The Seduction of Dr. Jesse Travis
By  Juli
November 2000
Challenge story

Steve Sloan pulled up to his friend's apartment complex, watching fondly as the kinetic young
man jogged down the front steps of the building to meet his car.  When Jesse had called to ask
for a ride to the hospital, he hadn't minded a bit. Alone?  In the relatively small and confined
space of a car's interior?  With Jesse?
Steve had all but jumped at the chance.
He'd known since meeting his father's newest protege' that he'd been attracted to young Dr.
Travis.  Although long reconciled to his preference for men, Steve had made sure to keep his
desire for the other man to himself, not sure that Jesse shared his orientation. Loathe to disrupt
their budding friendship by making a sexual pass that might ruin it, Steve had chosen to bide his
Such patience was a two-edge sword.  The more time he spent with Jess, the more he felt his
heart open up to the compassionate young man, not to mention the rapidly building desire he felt
for Jesse's compact but athletic physique.  Every time he had to stand by and watch Jesse get
involved with a new woman, only to eventually get rejected, Steve wanted to step in and declare
himself.  With him, at least, Jesse's heart would be safe.
"Thanks, Steve," Jesse said as he got in the car, bringing Steve's focus back to the here-and-now. 
"I can't believe my car broke down again."
Steve grinned at the younger man.  "Jess, at this point, I think you'd be more surprised if your car
did run than if it didn't."
Jesse rolled his eyes.  "Please.  No nagging about the car.  I told you, it has to get me through my
internship.  Then I can get a new one."  Realizing that he was being a little less than gracious to
the man who was helping him out by giving him a lift to work, he quickly added, "unless I
become too much of a nuisance, bumming a ride all the time."
By this time, Steve had brought his sedan back into traffic and he could only spare a quick glance
in Jesse's direction.  Sure enough, the doctor had a puppy-dog expression on his face.  That
particular look got past the detective's defenses every time. The sexually frustrated portion of
Steve's mind immediately wanted to slip this particular puppy a bone, but he took firm control of
himself and instead reassured his young friend.  "Don't worry about it, Jess.  With all the time
and trouble you go to help me with some of my cases, a ride now and then is the least I can do in
"I do?"  Jesse's voice sounded cheerfully surprised.  "Help, I mean.  On your police work."
Steve threw a confused look towards the doctor, wishing they hadn't made it to the freeway so he
could spare more time to figure out what was going on with the other man.  "Of course you're a
help.  I thought you knew that."
When he answered, Jesse's voice sounded a bit sheepish.  "Sometimes I wonder.  I mean, I know
that Jack was a big help to you, but I'm not so good at it.  I've been afraid that maybe I've been
getting in the way instead of being of assistance to you."
A trained observer, Steve couldn't help but notice not only the reference to Dr. Jack Stewart, but
also that Jesse was concerned that he'd been in Steve's way.  Not Dr. Mark Sloan, the one who
actually instigated most of the instances where Jesse had been drafted into police work, but
"Of course you're a help to me.  So was Jack.  But, you know, you bring a whole new outlook
and set of experiences.  Don't sell yourself short, Jess."
"You're sure?"
Steve's firmly wholehearted response seemed to reassure the young doctor.  Steve spared a little
attention away from his driving and was rewarded with the sight of a happily grinning passenger.
The thought that he'd been the one to make Jesse's smile so wide went straight to Steve's groin.
Considering what he'd observed earlier, and now the way Jess was smiling at him,  maybe his
feelings were as unrequited as he'd feared.
"So," he said casually, "how long's the bug gonna be in the shop."
Jesse sighed.  "Just a couple of days, I hope.  It depends on how long it takes to get the parts."
Steve shook his head in contemplation.  "On second thought, despite what I said before, that car
really suits you.  You know that old saying, that people with dogs start looking like their pets...."
"Oh, no," the doctor groaned, "please don't tell me that I look like my car.  I've been hearing that
I was 'cute as a bug's ear' since I was a kid, I don't wanna hear it from you too."
The detective grinned at the younger man's protest. "Actually, I was thinking more that your VW
convertible was compact but more powerful than people give it credit for, kind of like you.  But
now that you mention it, adorable seems appropriate."
Steve bit his lip to keep from laughing at Jesse's flummoxed expression.  Apparently, the last
thing the young man expected was for his friend to describe him as adorable.  It was the only
time that the detective could recollect that Jess had been rendered speechless.   
Luckily for Steve's composure, they had reached their destination of Community General and he
pulled the car up to the entrance.  When several seconds went by without the other man getting
out, he realized that Jesse was still staring at him and hadn't noticed they had arrived.
"Umm, Jess?"  Steve finally prodded.  "We're here."
"Oh?  What?"  Jesse looked around in confusion, then made a wild grab for the door handle. 
"Hey, thanks a lot, Steve, I appreciate it."  Then, without waiting for a reply, the confused doctor
fled into the hospital.
"Don't mention it," Steve called after him, enjoying the view of Jesse's rapidly retreating
Dr. Travis wasn't the only one that had found the direction of the conversation unexpected.  For
the last several months, Steve had been working under the assumption that Jesse was not
interested in men.  Now, based on the younger man's reactions, he wasn't so sure. Jesse had
reacted with confusion, true enough, but hadn't seemed repelled.  Had Steve erred on the side of
Only one thing was for sure   he had to find out.
Steve couldn't wait to get rid of his dad.
Waiting at the gate for his father's flight, the detective couldn't help but be impatient.  He loved
his father, but sometimes the older man was too observant for his peace of mind.  Too involved
in his son's life.  Too... there. Once having decided that he needed to determine, once and for all,
if Jesse would be receptive to a deeper relationship than what they currently enjoyed, Steve was
eager to get on with it.  But he wanted to wait until his father was out of the picture, temporarily,
at least, before he started anything.
It wasn't that his dad didn't know of his sexual preference.  A keen observer, Mark Sloan had
known Steve was bisexual even before his son had.  Even so, Mark didn't really approve of some
of Steve's liaisons and the detective had a feeling that his father wouldn't like the idea of Steve
wooing Jesse Travis.  Not one little bit. Steve wasn't the only one protective of that particular
young man and his father was sure to object to him making a move on his innocent protege'.  
"Got something on your mind, son?"
The question startled Steve and he replied with an eloquent, "Huh?"
His father chuckled.  "You're only that preoccupied when you're up to something.  Not planning
any wild parties at the house while I'm gone, are you?"
Steve blushed.  In fact, he was planning something.  What he had in mind was more of an
intimate seduction than a wild party, but still....
"No, Pop," he laughed, feigning amusement at the question, "no wild parties."
Mark Sloan tilted his head and narrowed his eyes, automatically noting how his son wouldn't
meet his gaze.  Something was going on here...
Luckily for Steve, his father's flight was called, stalling any additional questions.  Dr. Sloan
pulled his son in for a quick hug, making sure to catch Steve's eyes this time.  "Whatever you've
got planned, just be careful and clean up after yourself, okay?"
"Okay, Dad," the detective promised, resigned to the fact that his dad had seen right through him. 
"You have a good time.  Call me when you get there...."
Finally, Mark Sloan was on the plane and his son could turn away with a sigh of relief.  Thank
goodness his father hadn't admonished him not to do anything he wouldn't do.  His reaction to a
statement like that would have given the whole thing away and Steve wasn't sure if his father
would leave, if he knew what his son had in mind. Disaster narrowly averted, the detective set his
mind to more important business.
After several months of hopeless longing and a couple of days of frantic planning, Operation
Jesse could now begin.
"Are you sure this is such a good idea?"
Steve put his hand on the small of Jesse's back, gently pushing his young friend into the deserted
shooting range.  "I'm sure, Jess.  What if something happens while you're helping my dad and I
with a case and somehow you get a gun in your hands?  Would you know what to do with it? 
Even if you never plan on carrying a firearm yourself, which, by the way, I wouldn't recommend,
it's best for everyone if you know how to use one."
The Los Angeles detective had thought hard for several days to figure out a legitimate way to get
his hands on Jesse Travis, something more intimate than the casual gesture he was currently
enjoying.  Despite his ulterior motives, his reasoning for the gun training was sound.  As long as
Jesse continued to help Steve and his father with police work, there was a very real chance he
would be called upon at some point to use a gun.  While the cop didn't really like to think of the
younger man being weapons trained, he liked the thought of Jesse being killed or seriously
injured due to ignorance even less. 
Of course, that wasn't his only reason for having Jesse out here, but the doctor didn't need to
know that.  Not yet.
"I dunno, Steve."  Jesse wasn't quite so sure.  "I'm a doctor, I'm supposed to heal people, not
shoot holes in them."
"Jess, we've been all through this," Steve said, pocketing the keys he'd used to open the building
and moving to turn on all the lights.  "You're less likely to hurt someone with a gun if you know
how to use it.  Even my dad has taken shooting lessons-- and they've come in handy a time or
two.  Ask him."
"All right, all right," Jesse reluctantly conceded, only then taking a good look at the place and
realizing they were the only people there.  "Where is everybody?"
Steve shrugged.  "It's Sunday, the one day of the week the range is usually closed."
"Then why are we here?"
"I know that this isn't easy for you, so I thought it would be best if we had your first lesson when
there isn't anybody else around, so you wouldn't feel so weird about it," Steve explained.
"Oh.  Okay," Jesse smiled, pleased that his friend had taken his feelings into account and made
special arrangements.  "Thanks."
Steve squelched a feeling of guilt, knowing his respect for Jesse's feelings wasn't the only reason
he'd gotten the younger man here on a day they were assured to be alone.  Still, if this worked out
the way he hoped it would, Jesse wouldn't mind.  And if it didn't turn out in his favor, well,
Jesse need never know. "Let's get started."
The detective set his bag on a chair and pulled out the safety equipment, showing Jesse how to
adjust the protective ear muffs to provide the maximum noise shielding.  Then, he handed the
doctor a pair of safety goggles and waited until they were firmly in place before proceeding.
"Okay, we'll go over the parts of the gun and some basics on how to take care of it later.  The
main objective today is for you to get comfortable with it in your hand, and not to be afraid of it
when you have to discharge your weapon."  
Succinctly, the detective went over the procedure of how to fire.  Tugging the smaller man into
position, Steve stood close behind Jesse and wrapped his arms around him.  His longer arms
made it easy to cup Jesse's hands in his own, guiding the doctor in the proper hand-hold for a
gun.  "Okay, nice and easy now, Jess.  No, keep you feet wide apart."  Steve closed his eyes and
reminded himself to behave, then inserted his knee in-between Jesse's legs, gently encouraging
the other man's feet to part in order to achieve the correct firing pose.  "That's good.  Now,
gently squeeze on the trigger...."
An experienced marksman, Steve was prepared for the kick-back as the gun was fired.  His hands
still wrapped around Jesse's, he braced himself as he felt Jesse's finger tighten on the trigger. 
With a loud bang, the weapon discharged and Steve soon found himself with an arm full of
doctor as the jerk of the gun pulled the smaller man off balance and he tumbled backward.
Steve allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of Jesse's ass pressed hard against his groin as the
other man struggled to maintain his balance.
"You okay?" He asked when Jesse regained his footing.
"Yeah.  Sorry about that."  The doctor answered with a blush.
The cop chuckled.  "Happens to everyone with their first shot.  Dad fell flat on his butt."
As expected, the comment about Jesse's idol and mentor brightened the younger man up. 
"Really."  Steve winked.  "Just don't tell him I told you, all right?  Now let's try it again."
By the time Steve was convinced that they'd accomplished enough for Jesse's first lesson, he'd
managed to touch most of the younger man's upper body at least once and below the belt a time
or two.  All under the cover, of course, of showing Jesse the proper stance for using a gun.  
He was quite satisfied with the results.
Not only could the doctor manage to hit the shooting target more often than not, but the object of
his desire was also distinctly flushed and panting by the time they were finished.
It looked like Operation Jesse could go on to Phase Two.
The next day, Steve Sloan poked his head into the doctor's lounge.  A familiar face to the
hospital staff, the nurse he'd questioned had no hesitation on telling him where to find Jesse. To
his bemusement, however, the young doctor was curled up on the lounge's lone couch, fast
Steve walked quietly, even though he'd come to Community General with the sole intention of
talking to Jesse.  But if the younger man was so tired, he was reluctant to disturb his nap. 
Looking down on the drowsing figure, he smiled fondly at how young the other man looked
while asleep.  Jesse had an innate innocence that always made him seem younger than his years
even when awake, but asleep, well, Steve felt like a cradle robber for his planned seduction. 
Bending down, the detective tenderly brushed the hair out of Jesse's eyes, intending on leaving
and speaking to Jess later, but even as carefully as he'd touched the smaller man, it was enough
to wake him.
"Wh- Steve?  What's the matter?  Is everything okay with your dad?" Jesse rubbed both eyes in
attempt to become more alert.
Steve crouched down, applying pressure with one hand on the nearest shoulder to keep the other
man from rising.  "No, everything's okay, Jess.  Relax.  I'm sorry I woke you."  When Jesse
settled back into the sofa, he explained the reason for his visit.  "I was in the neighborhood and
just wanted to see if your car was still in the shop or if it'd been fixed."
"Hey, thanks," Jesse smiled.  So far from home and his family, the other man's concern made
him feel good.  "Nah, I got it back this morning before my shift started.  Good as new."
"Until next time it decides to quit running," Steve teased, then went on to add an invitation
before Jesse could respond to the jibe.  "I was wondering, there's a full moon tonight.  Were you
serious when you said you'd be interested in doing some moonlight surfing?  Tonight would be a
good night for it," Steve offered, going on to clarify when the doctor's jaw cracked in a huge
yawn, "If you're up for it, that is."
"Are you kidding?" Jesse asked, dimples deepening as he grinned ear to ear.  "I've always
wanted to try that.  Thanks!  I'll be there..."  Suddenly noticing the time on the clock behind his
friend, he leapt to his feet.  "Oops.  It's my turn to do Mark's rounds and I'm five minutes late. 
Gotta run...."
"Not so fast," Steve grabbed the young man before he could leave the room.  Using his fingers,
the detective smoothed Jesse's hair back into its proper place.  "There.  Now you look
"Thanks," Jesse gave his friend an odd look before making his way towards the door.  "I'll see
you tonight."
"Yeah, tonight," Steve echoed to the now-empty lounge.  "I can hardly wait."
"Wow, it's really beautiful out here."  Jesse's voice held awe as he looked at the moonlit beach.
"Yeah, beautiful," Steve agreed.  Only, instead of looking at the water,  his eyes never left Jesse's
Something in the detective's tone must have alerted the doctor, because Jesse threw his friend a
confused look.  The younger man opened his mouth to say something, but must have thought
better of it, because he simply grabbed his surfboard and headed towards the waves.
Steve took a moment to admire Jesse's Neoprene clad body before following.  His open
admiration was throwing Jess off-balance, just as he'd hoped.
He loved it when a plan came together.
A little while later, Steve Sloan was regretting that smug satisfaction as he helped a hobbling
Jesse Travis up from the beach, all but carrying the smaller man.  Jesse had been off-balance all
right, enough that he'd come down hard and twisted his ankle.  The doctor couldn't put any
weight on it just yet, but was resisting Steve's efforts to take him to the emergency room,
grumpily reminding the detective that he was a doctor and should know when he needed medical
Instead, the detective assisted Jesse into the beach house he shared with his father, carefully
depositing the younger man onto the couch.  Then, following the physician's tersely given
directions, he carefully wrapped up the ankle.  Once he confirmed with his own fingers the slight
swelling to the ankle, Steve calmed down.  Even he knew that if it was seriously injured, there
would be a lot more inflamation and soreness that what Jesse exhibited.  Since that was the case,
he took advantage of the situation, allowing his hands to linger on the other man's feet and
"All right, that's it," Jesse finally said, pulling his leg out of Steve's grasp and curling up on the
Steve settled back onto his knees, dismayed by the younger man's defensive posture.  "What's it? 
What's the matter?"
Jesse looked at him warily.  "Have I done something wrong?"
The detective got up and joined Jesse on the couch, discouraged to see the younger man flinch
back into the pillows.  "Wrong?  What makes you think you've done something wrong?"
"You've been acting funny the past couple of days," Jesse explained.  "First it was that adorable
comment the other day, the morning you gave me the ride to work, remember?  Then, you were
playing touchy feely at the shooting range and tonight..." The doctor gulped and looked away,
"Tonight, when you said it was beautiful, you were looking at me, not the beach.  I was just
wondering if I'd done something wrong..."
Steve shook his head.  "No, Jess, you haven't done anything wrong.  Quite the contrary,
actually."  The big man got up from the couch, quickly returning with some ibuprofen and a glass
of water. While Jesse downed the pills, he continued.  "Frankly, I'm glad you finally noticed. 
I've been working really hard to get your attention."
In the middle of taking a second sip of water, Jesse stopped with the glass halfway to his mouth.
Steve was immediately reminded of the proverbial "deer in the headlights."  Reaching over, he
ran his thumb across the smaller man's lips, wiping away the water droplets lingering there.
"Jess, I've been attracted to you from the first day I met you, but I didn't think you were attracted
to men, so I didn't do anything about it.  But as I've gotten to know you better, I realized what an
open-minded person you were, so I thought that I'd take the chance that you might be able to
return my feelings..."
Hurt ankle or not, Jesse exploded off the couch.  The young man immediately winced and
faltered, but he waved Steve off when the other man started to rise in order to assist him.  "Look,
Steve.  You're my best friend and I... I think it's safe to say that I love you.  But not That Way. 
I've never been attracted to a man That Way before."
Steve arched one eyebrow.  "Oh really?  Didn't I see you checking me out in my wetsuit
Jesse sputtered a denial.  "Wh-?  No way!"
The detective settled back, a smirk on his lips.  "Methinks the doctor doth protest too much."
"What!"  Jesse started to take a step forward, but his ankle gave way.  Steve was there before he
could fall and, with a strong arm around the smaller man's waist, assisted him to the couch. 
Frustrated at needing help and, especially, not being able to deny Steve's claim without
reinforcing it instead, the young man brooded silently.
"Look, seriously, Jess," Steve said, "have you ever been with another man?"
Using his most reasonable tone, the detective replied, "Then how do you know you don't like
In a nervous gesture, Jesse ran an hand through his hair. "Some things you don't need to
experience to know you won't like them."
"Okay, I'll grant you that."  Steve blew the air out of his lungs in an explosive sigh of frustration. 
"You were right, you know, about how I've been acting for the past couple of days.  I've been
using any excuse I can think of to get my hands on you.  And I noticed you haven't protested. 
Can you truly say you didn't like the attention?"
Jesse was an honest man and answered, albeit reluctantly.  "No-o-o-o-o-o."
"Look, Jess, I know this is kind of out of the blue," Steve leaned in so that the doctor could see
his sincerity.  "And I know this a big concept for you to get your mind around.  I'm not expecting
you to jump into bed with me."
"Then what are you expecting?"
"A chance, Jess.  Do you trust me?"  Steve held his breath, waiting for an answer.
Jesse thought about all of his experiences with his friend, about the type of man that Steve Sloan
was.  He nodded.  There was no question about it; he did trust Steve, with his life.
Steve smiled.  "Thank you, Jesse.  You have no idea what that means to me.  Since we've
established that you trust me and that my attentions over the last couple of days haven't been
totally unappreciated, I'd like to ask you for a little more time.  Give me a week, sweetheart,
that's all I ask.  If at the end of a week, you can honestly say that you still can't see yourself in a
relationship with another man, then I'll back off and we can go back to being friends, same as
always. You have my word on it" 
Inwardly, Steve winced at his slip in referring to Jesse as "sweetheart."  Although the endearment
flowed naturally off his lips, he was afraid that it was too much too soon, and that he might have
already ruined any chance he might have had at wooing the skittish man.  
Jesse considered carefully.  Frankly, his responses over the last couple of days had confused him
and here Steve was offering him a risk-free opportunity to explore this aspect of his personality.
Still, this was his sexual outlook they were talking about, not a topic to be taken lightly.  "What if
during the week, I get chicken?"
Steve had already thought of this eventuality.  "Wait here a minute, I've got an idea."  
He was off the couch and halfway to his bedroom before Jesse could even blink.  Only a
heartbeat or two later, the big man was back, something small and glittering in his hand.
"Wear this.  If you feel at all uncomfortable or want to stop before the week is up, just give this
back to me and it's over.  No questions asked."
Wordlessly, Jesse took the offered object, realizing once it was in his grasp that it was ring. 
Looking closely, he could see a military insignia on it and quickly deduced that this was the ring
Steve had been presented when leaving the army after two tours of duty in Viet Nam.  The doctor
weighed the small circle of gold in his hand, the significance of what it implied much heavier
than its negligible physical weight.  Then, still silent, he slipped it on his finger...
... where it promptly slid off.
Both men watched as the ring bounced off the cushions of the sofa, the accident breaking the
tension in the air.  Steve was the one to grab it and, gently taking one of Jesse's hands, eased the
ring on the smaller man's thumb.  
"I forgot that your hands are smaller than mine.  It ought to be safer there."  He dared a quick
look into the other man's face.  "That is, if you still want to go through with it."
"I trust you, Steve" Jesse softly said, "I won't promise how it'll turn out, but I'm willing to give
this a try.  I know you won't abuse that trust."
"That's all I ask, Jess.  Thank you."
And with that, Operation Jesse entered into Phase Three.
Day 1
As Jesse Travis limped down the steps of his apartment complex, he was surprised to see Steve
Sloan pull up. The older man had eventually convinced him the night before that a quick trip to
the ER for an x-ray was in order for his ankle.  Jesse had rolled his eyes at the detective's fussing,
but gave in when he realized that Steve was feeling guilty for having suggested the moonlight
surfing to begin with.  The x-ray had shown what the doctor had known all along, instead of a
broken bone or even a sprain, the injury was merely a deep bruise.
Jesse had been quite eloquent with his "I told you so" comments.
Still, at least the unnecessary trip had proven to the detective that Jesse truly wasn't hurt.  Thus,
the doctor's surprise when the older man showed up curbside just as he was leaving for work.
"What are you doing here?" He asked as the cop put the car in park and got out.
"Good morning to you too," Steve cheerfully responded, circling the automobile to come to
Jesse's side.
The younger man bit his lip, realizing that he'd been less than friendly to the man he'd agreed the
night before to date.  "Sorry about that.  I guess I was just surprised to see you this morning."
Steve did a surreptitious check to make sure the ring was still on Jesse's thumb.  It was.  Sighing
in relief, he explained to his would-be lover why he was there.  "I just thought your ankle might
be too sore to drive with, so I thought I would give you a ride."  He opened the passenger side
door with a gallant gesture.
"Oh," Jesse said in surprise.  He let the other man guide him into the car, enjoying the warm feel
of Steve's arm on his waist as the bigger man helped him in without jostling his injury too much. 
It felt strange to have another man assist him like that.  Odd, but Jesse had to admit to himself,
odd in a good way.
The two men chatted during the entire ride about inconsequential things, Jesse thoughtfully
fingering the ring during the entire trip.
Day 2
Friends for several months before entering into their romantic adventure, Steve and Jesse had
taken in dinner and a movie together many a time.  But, it was different now, Dr. Travis admitted
to himself.  For one thing, their previous outings didn't have the underlying tension that this one
For another, Steve had never held his hand during the movie before either.
When he first felt the older man's hand engulf his own in a firm but relaxed grip, Jesse's whole
body had stiffened at the unexpected gesture.  But, when nothing else happened, his muscles
started to relax and he began to enjoy the sensation.  Soon, he felt his own fingers begin to stroke
the other man's hand, gently exploring the calluses that hours on the shooting range brought to
Steve's palms, while the skin between the fingers remained soft and particularly sensative...
With a start, the doctor realized that when the movie was over and the lights came up in the
theater, he was reluctant to relinquish his clasp on the bigger man's hand.
He blushed all the way through dinner, but Steve was gentleman enough not to bring attention to
Day 3
The next day, Steve took advantage of having the beach house to himself by inviting Jesse out to
Malibu for a picnic.  On the bluffs overlooking the ocean, the two men had relative privacy and
lots of opportunities to talk. 
The couple spread out a blanket and lay flat on their backs, spending a lazy afternoon watching
the clouds and talking, the lulling sound of the waves providing a soothing background to their
conversation.  They talked about anything and everything, from the relative merits of bubble gum
to the state of world hunger.  Their lunch itself was fairly basic, Steve being a man of simple
culinary tastes, but dessert had been chocolate.  Not just any chocolate, but Godiva  and the men
took turns feeding each other the sweet, decadent morsels.
Later that night, Jesse couldn't decide what had been his favorite part of the picnic.  It was a toss-
up between the way that Steve listened, really listened, to everything he said without laughing or
the way the other man's fingers had felt penetrating his mouth, depositing the chocolate on his
Not to mention the warm lips that had enveloped Jesse's own fingers when he'd reciprocated....
Sleep that night was a long time coming.
Day 4
"Bowling?  You want to take me bowling?"
Steve grinned at the younger man's surprise.  "What's the matter?  Not masculine enough for
The challenge in the cop's voice was clear and Jesse's protests immediately ceased.  He briefly
considered complaining that his ankle was achy, but the injury hadn't been bothering him for a
couple of days by this time and he hated to lie to the policeman.  Besides, knowing Steve, he'd
insist that Jesse go for a follow-up exam and that would be tedious.
So, Jesse had shut up and put up, only to find that he enjoyed the experience.  The last time he'd
tried to bowl, he'd been in high school and it had been a humiliating experience.  But, in the
intervening years, he'd grown out of his adolescent awkwardness and was pleasantly surprised to
find that his game had improved.  At least, he no longer sucked at it to the extent he had before.
Besides, like the shooting range, showing Jesse how to bowl gave Steve another chance to have
his hands on the smaller man.  Only this time, it was in public and Jesse was aware of what the
detective was doing. He was glad it wasn't a league night and the bowling alley was relatively
deserted.  Otherwise, his body's reactions would have totally embarrassed him.  As it was, it was
Jesse that had to restrain himself from giving Steve a big hug when he got his first strike.
After Steve had taken him home, Jesse had to admit to himself that he was having a good time,
that the week was going much more quickly, not to mention more smoothly, than he'd ever
imagined.  But they were halfway there and he still didn't know what answer he was going to
give his... friend?  Lover?  Somehow the first word didn't seem like quite enough, but the
second... well, Jesse wasn't sure he was ready to refer to another man as his lover.
Not yet.
Day 5
Looking into his refrigerator the next afternoon and contemplating its empty state, Jesse
concluded that he'd been neglecting his normal routine in order to spend time with Steve. Not
that it had been wasted.  A smile came to the young man's lips as he remembered the good times
they'd been having.  He'd known, of course, that he enjoyed hanging out with Steve.  After all,
they were already good friends.  What he hadn't expected was the warm flutter in his stomach
that now came whenever he thought of the other man.  Or how easy it was proving to be to ease
their friendship into something more intimate...
Or how the big detective had begun to haunt his dreams, the erotic images of the two of them
together waking him with his heart pounding and his groin aching.
Eventually, the continual cold draft from the still-open refrigerator door shook the doctor out of
his reverie and reminded him that he had an errand to run.  An hour later found him in the check
out line of the local supermarket, attention only half on the young woman ringing up his
Despite what Amanda thought, Jesse was well aware that he was a little too accommodating, too
eager to please the people that he cared the most about.  Even before Steve Sloan's startling
revelation that he was sexually attracted to Jesse, the young man knew his detective friend was
an important part of his life.  The past few days had been mind-altering to say the least, as Jesse
felt his world-view shift to encompass the possibility of taking another man as a lover.  Still...
had his dawning awareness of Steve as a possible lover come about because Jesse truly was
attracted to the other man... or was it because Steve wanted it so badly and he was loathe to
disappoint his friend? 
"That'll be 34.95." 
"What?  Oh, yeah, right.  The groceries."  The supermarket clerk's voice had broken through
Jesse's intense train of thought and he was somewhat abashed to realize that he'd lost track of
what he was doing.  The young man quickly finished making out his check and handed it off to
the waiting cashier.
"*Doctor* Travis?"  She said, reading the information off of check, "I wish my doctor was as
cute as you.  You can give me a physical any time."  With a wink, the brazen young woman
handed him his receipt.
Jesse felt his smile freeze, but he accepted the small slip of paper and quickly moved to start
bagging his groceries.  He hated comments like that, but at least she hadn't told him he looked
too young to be a doctor.  That was even worse.  It was odd, when Steve had said he was
adorable, it had surprised him, but in a good way.  With this woman, it just made him feel...
"Lucky you."  The voice came from a young man bagging groceries in the aisle next to his.  
Jesse looked around, to see if the stranger could be addressing anyone else, but no other people
were near.  "Me?  Lucky?  What do you mean?"
"I saw her flirting with you," The other man was practically oozing envy.  "I come here three,
four times a week and always make sure I get Sandy's lane, but I can't make no time with that
woman.  But you?  She's all over you."
"Oh, I wouldn't say that."
"I would," the talkative stranger said.  "Lucky dog."
Jesse shrugged.  "I'm already spoken for."  
The doctor stopped as he reached for the bag.  The words had slipped, unbidden, from his mouth
but now that they were said, he realized they were true.  Glancing back at the flirtatious clerk, he
winced when she saw him watching and waved at him, all but thrusting her chest in his direction.
A young woman, attractive and desirable, was flirting with him...
...and all he could think about was Steve.  
That evening found the two men back at the Sloan house.  It was another clear night and,
although the moon was no longer full, it was still bright enough that they could be down at the
beach with no other lighting other than the moon and the stars.  Jesse had been a little surprised
when Steve brought a portable compact disc player with him and watched with interest as the
older man set it up.
"You're a little quiet tonight," Steve commented, looking over at Jesse before inserting the first
As the soft music wafted out across the sand, the doctor shrugged.  "I had an interesting
"Oh, a fascinating patient came into the Emergency Room?"
"Nah, just an eye-opening trip to the grocery store," Jesse replied.  Then, in an obvious attempt to
change the subject, "I didn't know you liked this kind of music."
Steve just smiled at him and held out his hand.  "Care to dance?"
"Dance?"  Jesse asked, even as he let the bigger man pull him into a loose embrace, "I thought
you didn't like to dance?"
"There's dancing," the detective said, leading his partner into a slow swaying shuffle, "and then,
there's dancing."
Jesse let the older man lead, body at first stiff at the unfamiliar contact, but soon relaxing into the
warmth of the bigger man's frame.  Finally sighing in contentment, he let his head rest against
Steve's chest.
Under the wide expanse of the star-strewn sky, the men swayed to the sound of the music, the
waves seeming to move with them as the water gently lapped around the couple's ankles.
Day 6
Steve Sloan braced himself, knowing this likely wasn't going to be a conversation that he wanted
to have.
He'd told himself that he'd be able to accept Jesse's rejection, should the young man decide that
he couldn't enter into a relationship with him.  But, the fun they'd been having all week, and
especially the gratifying feeling of having Jesse in his arms last night, even if it was  for dancing
rather than more intimate activity, had lulled him into complacency.  Jesse had not only *not*
objected to anything he'd suggested as yet, but seemed to be throughly enjoying himself.  Steve
had let himself begin to believe that this could actually work out, that Jesse Travis might actually
become his.
Which was what made the phone call he'd received early that morning so very difficult to take.
Jesse's voice had sounded so terse when he'd asked Steve to come over right away.  It wasn't
like the young man and the detective's stomach had immediately sunk to the general vicinity of
his ankles.  He had a feeling he knew what was coming and he didn't know if he could handle it
  but he had no choice.  He'd promised Jess that if he wanted to stop their new relationship at
any time, he could.  No questions asked.
That didn't mean that Steve had to like it.
With that general frame of mind, the cop arrived at Jesse's door, determined to be a man and see
this thing through.  He'd started it after all.  If Jess wanted to end it, he'd make it as easy as
possible for the doctor.  He owed him that much.
Steve rang the bell and waited for his world to end.
Jesse answered with alacrity, and the taut expression on the young man's face did little to
reassure the detective.  
"Steve," Jesse said with a faint smile, "C'mon in.  Thanks for coming over so fast."  He ushered
the bigger man to a chair, but instead of sitting himself, began to pace.  As he moved, Steve
couldn't help but notice that the younger man was wearing the same clothes from the night
before, the bottom of his pants still wet from the ocean, and that he hadn't shaved either.  
The doctor didn't seem to hear Steve's attempt to get his attention, jumping right into what was
obviously a rehearsed speech.  "Look.  You asked me for a week to convince me that having a
relationship was possible with you and, since then, you've been doing everything possible to... I
dunno... woo me?"
Again, the nervous young man ignored him.  "This week's been great, but I don't think we need
to do this anymore."
Steve closed his eyes.  He'd been trying to tell Jesse that it was okay, that he didn't even need to
say anything.  The doctor was so agitated, that Steve just wanted to get the rejection over with,
since it was obviously distressing Jesse so.  But hearing him say it was almost a physical blow. 
Still, a promise was a promise and he tried to pull himself together enough to make this as easy
on the other man as possible.
"Jess, it's all right.  You don't need to say any more.  We'll forget these last five days ever
happened, just like I promised."  He got up to leave, but was stopped by a hand on his arm.
"Where are you going?"  Jesse demanded.
"You just said you want to end the trial period, Jess.  I told you I wouldn't put pressure on you,
so I thought I'd better go."  Steve took a couple of steps towards the door.
"Whoa, wait a minute."  Jesse grabbed his arm again, preventing him from leaving.  "I didn't say
that, Steve."
"Jess, you said you didn't want to see me anymore."
Jesse shook his head.  "No, I didn't.  I said I didn't want to do a trial period anymore."  Seeing
that the detective had stopped moving, Jesse let go of Steve's arm in order to hold up his hand.
The ring was still on his thumb.
"I don't need the full seven days.  I've made up my mind."  Jesse smiled.  "I want you. Today,
tomorrow, forever."
Steve did a double take, almost staggering with confusion.  "You want... me?"
"Yeah," Jesse said, looking down at his feet, then quickly lifting his face to meet Steve's eyes. 
"I've been doing a lot of thinking and I decided that it wasn't an issue of if I wanted to be with a
man or with a woman."
"It's not?"  Steve didn't know if he could keep up with Jesse's quick line of thinking.
"No, it's not."  Jesse shrugged.  "I got to thinking, it's not a matter of *what* I want to have as a
lover, a man or a woman.  It's all about *who* I want love.  As soon as I figured that out, the
answer was simple."
"It was?"
"Yeah," the younger man said, a twinkle in his eye.  "The answer was you.  Man, woman, it
doesn't matter.  I want *you.* Steve Sloan.  Whether you have a penis or not is merely window
And with that startling pronouncement, he pounced.
Still dazed by Jesse's decision, Steve wasn't prepared for the other man to launch himself at him. 
Luckily, the couch was directly behind them, so when Jesse's added weight threw him off
balance, the entangled men landed on its soft cushions.  Which, it turned out, was right where
Jesse wanted them to be.
Steve had arrived at Jesse's apartment, desperately trying to resign himself to going back to being
the younger man's friend instead of aspiring to be his lover.  In an amazing turn of events, a span
of a  few minutes found him sprawled beneath the other man's slighter form, learning that,
although Jesse Travis might be new to having sex with a man, he was still one hell of a kisser.
Once it dawned on him that he was actually doing it, kissing the man he'd loved in vain for
months, the detective growled.  Then, he used the physical prowess gained by years of police
experience to overpower the doctor and reverse their positions, pinioning the squirming young
man beneath him.  For several minutes, the apartment was filled with the moist sounds of lips
locked together, accompanied by the distinctive rasp of fabric rubbing fabric as two bodies
writhed against each other in a drive for completion.
"Oh, God, Steve," Jesse finally whimpered in frustration.  "Show me what to do!"
The desperate sound abruptly brought the older man to his senses.
Pulling back from Jesse, Steve disentangled his limbs from the other man's and reluctantly sat
"Steve?  Wh-what are you doing?  Why'd you stop?"  
Steve looked down at his companion, the confusion obvious on the other man's face.  Tenderly,
he reached a hand out and ran his fingers over Jesse's kiss-swollen lips.  "I think we need to slow
down a bit, sweetheart."
"Slow down?"  Jesse rose up on one arm, his shirt parting where Steve's nimble fingers had
undone the buttons.  "We've been working towards this all week, why stop now?"
Steve struggled to bring his physical desires under control, his body knew its mate was nearby
and ready for him.  It knew what it wanted to do and all of Steve's willpower was necessary to
keep from stripping the rest of Jesse's clothes off, mounting him, and finishing what they had
started. But a frantic coupling on a couch?  Was that really the way that Jesse should lose his
male-to-male virginity?
Not if Steve had anything to say about it.
"Jess, you're new to this.  At least," he quickly added, seeing a mulish expression come over the
smaller man's face.  "You're new to being with a man.  The original agreement was for a week.  I
think we should stick to that.  Just to make sure that you're positive that this is what you want."
"Steve, I'm not a kid," Jesse protested.  "I know what I want... and what I want is you," He sat up
enough to wind his arms around the bigger man's neck, trying to pull the detective back down on
top of him.
For a moment, Steve was tempted to let Jesse convince him, but in the end, he realized he
couldn't.  The stakes were just too high.  He let himself be pulled low enough for a quick kiss,
but then got up before Jesse could wrap his arms around him.
"Look, I know you're not a kid, Jess," he said, "but this is too important to rush.  I want to make
sure there are no regrets.  So, let's wait the full seven days, okay?  After all, if you're as sure as
you think, then we'll have all the time in the world to explore each other."
"Please, Jess."
Jesse saw the determined look that was in Steve's eye and realized he'd seen it before.  It was the
glint that meant that Steve was determined to protect someone.  Realizing that resisting the older
man was impossible at his point, he acquiesced, but not gracefully.  "All right.  If you insist."
"Thanks, Jess."  Steve leaned in for one more kiss, big hands coming up to cup Jesse's face. 
Pulling away before he did something he might regret, the detective reluctantly moved towards
the door.  "Day seven is a Friday.  If you still feel the same way.."
"I will."  
"If you still feel the same way," Steve said, ignoring the interruption, "I'll pick you up on
Saturday morning."
"Saturday morning?  Can't we get together on Friday night?"  There was a definite whine in
Jesse's voice.
"If you think, for one minute," Steve said, voice trembling with passion, "that one piddly little
night will do for our first time together, then you are sorely mistaken."  One hand on the door, he
grinned ferally and left after issuing one final parting shot. 
 "When I finally get you in my bed, I'm gonna make you cum for days, baby."
When Saturday morning dawned, not only had Jesse's commitment to Steve not wavered, the
young man was even more eager to begin the intimate nature of their relationship.  As per
instructions, he and his duffle bag were seated on the steps of his apartment complex, waiting
none too patiently for the other man to arrive.
At first, Jesse had been frustrated by Steve's refusal to make love the morning he'd made his
declaration.  It seemed grossly unfair of the older man, to open his eyes up to the possibilities by
teasing him all week, only to leave Jesse high and dry after making a statement that nearly got the
doctor off in his pants, just by thinking about it.
But frustration gave way to tenderness when Jesse thought more about the likely reasons behind
the decision.  Part of it, no doubt, could be chalked up to Steve's protective nature, an attempt to
shield Jesse from the ramifications of any decision made while under the influence of his body's
drive to mate.  The more he thought about it, though, the more the young doctor became certain
that maybe Steve's insistence on a waiting period had to do with a bad previous encounter. 
Could it be that someone else had hurt the cop in the past, by using him to try out a new sexual
experience and then discarding him when it didn't work out?
The notion convinced Jesse to prove to Steve, when the big man finally gave him a chance, just
how serious he was about making this work out.  The detective hadn't come out and said it, but
Jesse had gotten the distinct impression that Steve was in this for the long haul.  The idea of
forever sounded good to the doctor too, it being easy to see himself spending his life with his
friend and soon to be lover.
It was just as well that Jesse came to that conclusion, because not only did Steve insist that they
not become intimate until the seven days were up, the detective also thought it wise that they not
see each other during the final two days. Jesse had reluctantly agreed, but he had to admit that the
distance gave him time to do some final reflecting.  The absence of Steve, even for 48 hours,
convinced the doctor he was on the right course.  Somehow, long before the week-long trial
period, the detective had become an important and necessary part of his life, he just hadn't been
aware of it before.  Phone calls helped ease the ache of separation, but Jesse was thoroughly glad
the time was up and they could finally move on.
During the last phone conversation they'd had Friday night, Steve had instructed Jesse to pack an
overnight bag and be ready to be picked up bright and early in the morning.  When the doctor had
asked where they were going, the older man had said they were taking a short trip "somewhere
secluded."  The cryptic comment had piqued Jesse's curiosity, but when he'd tried to wheedle
their destination out of Steve by asking what he needed to pack, the other man had chuckled and
said that it didn't matter, because he had no intention of letting Jesse stray far from the bed
Jesse had been shivering in anticipation when he'd hung up the phone, but by the time Steve
pulled up the next morning, the young man was beginning to get a bit apprehensive. This was a
big change he was about to make and, although he was looking forward to it, the idea was a bit
daunting too.  
Steve got out of the car, and since there wasn't anyone in sight this early on a Saturday morning,
pulled the younger man into his arms for a quick hug and kiss.  As he did, he could feel the
minute trembling in his lover's body.  "Hey, you okay?"
"Never better," Jesse claimed. "Just glad to be started, you know?"
The cop gave the smaller man a last squeeze before letting go.  "I know," he said, remembering
his own nervous beginnings with loving a man for the first time.  "Let's go, sweetheart."
Jesse smiled. "Finally!"
With Steve's typical efficiency, Jesse's small bag was quickly stowed and the two men were on
their way.  The couple made small talk at first, but soon an uneasy silence settled over the car's
"Would it help if you knew what to expect this weekend?" Steve asked, going straight to the
heart of his love's obvious nervousness.
Jesse sighed.  Most of the time he was touched by how protective the older man was, but
sometimes Steve forgot about Jesse's medical training.  "Steve, I am a doctor, you know.  I've
read the textbooks, I'm well aware of the basics."
Steve responded with a rude noise.  "And I'm a doctor's kid, you know.  I've read the textbooks
too and they're about as dry as unbuttered toast."
"You've read the medical texts?" Jesse's curiosity was warring with his skeptism.
The detective grinned.  "You betcha."  He darted a glance over at his younger companion.  "You
know what it's like to be a horny teenager.  Once I hit puberty, I snuck a look at all of dad's desk
references, just to see what they had written about sex.  And each and every one said
approximately the same thing: 'Insert Tab A into Slot B.'  No real correlation to the real thing at
Jesse chuckled in admiration at the other man's quip.  He had to admit it, Steve was right. 
"Okay, I give.  So I know the mechanics of what's gonna happen, it's how it's gonna feel in real
life that's got me a little... I dunno.  'Worried' isn't exactly the word I'm looking for.  I trust you,
I really do."  Jesse turned in his seat, anxious to impress the trueness of his feelings on his soon-
to-be lover.  He didn't want the older man to get the idea he was chickening out. "I know you
won't let anything happen that will hurt me.  It's just..."
"What, Jess?" Steve prodded when the doctor fell silent.
"What if I'm not any good at it?"
The detective adjusted his grip on the steering wheel, freeing up one hand to reach out to his
companion.  Jesse hesitated a minute, then grabbed onto it like a drowning man clutching a life
"Jess, the other night, when you got mad at me for leaving?"  When Jesse nodded, Steve
continued.  "That felt right, didn't it?  You got frustrated when I made us stop.  Remember?"
Steve brought their clasped hands up to his mouth, turning them so he could kiss the back of
Jesse's.  "Trust me, you don't have anything to worry about in the talent department.  Did you
know, when I got back to the parking lot after leaving you, I had to jack off in the car before
driving home?"
The detective spared enough focus from his driving to catch a quick glimpse at the shocked
young man in the passenger's seat.  
Jesse's eyes were as big as saucers.  "You did?"
"Yup.  That's what you do to me, babe."  
Steve wasn't lying.  It had been so hard to leave a wild and wanton Jesse behind that he knew he
couldn't make it home before giving his body relief.  The cop had sat in his car, giving himself
the rawest and shortest hand job in Sloan history.  It had felt frighteningly delicious, the release
of sexual pressure bordered on the divine, while the underlying fear of being caught with his
hand down his pants in public gave the whole incident an extra bite that had left him shaken.
The older man grinned, glancing over at his companion.  He couldn't help but notice that Jesse
was a little pale and the faint blue circles under his eyes betrayed that the intervening two days
had been hard on his new lover too.
"Why don't you curl up and take a nap, Jess.  It'll take us a couple of hours to get where we're
going... and you're gonna want to be well-rested when we get there."
"Okay." Jesse smiled shyly, still not quite believing what Steve had just told him about his affect
on the older man. It was odd, he'd been unable to sleep well for the past couple of days, anxious
and anticipating the consummation of their new relationship.  But just when he thought he'd be
most keyed up and too wired to rest, simply being in the car with Steve was enough to relax him.  
Snuggling down in the seat, he drifted off to sleep.  But even as he dozed, he was aware that the
older man kept his hand firmly intertwined with his own.
Continued in Part 2

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