By Juli

May 2005

“Where is he? Is he okay?”

Mark Sloan held up his hands in a futile attempt to stop his son’s forward progress. “Hang on there, Steve. Jesse’s just fine.”

Detective Steve Sloan didn’t come to a complete halt, but his steps did slow. “I got the message he’d been in a surfing accident, but it didn’t say how badly he’d been hurt.”

The elder Sloan put his hands in the pockets of his white physician’s coat and deliberately slowed his own steps to a leisurely stroll. Steve was forced to match his pace or lose his only source of information on his lover.

“He’s banged up a bit, but it’s nothing serious. In fact, I think Jesse’s more upset about the wave that got away.” Mark reassured him, grinning fondly at the thought of his former intern’s indomitable spirit. “Said the water slapped him.”

Steve growled. “If I find out he was going after a wave that was too big for him, the water won’t be the only thing slapping him.”

“Don’t overreact because of your worry,” Mark cautioned him. “Jesse’s a grown man, even if he doesn’t act like it sometimes.”

Steve shook his head, but didn’t comment on his father’s statement. As well as Mark knew Jesse, he didn’t know him nearly as well as Steve did. Jesse Travis had practically raised himself, having been born with parents too self-involved to spend much time with their son. Having Mark in his life fulfilled a deep-seated need for a father-figure, but Jesse still needed looking after. He might fuss at Steve’s overprotectiveness, but the detective knew that his lover thrived on the attention.

“Where is he?”

“Exam Room #1,” Mark answered with a sigh. He’d done all he could to calm his son’s nerves.

Steve knew Community General like the back of his hand and actually led his father to the proper room. He went in without knocking, knowing that Jesse wouldn’t mind. He pulled up short, though, when he got his first look at the younger man.

Jesse was resting on top of the covers of a hospital bed, dressed in a set of scrubs, his face nearly as pale as the white bandage taped at a jaunty angle on his forehead. The blond’s eyes were closed and there was a bruise beginning to show on his cheek. Steve must have made a small noise of dismay, because the young doctor’s eyes popped open and he turned his head to look in the direction of the doorway.

“Hey,” Jesse said as he smiled. “You’re here.”

“I came as soon as I could,” Steve assured his lover. Crossing the room quickly, he reached Jesse’s side and bent to kiss the younger man gently. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jesse answered, reaching to grab Steve’s hand.

Steve looked at his father. “Is that your definition of ‘fine,’ Dad, or his?”

“Steve…” Jesse whined.

Mark laughed. “Oh, he really is fine, Steve. He got a good whack on the head, but there’s no sign of concussion. As for the rest, it’s really just a few cuts and deep bruises. I suggest you take him home and administer some TLC.”

“I think I can manage that.” Steve smiled in relief.

Steve knew from the way Jesse didn’t protest the use of the wheelchair that he was either not feeling well or was stewing over something. Maybe even both. When they were in the car and on their way home, he asked the younger man about it.

“You okay, Jess?”

Jesse blinked at Steve in confusion. “I told you I was fine. So did Mark.”

Steve shook his head. “That’s not what I meant. Is something bothering you?”

The other man sighed deeply. “I saw your face when you walked in. I’m sorry you were so worried.”

“Were you trying to ride a wave that was too much for you to handle?” Steve asked calmly. Jesse adored surfing, but he was from the Midwest and didn’t have as much experience as he would have liked. Often, his enthusiasm outstripped his ability.

“No, Steve, promise.”

“And were you trying stunts or playing around?” The detective questioned.

“No!” Jesse protested. “Some newbie with more board than sense ran into me. It wasn’t my fault.”

Steve reached over and patted his lover’s knee. “I believe you, Jess. Sounds like it was just an accident. You don’t need to apologize.”

“I know, but I’m sorry anyway,” Jesse responded.

The detective didn’t want to argue about it. As much as he worried about Jesse participating in a sport that was potentially dangerous, he wasn’t about to ask his lover to stop doing something he loved. It was only fair. Being a cop was far more dangerous, yet Jesse had never once hinted to Steve to give it up.

“I tell you what,” Steve said with a wink. “I’ll let you make it up to me.”

“Really?” Jesse cheered up almost immediately. “How?”

“Remember that TLC my dad mentioned?” Steve asked and waited for Jesse to nod before continuing. “You let me fuss as much as I want and you can’t complain.”

Jesse grinned. “That’s not a hardship. You sure that’ll do it?”

“Positive,” Steve said firmly.

“Okay,” the younger man conceded. “I can do that.”

The atmosphere in the car was a lot lighter the rest of the home and it was only a few minutes until they were pulling into their driveway. It was a Malibu beach house, but not the one Steve had shared for years with his father. Shortly after the two men had become a couple, one of Mark’s neighbors had put his house up for sale. Steve had immediately put in an offer and became a homeowner. It was a perfect set-up, on the beach and close enough to his dad to feel like home, but a few houses down to give them a little bit of privacy.

Steve pulled into the garage and made to get out of the car. Jesse moved to do the same and the detective stopped him with a firm hand on his arm. “Na-huh. TLC, remember?”

Jesse watched with disbelief as Steve came around the car and opened his door. He started to protest when the bigger man slid his arms underneath him, but Steve silenced him with a mock glare.

“No fussing about my fussing, that was the deal,” he reminded the doctor. “Remember?”

“I remember,” Jesse admitted. He gave in to the inevitable and wrapped his arms around Steve’s neck. The bigger man lifted him with a grunt of exertion and proceeded to carry him into the house.

Steve didn’t stop when they were inside; he headed straight for the lower level. The couple had remodeled it into a huge master suite, complete with French doors that opened directly onto the beach. That wasn’t the feature they liked best, though. Their undisputed favorite part of the house was the master bathroom. Specifically the large, claw-footed bathtub that they’d special-ordered from Italy. It was huge. Not only did it accommodate Steve’s tall frame, but Jesse could join him, and they still had room leftover.

Jesse sighed in anticipation as Steve set him down on the bathroom counter. A soak in a tub full of hot water sounded just like what his body needed. He watched with half-lidded eyes as the older man started the taps going. The one drawback to the size of the tub was how long it took to fill.

Once the water was started, Steve turned back to his lover. He kissed Jesse, not letting it get too deep before breaking off to trail his lips gently over the bruise on his cheek.

“C’mon, let’s get you out of these clothes,” Steve said in a hoarse voice.

“You too?” Jesse asked hopefully.

Steve laughed. “Yes, me too.”

The detective batted away Jesse’s hands and lifted the younger man’s top by himself. He carefully pulled the garment over the doctor’s head, hissing as he noticed more bruises. The shirt landed on the floor where he dropped it, Steve being too busy running his fingers over the mottled skin to fold it neatly. Jesse gasped at the touch and caught his lower lip in his teeth.

“Did that hurt?” Steve immediately stopped his strokes.

Jesse shook his head and grinned ruefully. “No, it tickles.”

Sloan chuckled. He’d been so caught up in cataloging his lover’s injuries that he’d forgotten about Jesse was ticklish. “Sorry about that, babe.”

Before Jesse could answer, Stephen replaced fingers with lips, brushing soft kisses on the bruises. Travis gasped again, but from the way he arched his back, Steve knew the sensation his lover was feeling wasn’t that of being tickled. The detective took his time working his way across his lover’s torso, bestowing kisses and licks to each dark spot, as if he could take the pain away by sheer willpower alone. When he’d made a full circle, he kissed his way back up Jesse’s chest, stopping to kiss the eager lips.

“Wow,” Jesse gasped when he was finished. “Now that’s some good TLC.”

“We’re just getting started, Jess.” Steve promised.

By this time, the bathroom was starting to get warm and steamy, thanks to the water running into the tub. Steve checked to make sure it wasn’t in danger of overflowing before returning to his ministrations. He encouraged the smaller man to slide off the counter and stand on the rug. Jesse wasn’t wearing shoes, just the disposable foot coverings that doctors used in surgery. Steve knelt and made short work of removing those. He ran his hands along the back of Jesse’s legs as he rose, noticing with pleasure the way his lover shivered at the sensation.

“Cold, babe?” He asked, nuzzling behind Jesse’s ear.

“You know I’m not,” Jesse retorted, tilting his head to give the bigger man more access.

Steve obliged by gently nibbling on Jesse’s earlobe, causing his lover to murmur softly and press close. Sloan lowered his head, changing his nibbling to sharp nips down Jesse’s neck. Those murmurs changed into moans. Steve smiled and pulled Jesse close, sliding his hands underneath the waistband of the doctor’s scrubs. Two familiar and beloved cheeks filled his hands, almost of their own volition, and he squeezed them lovingly.

Jesse clutched at Steve, pressing his groin as tight against his lover’s form as he could. Taking that as a signal that his partner wasn’t hurting too much to proceed, Steve moved his grip to Jesse’s hips and slid the pants off. His large hand was wrapped around Jesse’s firming erection even before the cloth hit the floor.

“Steve,” Jesse moaned, hips moving as he humped into the caresses.

“That’s it, babe,” Steve whispered encouragement into Jesse’s ear. “This is all about making you feel good. Does having my hands on you make you feel good?”

“Y-yes,” Jesse stammered. He looked up at Steve, blue eyes clouded with desire. “So g-g-ood.”

“Good,” Steve said with satisfaction. He let go of Jesse’s cock and slid his hands down the younger man’s legs, bending as he did so until he was kneeling on the floor. Steve went over every inch of Jesse’s skin as though it were a crime scene, noting every bruise and scrape. Thankfully, there weren’t that many of them.

“C’mon, Steve,” Jesse whined. “The T in TLC is for tender, not teasing.”

Steve could have spent hours mapping Jesse’s skin, but this encounter was all about Jesse and making him feel good. With a final nuzzle to the crease behind the younger man’s knee, he stood and kissed his lover deeply again.

“So?” Jesse asked, panting lightly, when they broke apart.

“You’re fine,” Steve admitted.

Jesse poked him in the stomach. “Told you.”

“That you did,” Steve responded. “But I just had to see for myself.”

Jesse wiggled until he was under Steve’s arm. “I know. That’s part of what makes you, well, you.”

Steve’s hand drifted down until it was once more wrapped around Jesse’s cock, which was now rock hard. “You feel up to TLC that’s a little more active?”

“What do you think?” Jesse gasped, straining up on his tiptoes to get more of the sensation.

The detective gave one last squeeze to the firm flesh in his hand. “I think maybe the tub’s got enough water.”

Leaving Jesse standing, gaping at him, Steve moved to the bathtub and checked the water level. It was full enough. Turning off the taps, he perched on the rim and reached for his lover. “Come on, Jess. Get in.”

Moving a little awkwardly due to his swollen condition, Jesse took Steve’s hand and let himself be handed into the tub. Closing his eyes at the sensation of the hot water on his skin, Jesse moaned in appreciation. “Mmmmm… that feels good.”

“Don’t fall asleep in there,” Steve warned him, fingers busy working the buttons of his shirt. Once he’d finished with them, he jerked the garment off and tossed it into the corner.

Jesse’s eyes popped open. “Slower,” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” Steve chuckled. He obeyed, however, in spite of his sarcasm, and slowed his motions, making a strip tease of the removal of his clothes. Jesse watched his every movement, whistling occasionally when a particularly favorite body part was revealed. Steve normally didn’t go for such blatant displays, but something about Jesse’s eyes on him egged him on, especially with the younger man vocalizing his pleasure.

“What do you think?” Steve asked when he was finished. He held his arms out from his sides and turned in a slow circle.

“Very nice,” Jesse complimented him. “Now get in here with me.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Sloan murmured. Jesse scooted up in the tub and Steve carefully folded his larger body behind his lover. Jesse leaned back against him, fitting his smaller form in-between Steve’s legs.

The doctor sighed in contentment, the sound deepening into a gasp as he felt Steve’s erection flush against his ass. A combination of touching Jesse and then stripping for him had aroused the older man considerably.

“Is that a bar of soap in your pocket or are you glad to see me?” Jesse quipped, squirming against his lover.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Steve growled. In the position they were currently in, almost all of Jesse’s body was open to his caresses and Steve took advantage of that fact. One hand snaked up to tweak the younger man’s nipples, while the other submerged to play with Travis’ cock.

“Oh, man,” Jesse moaned. Wrapped in Steve’s arms, the detective’s body underneath him, there wasn’t much Jesse could do except lie there and let his lover have his with him. Not that Jesse was complaining.

“Like that, huh?” Steve said hoarsely, licking the moisture from the back of Travis’ neck.

Jesse reached up and kissed him, straining to do so from a somewhat awkward position. “I love it.”

“Good,” Steve smiled in satisfaction. “Because I love doing it.”

Sloan reached lower and cupped Jesse’s balls, rolling them gently. His lover jerked in his arms, his head lolling against Steve’s shoulder, a slave to the sensation. Water sloshed over the side of the tub, but both men ignored it. They were too deep in sensation to bother.

“Come on, turn around for me, babe” Steve instructed. While he loved Jesse’s reaction to his stroking, he didn’t want the young man to come too soon. It was time to prepare for the next phase.

Dazed, Jesse complied and was soon sitting astride Steve’s legs, facing him. He leaned forward to kiss the older man and both men groaned. The position caused their cocks to rub together and Jesse moved back and forth, desperate for some friction.

Steve fumbled for the soap, a liquid kind that they kept handy for just such activities. When he had a good dollop coating his finger, he slid his hand across Jesse’s wet and slippery ass. Sliding it between the cheeks, he teased the puckered opening before gently inserting the finger into the tight passage.

Jesse broke off his kiss long enough to cry out. “Ah! That’s good.”

“That’s the idea.” Steve splayed his other hand across his lover’s back, holding him still when Jesse would have rutted on the finger penetrating him. “Hold on, Jess. Don’t you want to come on my cock?”

“God, yes, but…” Jesse moaned. “I just need to come.”

“Hang on, babe, I’ll get you there,” Steve promised. He withdrew the finger and squirted out more soap. When he penetrated his lover with two fingers, Jesse gasped and threw his head back.

Steve sucked on Jesse’s neck as he thrust his fingers in and out of his lover’s body. Jesse cried out wordlessly and thrust back, causing more water to end up on the floor. Sloan worked quickly to open up his lover’s body. He wanted inside Jesse just as badly as the younger man wanted him there. Every undulation of Jesse made caused their cocks to meet and Steve was hanging on by a thread.

Given his lover’s state of arousal, Steve quickly slicked up and added a third finger. He would have forgone it if at all possible, to spare them both delicious torment, but it was necessary. Their difference in size meant that he was always careful to prepare his smaller lover. Finally, though, he had Jesse as loose as he was likely to get.

“All right, Jess,” Steve directed. “Let’s get you back around.”

“But I want to do it face to face,” Jesse complained.

“Not this time,” Steve held firm. Jesse didn’t put up much argument, he was too eager to continue.

Together, they turned the younger man in the water, so he was close to their original position. This time, though, Jesse held on to the sides of the tub as Steve gripped his waist. The detective lined his cock up with his lover’s ass and guided the younger man down. The big, swollen tip of Steve’s cock rubbed against the loosened opening, causing Jesse to pause.

“God, you feel huge,” the doctor gasped.

“If I’m any bigger than usual, it’s because you’re so sexy,” Steve murmured. He lowered his lover onto his waiting cock, working the head past the tight ring of muscle that guarded the entrance to Jesse’s body. Wet and slick, it slid through with an audible pop. Jesse moaned and Steve soothed him by stroking his hip.

“Okay?” He asked succinctly.

“Burns a little,” Jesse responded, “But it feels great.”

“It’s going to get better, babe,” Steve promised.

The detective was as good as his word. He slowly lowered Jesse on his cock, impaling him inch by inch. By the time he was fully seated on Steve’s lap, and had Steve buried in him to the hilt, Jesse was incapable of articulating any words. He did, however, keep up a steady, low moan.

Steve held Jesse still on his lap, reaching for and getting an awkward kiss. He thrust his hips up as his tongue thrust inside Jesse’s mouth, causing the young man to break away in order to yelp and grab onto the sides of the tub.

Sloan kept a firm grip on Jesse’s hips, preventing him from contributing to the pace of their coupling. Instead, Steve made slow, small thrusts. He wasn’t hampered by the weight of his lover on top of him; he just wanted to draw it out. The water slapped rhythmically against the side of the bathtub, a counter-rhythm to their joining.

Steve reveled in the feel of the hot sheath that encircled his dick, just as the hot water surrounded the rest of his body. Jesse’s ass rippled around him as the young man’s pleasure grew and Steve began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts. A little more water splashed onto the floor, but he ignored it. There was a reason they’d used a durable surface and put a drain in the floor. A little water wouldn’t hurt anything.

Jesse’s moans changed pitch with the change in the rhythm and the younger man tried to thrust down to meet the cock plunging inside him. Steve wanted none of that; this mating was all about Jesse and bringing him pleasure. He didn’t want the younger man to have to work for it at all. Steve wrapped his hands underneath Jesse’s legs, pulling them up. Without any leverage, Jesse couldn’t do anything but hang on and let Steve make love to him. That suited Steve just fine and his thrusts got stronger.

“Come for me, Jesse,” Steve whispered in his lover’s ear. “Let me know how much I’m pleasing you. Come with me inside you, babe.”

The combination of Steve’s encouragements, the large cock massaging his prostate with every thrust, and the friction of his bent legs against his own engorged penis finally put Jesse over the edge. Keening, the young man came, his release spurting between them with a heat that rivaled that of the water.

As Jesse orgasmed, his body clenched down on Steve’s and the detective groaned. Pulling Jesse down hard as his cock thrust up, he came too. He thrust through his orgasm, bathing his lover inside as his cock pulsed its release. Steve bit down on Jesse’s shoulder as he climaxed, marking his lover as much as the ocean had earlier.

It took several minutes for the water to calm down.

When he caught his breath, Steve murmured endearments in Jesse’s ear as he stroked his lover’s flanks. Jesse panted and turned for a kiss, which the detective happily bestowed. To each man’s disappointment, it didn’t take long for the doctor’s body to expel its guest and, as soon as Steve’s cock slid from Jesse, the young man turned in Steve’s arms. He rained several kisses on the older man’s face before finally snuggling up against Sloan’s larger form.

“I love making love in the bath,” Jesse said, sleepiness starting to creep into his voice as he lay his head on Steve’s shoulder. “No mess to clean up. No wet spot on the sheets.”

Steve ran a loving hand down Jesse’s spine, ending with cupping his lover’s well-used ass. “Yeah, but we’ve got to move, babe. We don’t want to still be in here when the water gets cold.”

“Don’t want to move,” the other man complained, getting sleepier by the minute. “It’s comfortable here.”

“It won’t be for long,” Steve pointed out. “Come on, Jess. We gotta get out of the tub.”

Jesse sighed, loathe to move. “I hate making love in the bath.”

Steve helped Jesse to stand and got them both out of the bathtub. The bathmat was soaked, but the drain was doing its job; the floor would be completely dry by morning. A shelf with towels was within reach and it didn’t take long to get them both dried off. Sloan enjoyed being skin-to-skin in bed, so neither man bothered with pajamas. Nude, they padded from the bathroom to the king-sized bed and crawled under the covers.

Jesse curled on his side and Steve curled around behind him. With a happy sigh, the younger man wiggled until his ass was flush with Steve’s groin, but both men were too spent to do anything about it.

“Night, Steve,” Jesse said, having to get the words out past a big yawn. "Love you."

“Good night, babe,” Steve replied. He buried his nose in the short hair at the nape of Jesse’s neck, taking in the scent of his lover. "I love you too."

Jesse yawned again. “You take good care of me, Ste-….”

Steve looked down at his lover. Jesse had fallen asleep in the middle of his sentence. Thinking of the coupling they’d just experienced, Steve kissed Jesse on the head before settling down for his own rest.

“You take care of me too, Jess,” he murmured. “You take excellent care of me.”

~the end~


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