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Diagnosis Murder

"Diagnosis Murder" and its characters are the property of CBS, Pax, and more Van Dykes than you can shake a stick at.  These stories are written purely for entertainment purposes.  No money is being made from them and no copyright infringement is intended.


Stand Alone

Steve and Jesse attend a local fair.

Frisking one's mate tends to make one a little frisky. 

Someone's been watching too much television. 

Grandma Travis comes for a vist.

Jesse helps Steve deal with Carol's death.  Spoilers for "Diagnosis Murder: Town without Pity" television movie.

It's hot in the kitchen at BBQ Bobs - and we're not talking about the food!  

Sometimes blind dates aren't so bad.  

            Part 1

            Part 2

Challenge story.  Can Steve convince Jesse that they belong together? 

After Jesse has a surfing accident, Steve's anxious to make sure he's okay.

Steve and Jesse go grocery shopping.  

"Cuddle" Series

Ever want to wrap a story around you and snuggle into like it was a blanket?  That's what the cuddle stories are; sweet and/or romantic tidbits of everyday life designed to make you feel good.  Due to the number of "Cuddle" stories, I couldn't do a page for each one.  Instead, they're lumped together alphabetically.  Assume a rating of G or PG for all.

SPECIAL NOTE to those who read these as they were posted to the dslashm list:  While putting these vignettes together as a set, I realized that a couple of them didn't quite fit the theme.  "Kitchen Cuddle" was too explicit, so I re-titled it "Kitchen Encounter" and put it in with the stand alone stories.  Similarly, "Grief Cuddle" was too angsty and I re-titled it "Grief" and also placed it with the stand alone stories.


Good Enough to Eat Series There are some situations where Det. Steve Sloan does NOT enjoy dropping his pants.  

Steve's been promised a lollipop but decides he wants the whole candy store instead.

Steve screams, Jesse screams, they both scream for ice cream.  

Revelations Series Challenge story.  Both alone at Christmas, Steve and Jesse spend the holiday together at a cabin. 



Sentinel Crossover

Two detectives with a romantic history cross paths at a police convention. 

When Steve Sloan and Jesse Travis visit Jim and Blair in Cascade, they get caught up in the trouble that occurs when a figure from the Sentinel and Guide's past resurfaces.  

WARNING:  This story is rated NC-17 for issues of violence and non-consent.



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