Kitchen Encounter
By Juli
May 2001

"Now I know why my mamma told me never to fall in love with a cop," Jesse Travis muttered
under his breath as he worked.  Of course, his mother had done no such thing, but Jesse was
known to exaggerate a bit when he got agitated.
And, at the moment, the young doctor was *very* agitated.
Working after-hours in the restaurant he co-owned with his lover, Detective Steve Sloan of the
LAPD, Jesse was venting some pent up frustration as he mixed up a batch of their secret
barbeque sauce.  Earlier that day, he'd been heading down the hallway of Community General
Hospital when his attention was drawn to a crowd that had gathered in and around the doctors'
lounge.  His curiosity peaked, Jesse had stopped to investigate.  The television in the lounge had
seen better days, but still was able to show the footage that one of the news stations was
broadcasting live, that of a nearby hostage crisis.
Jesse was horrified to see that Steve was right in the middle of it.
In the hospital where both Jesse and Steve's father, Dr. Mark Sloan, worked, no one knew the
true nature of Jesse's relationship with Steve.  Not even Mark was aware that the two men had
recently become intimate.  As a result, Jesse was forced to keep a stoic face as he watched the
flickering screen, not able to show the true depth of his concern as his lover walked into a
hostage situation in order to negotiate for the captives' freedom. Even with the fuzzy picture
from the old TV set,  Jesse could see that Steve was wearing a bullet-proof vest.  Never, though, 
had one of the protective garments seemed so small before.  As a doctor, Jesse knew just how
many vital areas of the body were not covered by the ballistic material...
Steve had handled the tense situation in his typical efficient manner, combining an innate honesty
with the no-nonsense attitude of a seasoned cop, that got both the gunman and his hostages
coming out of the predicament with nary a hair out of place.  Jesse wasn't so lucky. Hours later,
the fear-inspired adrenalin had not worn off and the unsettled doctor was mixing up the sauce
with a bit more vigor than really necessary.  
"I could have hooked up with a plumber," he complained to himself as he chopped onions,
wishing a few hostage-taking perpetrators were available instead, "that's a nice, safe profession. 
You don't hear of any plumbers getting shot during a hostage negotiation."  Turning, the young
man dumped the chopped onions into the pot.  He'd done this so many times, the process was
pretty much automatic. "Or an accountant, that's a nice, boring job."  In the midst of turning to
reach for a spice bottle, Jesse stopped to consider his own comment.  Reconsidering, he shook
his head.  "Nah.  There *is* such a thing as too boring." 
"Now that's a relief."
Jesse swallowed a yelp of surprise.  It was hours after Barbeque Bob's had closed and even the
cleaning crew had gone home.  The main dining area had been left dark, with the only lights on
in the building located in the kitchen.  Either Steve had been particularly quiet when he'd come
in or Jesse had been too caught up in his own grousing to notice the older man's entrance.
"How much did you hear?"  He asked, giving his lover a sheepish look.
"Long enough," Steve answered, still lurking in the shadowed entryway.  "I stopped by the
hospital but they told me you left right after your shift.  When you didn't answer at your
apartment, I thought I'd try here.  Jess, I'm sorry.  I tried to get hold of you earlier, but there just
wasn't time."  The detective fully entered into the lighted kitchen, looking askance at the knife
that his lover still held. "Is it safe to come in?"
Jesse responded to Steve's question with confusion until the older man nodded at the knife. 
"Oh."  Dropping it, Jesse turned towards the counter.  "You scared the shit out of me."
"I'm sorry," Steve apologized again, "I didn't mean to sneak up on you, I just didn't realize you
were so wrapped up in the barbeque recipe..."
Angry, his lover whirled around to glare at him.  "Not about that, you idiot.  I'm talking about the
whole stupid hostage thing."
Steve blinked.  "It wasn't stupid to the people stuck in that bank, Jess."
Jesse turned to face the counter again, bracing both arms against its metal surface and leaning
forward heavily.  "I know.  It's just...."
The detective came up behind the smaller man, wrapping his arms around Jesse's tense body. 
"Just what, Jess?"
Jesse relented and turned  in his lover's arms, leaning his head against Steve's chest.  "I've seen
you go into that kind of situation before.  It's just... different... now."
"How's that?"  Steve asked, having a feeling that he already knew what the distinction was but
wanting the other man to articulate it.  "I'm not as good at my job anymore?"
Still not looking up, Jesse shook his head.  "Never that.  It's just that, before, when I saw you do
that kind of thing, I was concerned, yeah, but I wasn't in love with you."
Jesse still had his face hidden and didn't see Steve's delighted grin.  The big man couldn't help
but smile whenever Jesse declared himself.  "And now you are   and that makes a difference."
"Yeah, it does."
Steve bent and kissed the top of Jesse's head.  "You know I'm careful, right?"
"Right."  Jesse finally turned his face up to meet his lover's gaze.  "And you know that wherever
you go, you take a piece of me with you, right?"
"Right. That makes me extra-special careful."  Steve smiled tenderly down at his concerned
mate.  Jesse groaned and the older man frowned.  "What's the matter?"
"I'm being a drama queen, right?"  Jesse asked.  "There's nothing worse than a melodramatic
queer.  I'm sorry."
"Jess," Steve said firmly.  "It's not easy being married to a cop.  That's why police officers have
some of the highest divorce rates of any profession.  Give yourself a break, you have every right
to be concerned.  In fact," the detective tried his best puppy dog look, the one that had always
netted him extra cookies from his mom when he'd come home from school, "I'd be hurt if you
*weren't* worried."
Jesse didn't respond to Steve's attempt to lighten the conversation.  "Does it ever get easier?"
The detective looked at him for a long minute, then sighed.  "No, I don't think so.  At least, not
from what I've heard."
"Man," Jesse said, once again pillowing his head against his lover's chest and pressing his body
Steve held the other man for several heartbeats.  He'd been a cop for a long time and loved the
profession.  Silently, the detective weighed his fondness for the job against Jesse's obvious
Police work came in a very distant second.
"Jess," he said, reaching down with one hand and tilting Jesse's face up so that the younger man
could see that he was serious.  "I've got a lot of time in with the LAPD and, to tell the truth, I've
actually been actively avoiding a promotion to captain.  I can get a desk job, no problem."
Jesse's eyes widened as the import of what Steve was offering hit him.  The doctor opened his
mouth to speak, but one of his lover's fingers placed over his lips stopped him.
"No," Steve admonished.  "Think about it."
Jesse did, but came to the same conclusion.  "I can't ask you to do that, Steve.  Being a
policeman isn't just what you do, it's what you *are.* It's part of what makes you Steve Sloan
and I wouldn't want you to change that.  Not for me."
"You're sure?"  When Jesse nodded, Steve tucked him close again.  "Well, if it gets too much for
you to deal with, you just let me know, okay?  Consider it a standing offer."
Jesse nodded and leaned into the older man's warmth.  Thinking over the conversation they'd
just had, he suddenly startled, virtually jumping out of Steve's arms.  "Married!"
"What?"  Steve asked, holding out his hands in confusion.
"You said that it's not easy being 'married' to a cop.  We're not married, Steve."
"No, we're not," Steve reluctantly admitted.  "But you know I would if I could, Jess.  If it were
It was Jesse's turn to grin.  "You would?"
"Yeah," Steve reiterated, caressing the side of the other man's face with his thumb.  As he did, he
couldn't help but noticing a sticky spot along Jesse's jaw.  Bringing his fingers to his lips, the
detective took a quick taste.  "Sweet.  You get overenthusiastic with the honey, Jess?"
The younger man blushed and looked down.  "I was just working off some steam."
"By cooking up a batch of barbeque sauce?"
Jesse shrugged, hands stroking an idle pattern on his lover's chest.  "Some of the ingredients
might have become airborne.  Briefly."  Jesse's blush deepened and he looked, as well as
sounded, sheepish.  Normally a good-natured man, his infrequent bouts of temper took even him
by surprise.
Steve dipped in for another taste, this time sampling directly from the spot of honey on Jesse's
jaw.  The younger man's stubble tickled his tongue in the most delightful way.  "Mmmmm,"
Steve murmured in appreciation. "Finger lickin' good," he continued, blithely ignoring the fact
that fingers were no longer involved.
The delicate lapping turned into linger kisses, Steve languidly working his way from jaw to ear. 
"You big goof," Jesse laughed, breathless from the sensation.  "'Finger lickin' good's' the way
Colonel Sanders describes chicken."
The detective pulled back from his task. "You want me to stop?"
"Good," Steve said, getting back to his previous activity.
Jesse remained pliant in his arms for several moments, then turned his face towards Steve's,
silently asking for a kiss.  Steve was happy to oblige.  The two men's tongues intertwined, until,
finally, Steve broke away with a gasp.  His lover's aggressive kiss had stolen his breath and it
was either break it off or pass out.  Fainting after orgasm was actually a compliment to his
partner, but losing consciousness when they were barely started was likely to put a damper on
Jesse didn't seem to notice, his hungry mouth moving down Steve's neck.  His deft fingers
unbuttoned the taller man's shirt and tender kisses were bestowed on each inch of newly revealed
"Jess," Steve said, fingers buried in the other man's blonde hair, "you think we should move this
to somewhere more comfortable?"  By this time, Jesse had reached his belt buckle, and the
detective stopped to moan even as his hips obligingly lifted to enable his lover to remove the
strip of leather.  "We've got all those nice comfy booths out in the dining room..."
Jesse had been working quickly and had already managed to get both hands buried down the
front of Steve's jeans, the denim pants pushed low on the taller man's hips so as to be out of the
way.  "Nope.  I like it just fine right here."
The detective looked around the commercial kitchen, its industrial environment didn't look too
inviting.  "Jess, think padded upholstery.  We'll get black and blue if we make love in here..."
"Steve," the young doctor mimicked, "think sheer draperies and being arrested for public
fornication if we make love out there."  Considering the argument closed, he pulled his lover's
hardening member out of his boxer shorts .  "Well, hello there big fella."  Quickly stroking the
thick cock, he brought one hand up for a taste.  "Mmmm... talk about finger lickin' good..."
Steve took in the sight of his young lover licking precum off his fingers and growled, "C'mere,
you."  Jesse's shirt was quickly stripped off, the fire in Steve's groin making him too impatient
for tenderness.  Instead of kisses, he nipped at the other man, careful not to break the skin but
definitely marking Jesse as his mate. The doctor's pants and rest of his clothes soon followed,
leaving him naked in the middle of the kitchen.  Steve still had his shirt on, although it was open
in the middle and pushed back.  Similarly, his jeans were open and shoved down partway, along
with his boxers, his erection jutting out proudly as it aimed straight for his stomach.
The detective moved to shed the rest of his clothing when a strong grip on his wrist stopped him.  
"Now, Steve."
Jesse's eyes were widely dilated and Steve about came at the sheer lust in the other man's face. 
"Just a minute, Jess.  Let me get these off."
"No!"  His lover was quick to protest.  "Leave 'em on."
"Jess," Steve laughed, enjoying seeing his mate so aroused and impatient. "I haven't made love
with my pants on since I was in high school."
Jesse tiptoed up to nibble at Steve's ear.  "Then don't you think you're a little overdue?"
Despite his earlier protest, the thought of taking a  naked  Jesse while he himself was still clothed
pushed a button Steve didn't know he had.  He let his body answer for him, grabbing Jesse and
lifting the smaller man, keeping a firm grip on the smaller man's ass.  The doctor automatically
wrapped his arms and legs around his lover, kissing him deeply as Steve carried him the few feet
to the sink.  
Reluctantly putting Jesse back on his feet, Steve felt around for the soap dispenser, never once
allowing their lips to break contact.  With a handful of the slick liquid, he parted Jesse's cheeks,
a slick finger probing the delicate opening.  
Jesse broke off the kiss to gasp, "Don't bother with that.  I just need you in me.  Now." 
Wriggling, the young man squirmed out of Steve's arms and turned towards the sink.  Luckily,
the sink counter was lower than the others and he could comfortably brace himself against it,
even with his short height.  Spreading his legs and thrusting his ass out, he turned towards the
other man.  "Now."
Steve lubricated his cock with the soap, knowing that he wouldn't be able to deny his lover, even
though he would rather thoroughly prepare the smaller man.  "Jess, you're gonna be sore
"I know, I know. I *want* to feel it tomorrow," Jesse said, turning back towards the sink and
thrust himself at his mate.  "It makes me feel like you're with me, all day, every minute.  I want
to feel you when I sit down and then again when I get up, and when I walk, and when...."
"I get the idea," Steve said, positioning himself behind the other man and carefully lining his
cock up with Jesse's opening.  "I just don't want to hurt you."
"You won't," Jesse promised.  As soon as he felt the blunt head of his lover's penis penetrate his
rectum, the doctor took matters into his own hands, pushing back until the detective was fully
sheathed inside him in one quick thrust.
"Jess!" Steve cried out, startled at the sudden movement.  "Are you okay?"
Jesse bit back a moan.  Even as often as they made love, the quick penetration *was* a bit
painful.  But it was his idea and what he wanted and he'd be damned if he let Steve feel guilty. 
"Mmmmm.... feels good.  You're *with* me, Steve."
With those words, Steve finally figured out what was going on with his lover.  The day's earlier
event had really scared Jesse and this loving making session was reassuring the younger man that
Steve truly was okay.  That he was with him this night and would be in the future.  Realizing the
underlying reason helped Steve be more understanding.  
Still, no matter rough Jesse wanted it, Steve was firmly of the desire not to hurt the other man.  
The detective bent down and wrapped his arms around Jesse.  His cock buried deep within his
lover, their bodies were pressed close together.  Jesse started to tremble and Steve's hands came
up to gently stroke his trembling stomach.  "Easy, Jess.  Just give it a minute."
"Steve, I need it!"  Jesse tried to hump against his mate but the bigger man's embrace made
moving impossible.
"Gonna be what you need, baby, just hang on," A lone rivulet of sweat was trailing down Jesse's
neck and Steve greedily licked from his lover's salty skin.  One hand dipped a bit lower, fondling
Jesse's low-hanging testes. As he felt the tight sheath that engulfed him relax a bit from the
loving caresses, he finally began to move.
Starting with a gentle motion, Steve's hips first thrust in a circular action, speeding up as he felt
Jesse's body accept him even more deeply.  Next, he added a sharp little jab to the end of each
circle, grunting when Jesse cried out at the sensation. Finally, he felt that he'd opened his young
lover up as much as possible and that it was time to give Jesse the hard fuck that the other man
Stopping his thrusts with his penis still buried deep in Jesse's ass, Steve ignored his mate's
frustrated whimpers and grabbed the other man's hands.  Slapping them firmly on the sink's
edge, he had barely enough self control to grate out a warning.  "Hang on, sweetheart, now we
can finally get started."
Steve barely gave his lover time to settle himself before he started thrusting again, this time
driving his pelvis straight into Jesse with a strength and speed that nearly jolted his mate off his
feet, causing the smaller man to strain up to his tiptoes to avoid being driven right through the
counter top.
"Oh. God. Yeah." Jesse grunted, the words matching the rhythmic sound of Steve's balls
slapping against his ass.
His lover stopped for a moment, arching forward to rest his head against the small of Jesse's
sweat-slickened back.  "You okay, baby?"
"Love you." Jesse wiggled, trying to thrust against the bigger man. "You're perfect.  More."
Once again, Steve accommodated his lover, thinking fleetingly that it was a good thing that Jesse
*wanted* to be sore the next day, because that was surely going to be the result of this encounter. 
The detective slid his hands from the doctor's hips around the to the front of the smaller man's
body, ghosting underneath the doctor's unattended cock and ending up by gripping the inner part
of each thigh.  Jesse's feet left the ground as the bigger man lifted him up, spreading him wide
and pulling Jesse's ass into even closer proximity to his groin.  
As Steve's powerful thrusts began again, all Jesse could do was hold onto the sink counter and
ride the waves of pleasure that his lover was giving him.
"Feel me now, baby?"  Steve grated out.
"God.... yes," Jesse was barely able articulate a response.
"Good," Steve rumbled.  "'Cause I feel you.  So hot, baby.  So tight.  Good.  God... so good."
Hearing his lover's moans of pleasure sent Jesse over the edge, a warm fountain of cum erupting
from his neglected cock, the doctor finding orgasm without his penis even being touched.  The
clinching of his lover's ass swiftly brought Steve to completion, the big man crying out his
lover's name over and over and he shot his seed deep within the smaller man's body.  
As one, the two satiated lovers slid down the counter, ending up a limp puddle of man-goo on the
cold kitchen floor.  As soon as he was able, Steve forced his exhausted body to roll, pillowing his
smaller lover on top of him.  Deeply content, he nuzzled behind the other man's ear.  "Mmmm...
you okay?"
Jesse stretched, managing to keep the wince from his face when strained muscles protested. 
"Never better.  The floor's cold, though."
"We'll get up in a minute," Steve promised.  "Just as soon as I have the energy to move."
The two cuddled on the floor, the satisfied silence finally broken by Jesse's rueful chuckle.  
"What?"  Steve asked.
"I was just thinking," the doctor said, "what would the county health inspector say if they came
in and saw us like this."
Steve pretended to consider for a minute before answering.  "Well, if he or she had a modicum of
intelligence, they'd take one look at you and say something like, 'Damn.  I gotta get me one of
"Ya goof," Jesse laughed, swooping down to capture his lover's mouth in a tender kiss.
The two were so involved in one another that they didn't see the dark figure creep away from the
kitchen entrance.  Dr. Mark Sloan silently backtracked through the dining room, closing and
locking the restaurant door just as quietly behind him.  Like Jesse, he'd seen the footage of the
hostage situation and had been equally frightened for his son's safety.  When Steve hadn't shown
up at the beach house, he knew he'd find him with Jesse and, knowing Jesse had to stop by
Barbeque Bob's to mix up a batch of their secret recipe sauce, that had been the first place he'd
checked out.
Of course, Mark hadn't figured he walk in on the two in an intimate moment, never considering
that the relatively conservative Steve would consent to making love in a public place.  Even if it
*was* after hours.  He should have known, though.  Steve and Jesse still thought that he didn't
know that they'd become lovers, he supposed they had little enough chance to be together and
needed to snatch what opportunities that they could.  Laughing to himself, the older Sloan
decided he wouldn't burst their bubble just yet.  Let Steve and Jesse tell him about their
relationship when they were good and ready, he'd make every effort to ask surprised.
After all, the boys thought their barbeque recipe was a secret too, it wouldn't be fair to shatter
*all* their illusions at once, now would it?
~the end~
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