to meet his lover's concerned gaze.  "No.  I want it, I
really do.  I know you won't hurt me..."  His voice trailed off.
"But..."  The older man prodded.
The doctor looked sheepish.  " I just don't know how it's gonna fit."
Steve looked at his lover's slender hips, cock twitching as he contemplated how tight of a fit it
would likely be.  He'd been fully prepared to bottom during this first encounter, and as many as it
took for Jesse to become comfortable with the idea of being penetrated.  Forever, if need be.  But
once the young man had made his startling declaration earlier at wanting Steve to take him, the
detective had had to admit to himself how very much he wanted to fully make love to this man. 
To claim him in a way that no one ever had before.
And, if luck and love were with him, a way no other ever would.
"Trust me, sweetheart," he crooned, "this is gonna work."
Jesse smiled his agreement and stretched up for a kiss.  Remembering how his lover had said he
liked the feel of the bigger man on top of him, Steve rolled until Jesse was underneath him. 
Stroking every inch of skin he could find, he kissed and petted until he felt the slighter man relax.
Pulling back until he could look into Jesse's blue eyes, Steve asked, "Are you ready to get
started, love?"
The young man nodded, mouth suddenly dry.  "Do you want me on my stomach or my back?"
Steve shook his head, using his hands to guide his lover in the position he thought would be most
comfortable.  "Neither.  On your side, sweetheart.  That's the easiest."  Then, when Jesse was
situated where he wanted him, the detective sat up enough to reach for a special pillow he'd
brought for the occasion.  A body-type pillow, it was nearly as big as Jesse was and would give
the young man something to hold on to.
"Here, Jess.  Hang on to this and throw a leg over it."
Jesse obeyed Steve's instructions, shivering as he realized that the position would open him up to
the older man, who was spooned up closely behind him.
Steve saw the quiver and dropped a soft kiss inbetween the smaller man's shoulderblades.  "It's
okay, sweetheart. Trust me?"
The unhesitating certainty  in Jesse's voice assured Steve that his partner was ready for this big
step in their relationship.  The big man started at his lover's shoulders, ghosting gentle caresses
down Jesse's back, working down to the top of the young man's buttocks.  
"Okay, sweetheart, just stay relaxed. We're getting to the good part."  Steve reached over for the
smaller chafing dish, dipping his hand in the warm liquid.  Bringing his coated fingers back to
Jesse's ass, he started massaging the firm cheeks.  The younger man gasped as he felt his
partner's slick touch, finally realizing what had been in the other dish.  
Oil... and it was warm.  
The soothing sensation calmed him.  When Steve felt his lover sigh in contentment and become
more pliant against the pillows, he changed the massage to a firmer kneading of Jesse's flesh.
Not only did he hunger for the contact himself, but he was slowly getting the inexperienced
young man more familiar with someone touching his ass.  Soon, Jesse's face was flushed with
passion and his hips were moving of their own volition, making small thrusting movements
against the pillow.
"You are so sexy when you do that, baby," Steve whispered hoarsely.  "Like your body's just
begging me to take it."  
Figuring that Jess was more than ready for the next step, Steve's fingers visited the chafing dish
again, coming back to that delectable bottom.  This time, he dribbled oil from his fingers to the
top of the smaller man's crack, watching his lover squirm as the viscous liquid seeped down into
the fleshy crevice.
"Oooh," Jesse moaned at the sensation, thrusting his butt back a bit to open himself up for more. 
"Steve, that feels *good.*"
The cop chuckled.  "That's the idea, baby."  Finally, the older man let his fingers follow the
lubricant, inserting them between Jesse's cheeks and splaying the mounds just wide enough to
reveal the opening to the smaller man's body.
"Oh," Jesse was startled by the unfamiliar sensation of cold air on his anus.
Steve didn't give the other man a chance to complain.  Instead, he took one coated finger and
lightly traced a ring around the puckered entrance before caressing it from the outside.  When he
Jesse thrust back a bit in reaction, he carefully inserted just the tip of his finger, waiting to see
how his lover responded. 
Instead of moving, Jesse went absolutely still.  Feeling that the young man's muscles were still
relaxed, Steve slipped a bit more of his finger inside, figuring that his companion needed more
penetration to truly get a feel for the sensation.  
When he was up to his second knuckle, he wiggled the digit around a bit.  "Like that,
"You sure?"  Jesse's answer hadn't been overwhelming in its enthusiasm.
"Uh huh."
Taking his lover at his word, Steve slipped the rest of his finger in.  Jesse's passage was so tight
that it clenched around his single finger and the big man's cock twitched again at the thought of
being buried in its sweet heat.  Steve continued to thrust in and out, pleased to feel Jesse
loosening up around him.  By the time the young man was moving with him, he figured it was
time for a second finger.  He removed his hand completely, dipping it in more oil, and was back
at the young man's ass before Jesse could react to his withdrawal.  This time, when he entered
Jesse, with two fingers, the young man hissed.
"Wow... that's good!"  Jesse moaned, back arched a bit in pleasure.  "Feels fuller."
Steve smiled and nibbled on an convenient ear.  The hand that wasn't buried in Jesse's ass, held
onto a slim hip, controlling the depth of the penetration.  It was a good thing that the doctor liked
the sensation of being filled, because they still had a ways to go.  Realizing that he still had some
work to get the muscle loosened enough for full penetration, Steve scissored his two fingers,
stretching Jesse's virgin passage wider.  The young man was proving to be a responsive lover,
hissing in pleasure and lifting his leg higher on the pillow to encourage the sensation.
"Ready for more, sweetheart?"
"Oh, God, yes!"
The detective took more care this time to make sure his fingers were thoroughly coated with the
warm oil.  Since this Jesse's first experience with anal penetration, he'd expected the young man
to be tight, but Jesse was even smaller than he'd anticipated.  He was beginning to get worried
about how he would, in fact, fit when it came time to use his cock.
"Okay, three fingers this time, babe.  Just stay relaxed."
It took a little wiggling to gain entrance with three fingers, but Steve was patient and was finally
to insert all of them without hurting his inexperienced partner.  It took Jesse a little longer to
adjust to the sensation, but it helped when the older man stroked his back and arms, murmuring
encouragement.  Then, when Steve's questing fingers found that little button inside his rectum,
the ensuing spark of intense pleasure practically had the young man screaming.
"What was that?"  He panted, when he'd recovered enough to speak.
Steve was, justifiably, a little bit smug.  "You're the doctor.  Haven't you ever heard of your
prostate before?"
"Oooh," Jesse moaned, "that."  He'd read about the sensitivity of that particular body part, but
had always had a hard time believing it could actually bring that type of pleasure when
Wow, had he been wrong.
Finally, Jesse was as loose as Steve could make him using his hand.  Still, the older man was
hesitant.  "Jess, I'm not sure this is a good idea..."
"You can't stop now!"  The young man whined, wiggling his ass to try and maximize the
sensation of the feeling of his lover's fingers inside of him.  "You in me   you promised, Steve!"
"Baby, I know, but I also promised that nothing I would do would hurt you.  You're so small
inside, sweetheart.  I'm not sure that I can make love to you right now without hurting you."  
Steve was in a dilemma. He took both promises seriously, but if push came to shove and he could
only keep one, he'd keep the one that prevented Jesse from getting hurt.
"Do it."
It was awkward, but Jesse managed to turn his head enough to look into Steve's face.  Given his
lover's earlier jitters, the cop was taken aback to see the determined expression the younger man
wore.  "I..., Steve." He panted out the words, still high from the finger stimulation. 
"Want more.  Want... *you.*"
It wasn't so much a request as a demand, and Steve found that he couldn't disobey.
"All right, Jess."  Steve pulled his fingers out, kissing the nearest shoulder.  "You've just got to
remember to stay relaxed, okay?  If you tense up, you could get hurt."
The cop all but emptied the bowl of its warm oil, determined that his penis would be as
lubricated as possible.  Before he new it, the tip of his erection was aimed at the reddened ring of
muscle that guarded his lover's passage.  "We're gonna do it, sweetheart.  Now, you push out
while I push in, okay?  And stay relaxed."
"Al- All right."
Jesse felt the blunt tip of Steve's cock at the entrance to his body.  It felt bigger than the fingers. 
A lot bigger.
The detective rubbed the blunt head of his cock around the outside of Jesse's passage, moaning at
feeling of the puckered texture of the opening rubbing against his sensitive skin. Then, bracing
himself, he slowly pushed in, wiggling the large mushroom head of his penis back and forth to
help it worm past the tight ring of muscle.
The younger man stiffened as he felt the intrusion, his ass starting to burn.  "Steve?"
His partner halted his efforts, reaching up one hand to pat Jesse's hip.  "Hang on, Jess.  Push out
a little, okay?  And stay-"
"I know," Jesse laughed a little, despite the growing discomfort.  "Stay relaxed."
Steve felt his partner push out as instructed and he thrust forward carefully, feeling the virgin
muscle giving way reluctantly.  Then, suddenly, the head of his penis was through.
Jesse had started panting as the burning grew more pronounced.  The older man noticed his
lover's discomfort and stopped his forward motion.  "Baby, you feel so good," he coaxed.  Now
that the initial penetration was made, he reached around the smaller man's hip to grasp his penis. 
Jesse's erection had flagged with the discomfort, but Steve's touch aroused its interest in the
proceedings.  "I can't believe I'm finally inside you, Jess.  God, you're so tight!  So good, baby. 
So good!"
Whether it was the caress or the loving stream of encouring words, Jesse felt the burning morph
from pain to something more akin to pleasure.  Tentative, he pushed back a bit, remembering
how wonderful the fingers felt inside him when they moved around.  Sure enough, given its
much bigger size, a moving cock in his ass felt that much better.
Steve felt the younger man's motion and started inching his cock inside, eager to feel his lover
totally surrounding him.  He had a feeling that he wouldn't last long once fully sheathed inside
Jess, but was determined to give it a try.  Jesse felt each added length of his lover press into him,
not believing the delicious feeling of fullness or how stimulated his ass felt.  He couldn't believe
that not more than a week ago, he'd never wondered before how this felt.  Now, he couldn't
imagine how he'd lived without it.
Finally, Steve was buried to the hilt in the smaller man, as far as their position would allow. His
cock felt like it had been enveloped by a velvet vise as Jesse's ass clenched on the invading
hardness.  Kissing his lover's shoulders, neck, back, and any other piece of skin he could reach,
he waited for the younger man's body to fully adjust.
Jesse lay impaled on his lover's cock, not truly believing they were finally fully joined. 
Awkwardly, he reached back, fingers finding the spot where their bodies connected.  Sure
enough, he felt how tightly stretched the ring of skin was where Steve's penis entered his body. 
"You're in me," He whispered reverently.  "You're really in me!"
"Damn straight, baby."  Steve growled, "how does it feel?"
"Full," came the dreamy reply.  "Hot. Won-der-ful."
Steve felt Jesse's body relax and reached one arm underneath the nearest thigh.  Lifting the
smaller man's leg, he inched himself inside his partner just a little bit deeper... and then he
started to thrust.
"Aaaah!"  Jesse clutched onto the pillow, totally unprepared to the sensations of a large cock
moving in and out of his ass.  His body, though, knew what to do.  Soon, he was making counter-
thrusts of his own as his ass rutted, instinctively trying to maximize the pleasure.  Backward onto
Steve's cock and then forward to rub against the rough texture of the pillow, his hips danced in
countermeasure to the bigger man's pelvic movments.
Steve knew he couldn't keep from cumming for long.  Jesse's body was just too tight, the friction
made the feeling too intense, for him to be able to fend off his orgasm.  Remembering how his
partner had gotten off by having a large body on top of him, Steve let go of the leg he'd been
holding and, while still buried fully in Jesse's cock-stuffed ass, turned them both, pinning his
lover underneath him. The new position gave him a little more leverage to thrust deeper... and
allowed Jesse to hump his erection against the fabric of the bedspread.
"You've got the sweetest ass, baby. Tight, so fuckin' tight."  Steve grunted out encouragement in
time with his thrusts. "C'mon, Jess.  Cum for me, baby.  Gonna fill you up, little boy.  Gonna be
so full of me there won't be room for anything else..." 
"Oh, God, Steve!"  Jesse clutched the sheets.  He was so beyond thought that it never even
occurred to him to stroke his own straining erection.
"Give it to me, sweetheart," Steve begged.  "Let me feel you cum..."
Jesse's body finally reached its limited.  Back bowed in a sharp arch, the young man came,
screaming his lover's name as a stream of syrupy cum spurted out of his cock.  His ass clenched
on the invader plumbing its depths, sending Steve over the edge right behind his partner, his
triumphant cry echoing his companion's.  One big hand in the small of the younger man's back,
he used the other to brace himself against Jesse, pressing his cock inside his partner as far as
possible, a mindless, possessive effort to deposit his seed as deep within his mate as possible. 
Having held his orgasm back for what seemed like hours, a veritable fountain of ejaculate
streamed out of his spasming organ, quickly filling up Jesse's tight passage and dripping down
his thighs to puddle on the bed, silent and sticky evidence of their successful coupling.
Steve collapsed across Jesse's sweating back, allowing himself to lay there a moment to soak up
the feeling of his lover's satisfied quivering.  He was too heavy to stay fully on top of the smaller
man for long, so as soon as his cock was pushed from Jesse's body, he rolled to the side and
pulled his mate into his arms.
Much to his chagrin, it was Steve who found himself weeping in the aftermath.
When Jesse, tucked up underneath the older man's chin, felt the first drops of moisture, he
thought it was sweat dripping from his partner.  Soon, Steve's hitched breathing told a different
story and he looked up in amazement to see tears streaming down the big man's face.
"Steve, you okay?" He asked, reaching up an unsteady hand to cup the detective's face.  
"I'm fine, sweetheart," Steve assured him, turning his head to press a kiss into Jesse's palm.  "It's
just that no one's trusted me that much before.  I was so afraid I'd hurt you."
"You didn't," Jesse said fiercely.  "I loved it   every minute.  You were perfect."
"Well, hardly perfect," The older man tried to be humble, but his lover wouldn't let him.
"No, perfect," Jesse repeated.  "Absolutely perfect. You were so patient, made sure my pleasure
came first. I mean, look at this," His gesture incorporated the entire opulent cabin. 
"I wanted your first time to be special."
Jesse's grin was satiated.  "It was.  Trust me."
His lover's choice of words were reminiscent of Steve's own reassurances to the younger and
reminded him that there might be physical ramifications to Jesse's first experience of anal sex. 
"Are you okay?"
"Hmmmm, wonderful," Jesse purred, getting sleepy after experiencing two intense orgasms
fairly close together.
"Let me check," Steve said, moving to inspect his lover's backside.  Given Jesse's obviously
contented state, at least the other man didn't seem to be experiencing any emotional
repurcussions from having sex with a man.  That eased Steve's mind, glad that he hadn't seduced
his younger partner into an act he'd regret.
Jesse allowed the older man to fuss, knowing that he'd be feeling overprotective of the virgin
he'd just deflowered. "Isn't there supposed to be a little blood the first time?"
Steve lifted his head, frowning at the younger man.  "Not with this type of penetration, no.  You
know that, you're a doctor." Satisfied that there were no rips or tears, the detective got a clean
cloth and dipped it into the bowl of warm water.  "Here, let me take care of you..."  Tenderly, he
started cleaning up. "We're lucky, it got a little wild at the end. You could have been hurt."
"I like it when you get wild."
The cop snorted.  "Spoken like a man who's never been rode rough and put away wet."
Jesse wasn't sure he liked that what statement implied, not sure at all.  "What do you mean?"
Steve kept up his cleaning efforts, not looking at his lover.  "You know how I said I wanted your
first time to be special?  Let's just say that mine wasn't."  
"Oh, God."
Jesse's sick tone of voice made Steve look at the younger man.  "No, you've got the wrong idea. 
I wasn't.... forced.  It was just a bit rough."  He nodded at the ring still on Jesse's thumb.  "It was
Viet Nam and we were all young fools who were realizing for the first time we weren't immortal. 
Sex was one way to feel more alive and since there weren't a lot of women to relieve tensions
"Oh."  Jesse looked down at the ring on his thumb, then back up to his partner.  By this time,
Steve had finished with the cloth and was climbing back onto the bed.  "Steve, can I keep
wearing the ring?"
The older man flushed with pleasure.  "I was kind of hoping you would."
Jesse bit his lip, looking oddly bashful, considering the man he was talking too had had his cock
buried in his ass a few minutes earlier.  "If I bought you a ring," he shyly asked, "would you wear
Steve kissed his young lover, then rubbed noses with him.  "With pleasure."
"Good."  Jesse took another deep breath and said, "I love you."
The detective stopped breathing for a minute, then smiled.  "I love you too."
Jesse snuggled into Steve's arms, sleepiness coming back now that his intentions were declared. 
"You know, this wasn't just my first time with a man, it was my first time making love."
"What?  But..." Steve stuttered in surprised.  "But I thought you'd been with women before?"
"Oh, I have." Jesse answered, amused at the older man's shock.  "But that was sex or maybe
fucking.  Today, this was making love.  Now that I've had the one, I can't ever go back to the
"Thank God," Steve murmured, petting his lover as the young man dozed off.
The older man was intensely satisfied, not to mention relieved. Not only was he Jesse's first male
lover, but now he knew that he'd be the young man's last one too.
~the end~

This story was written in response to a challenge story, issued to the dslashm list by Nell:
The challenged included the following plot elements:
1.  Must be Jesse's first time with a man.
2.  Steve is experienced, but must convince/woo/court/seduce Jesse
3.  Mark Sloan is on vacation
The items involved are:
1.  Rose petals
2.  Godiva
3.  Steve's gun
4.  A ring
5.  Jesse's little bug convertible
Places that must be included:
1.  Steve and Mark's house
2.  The beach
3.  Jesse's apartment
4.  A cabin in the woods
5.  The supermarket
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