Ala Mode 
By Juli
August 2001

Steve Sloan had been a policeman long enough that he did not find a power outage romantic. 
Not in a place like Los Angeles, where losing the electricity turned the "City of Angels" into
something decidedly less heavenly.  Thankfully, his young lover lived in a decent neighborhood
and the detective wasn't unduly worried about Jesse's safety.
Still, Steve was relieve to arrive and find that the sometimes too trusting Dr. Travis had locked
his door.
"Hey, babe," Steve said as he entered the darkened apartment.  The tall man pocketed his keys
and was careful to lock the door behind him.
Even though not as brightly lit as normal, it was still easy to find his mate.  Not only was the
apartment small enough that the kitchenette overlooked the livingroom, but Jesse also had
candles lit to offset the evening's twilight.  A dozen of the tiny flickering flames bathed the small
space with a rosy glow.
"Hey yourself," Jesse greeted him, pausing in the process of placing a couple of spoons on the
table to come over for a kiss.  "You're just in time for dinner."
Steve relinquished the smaller man's lips reluctantly.  "Dinner?  You stop for something on the
way home?"  With the power out, cooking would be impossible, not that either of them were
highly skilled in the kitchen.
"Nope," Jesse said cheerfully.  Taking the detective's hand, he led the larger blond over to the
table.  "Ice cream."
His lover had been paying more attention to what Jesse had been wearing, shorts and a tight T-
shirt, than what he was saying and wasn't sure that he heard correctly.  "Ice cream?  That's fine
for dessert, Jess, but what about the main meal?"
The younger man laughed, bracing himself on Steve's shoulder with one hand and leaning up on
his tip-toes in order to kiss Steve's nose.  "Haven't you ever heard the phrase, Steve: 'Life's too
short, eat dessert first?'  That's what we're gonna do tonight. "  
The detective tried unsuccessfully not to smile.  "Oh, really?"
"Yup.  Besides, the lights have already been off for six hours.  It's either eat this stuff or have it
melt." Jesse turned towards the freezer portion of the refrigerator, opening the door and peering
in.  "Looks like we've got Peaches 'n' Cream; Rocky Road; Chocolate Decadence; and, your
favorite, Vanilla."
Steve came up behind his mate, wrapping his arms around Jesse's smaller body.  "Ice cream for
supper, huh?  All right, but let's just not tell my dad, okay?  He was so happy when I hooked up
with a doctor, that I'd finally have someone to make sure I stayed healthy, I'd hate to burst his
bubble..."  The detective sighed.  "At least ice cream's something cold.  It's hot in here."
Jesse grimaced, agreeing with the older man.  "Why don't you go in the bedroom and get
something cooler on.  I've got the windows open, but there's not much of a breeze."
"Good idea," Steve said, planting a last kiss on the back of Jesse's neck before dropping his arms
and heading for the other room.  "It's not like dinner's going to burn or anything if we wait while
I change clothes."
The doctor watched while his unsuspecting partner walked away, satisfied with how the evening
was progressing.  A couple of weeks earlier, Steve had surprised him with an evening of sex
mixed with various types of candy, a somewhat kinky but decidedly erotic night.  Jesse had been
busy making plans to reciprocate and the power outage was too good of an opportunity to pass
By the time the cop came back into the kitchen after changing into shorts and an old T-shirt,
Jesse had the cartons out on the table and his best expression of innocence on his face.  The
lovers exchanged a quick kiss before settling down in their seats.
"Whoops, you forgot the bowls," Steve said, starting to get up to fetch them.
Jesse stopped him by placing a hand on his wrist.  "Nope.  Bowls are for wimps."  Picking up a
spoon, he enthusiastically dug into the nearest carton.
"Oh, that's the way it's gonna be," Steve grinned, reaching for his own spoon and following suit. 
"Dessert for supper, eating right out of the carton... You're really breaking all the rules now,
babe.  Next thing you know, you're gonna want to sleep on *my* side of the bed."
The younger man looked at him in mock seriousness.  "No, that would be going too far, we don't
want total anarchy here.  Anyway," Jesse looked at his lover smugly, "If I want to sleep on your
side, all I've got to do is sleep on top of *you.* "
"Don't I just know it," The detective admitted, then took another bite of ice cream.  "I gotta
admit, Jess, this was a really good idea. You should cook dinner more often."
Jesse grinned his response and the two men ate in companionable silence for a few minutes. 
Eventually, the doctor asked a question that'd been on his mind.  "Why vanilla, Steve?  Out of all
the ice cream flavors in the world, why's that one your favorite?"
The other man considered it seriously.  "I don't know.  I guess because it's so basic and not
overwhelmed by other flavors.  Subtle but not bland.  Complex in its simplicity... kind of like
The smaller man let that last comment slide, knowing that Steve was teasing, although it was true
that the stoic cop had hidden depths to his personality. A "vanilla" type of man, after all, would 
never have done what Steve Sloan had with a chocolate bar in their earlier candy encounter.
"So, you willing to try new experiences?"  Jesse asked.  "Want to taste the Peaches 'n' Cream?"
Steve decided to humor his mate.  "Sure."
Jesse conscientiously spooned up a large measure of the peach ice cream, moving his chair closer
to Steve's and bringing the treat towards the bigger man.  At the last moment, however, the
spoon diverted and the ice cream ended up in Jesse's mouth instead.  
"Hey!"  Steve laughingly protested.  "You greedy or something?  I thought you wanted me to try
"I do," Jesse said, eyes twinkling.  "But I never said anything about using a spoon."  
Wrapping a hand around the back of Steve's neck, Jesse pulled his lover's head down.  As soon
as his mouth was close enough, he engaged the cop in a thorough kiss, allowing the older man to
fully explore the remaining taste of the peach ice cream.
"So, what do you think?"  The doctor asked when the two pulled apart, a little breathless from
the depth of the kiss.
Steve licked his lips.  "I don't know.  I think I might have to try it again."  The older man
pounced, dragging Jesse from his chair and onto his lap.  Using his own spoon to get more of the
peach ice cream, he fed the smaller man a bit and quickly swooped, sharing the mouthful with his
"Pretty good, huh?"  Jesse asked, panting, when they broke apart a second time. The younger
man had proven that his surgeon's fingers were nimble.  Steve had come away from the kiss
without his shirt on, not that he'd noticed yet.
"Delicious," Steve murmured, nipping his way down the doctor's neck.
"Well, I haven't tried this Chocolate Decadence flavor yet," Jesse said, "I think I should have a
sample, make sure it's fit to eat..." Scooping some of the cold dessert out with his fingers, he
deliberately dropped a dollop onto Steve's bare chest.
"Yowch!  That's cold, Jess."  Steve protested, getting a chilly awakening to the fact that his
partner had divested him of his T-shirt.
"Not for long," Jesse reassured him, bending down to lick the melting ice cream from his lover's
skin.  One rivulet snaked down across the bigger man's nipple, but Jesse chased it with his
The sensation of ice cold immediately followed by the heat of his mate's mouth soon had Steve
gasping for air.  "What's the matter," the detective managed to pant, "Are spoons for wimps
"Yup," Jesse replied.  "Why should I make do with cold, hard metal utensils when I've got a nice
warm Steve to use instead?"  The younger man reached for another finger full of ice cream.
"Hey," his lover protested, "Don't I get to sample too?"
"Nope," the doctor answered.  "You got your sweet treat a couple of weeks ago.  Remember
what you did with all that candy?"  Steve evidently did, because the big man gulped at the heat in
Jesse's eyes.  "Now it's my turn, so just relax and enjoy it."  
Steve stayed silent while his lover painted him with semi-melted ice cream. It was hard for him
to sit still while the other man did all the work, but neither did he want to spoil Jesse's efforts. 
Besides, the big man had to admit he was enjoying it.  Although his mate was always an
enthusiastic participant in their love making, Jesse rarely took an aggressive role.  Steve rather
found he was turned on by his suddenly bossy lover.
The doctor licked off his edible decorations, straddling his partner as his agile tongue worked
over Steve's skin.  Steve was reduced to moans of appreciation, his long fingers tangled in
Jesse's thick blond hair, trying to get the younger man to bring his attentions to a lower spot on
his body.  Jesse just chuckled and slurped against the cop's skin, leaving quite a few red marks
on the detective's firm flesh.  
Sliding off Steve's lap, Jesse finally took pity on him.  "Okay, lose the shorts," He ordered his
mate, pulling his own shirt off before reaching for the last container of ice cream.  Steve
immediately obeyed, gasping with relief as his erect cock was freed from its cloth prison. Jesse
smiled at the sight. 
"Perfect," the smaller blond said, eyes riveted to his lover's rigid sex.  "I'm in the mood for some
nuts with my ice cream."  Kneeling down in front of the still seated policeman, Jesse eagerly
reached for Steve's stiff penis. 
"Jess," the older man gasped, "You are NOT going to put ice cream on my cock.  The cold
will.... aaah...."
Jesse had ignored his lover's warning, using the hand with the melting Rocky Road ice cream to
spread the liquefying treat on Steve's erection.  The older man's cock softened a bit in reaction,
but the doctor had expected that to happen.  Had counted on it, in fact, to prolong Steve's
pleasure.  "Don't worry," He assured his partner.  "I'll take care of you."
Running reverent lips up and down the shaft of Steve's cock, Jesse slowly cleaned the ice cream
off.  The chopped nuts in the dessert tickled the detective's sensitive skin, making him lift his
hips from his chair in reaction.  Impatiently, Jesse put his hands on the older man's thighs,
pushing him back into place.  Steve took the hint, doing his best to stay still.  It was hard, though,
with the overload of sensations.  His prick was burning and throbbing with need, the melting ice
cream was cold and sticky, and Jesse's mouth was pure heaven.
The doctor lavished attention on the older man's turgid sex, licking every trace of ice cream from
its veined flesh.  The large head was given a lot of consideration, especially since even Jesse
hadn't been bold enough to have coated it with a semi-frozen dairy dessert.  The younger man
didn't ignore Steve's sensitive balls either.  Moving deep in between the detective's legs, he
murmured something about "Two Scoops," before giving the furry sack a tongue bath.
"Jess.... baby...." Steve finally panted.  "Can't take.... much more.... of this... Gotta cum, baby. 
Want to cum... in you."
Jesse slithered up Steve's seated body, ending up back in his lap and kissing his lover thoroughly. 
The detective couldn't even begin to categorize the tastes dancing from Jesse's tongue to his. 
The sweetness of the ice cream was balanced by the saltiness of his own pre-cum, with the
unique tang that was Jesse Travis binding it all together.
With a last nip to Steve's kiss-swollen lips, Jesse released his lover's mouth and removed
himself from the older man's lap.
"Just a minute," the doctor explained.  "We're not gonna get much farther with this if I don't take
my pants off."  By the time Jesse had finished speaking, his shorts were a forgotten puddle of
denim around his ankles. The smaller blond stepped out of the discarded garment and back to his
mate.  His cock was swollen and ready, arching to lay almost flat against the young man's
Moving decisively, Jesse picked up Steve's feet, placing them on the chair he'd been sitting in
when their ice cream meal had started, the one facing Steve.  The end result was that the older
man's legs were stretched out in front of him.  "There.  Don't move."
"Jess... I don't have much leverage this way..."
Jesse once again straddled his lover's body, facing Steve and bending in for a kiss before he
answered.  "And, your point is...?"  The young man wiggled his butt tantalizingly just out of
reach of the prone man's jutting cock.
The cop groaned in answer, wrapping his large hands around Jesse's hips and pushing down. 
The doctor laughed, pleased with the reaction, and then reached behind him, positioning his
lover's penis at his rectum's entrance.  Steve realized what the younger man was up to and
brought his body's demands under control.  "Jess, wait a minute..... We haven't prepared you
yet....Don't wanna hurt you, baby."
"Relax," His mate assured him.  "Here, feel."  Jesse guided one of Steve's hands to his entrance,
encouraging the detective's fingers inside.  "See?  I was a very busy boy before you came home."
The older man was reassured to feel that Jesse's hole was loosened and already slick.  His lover,
it seemed, had thought of everything.  "A very busy boy," He agreed, fingering the puckered
"Nu-huh, none of that," Jesse demanded, slapping his lover's hands away.  "I've had my ice
cream, now it's time for my popsicle."  
Steve obeyed his partner, bringing his hands back to Jesse's hips.  With his feet up on a chair, the
penetration itself and friction from thrusting would all have to be from Jesse's efforts. 
The doctor slowly sat down on his lover's cock, Even with preparation, it still took a couple of
minutes to accommodate his mate's big prick.  He would work down a couple of inches and then
stop, hands braced against Steve's chest as he waited for his rectum to relax enough for the
welcome intruder.  The older man kept up a soothing patter of words, running his hands up
across Jesse's back and down his thighs, telling his mate how much he loved being inside him.
Finally, the doctor was fully seated, his ass cheeks nestled comfortably on the root of his
partner's cock.  "That's one hell of a popsicle," Jesse panted out.
"You're so hot," Steve moaned.  "Gonna melt, baby."
"Good," Jesse said, reaching forward for a kiss.  Both men groaned as it caused the cock filling
his ass to shift.
The chair Steve was sitting on was low enough that, even as short as he was, Jesse could still
straddle his mate and yet have his feet on the floor.  The young man took advantage of that
position and began moving.  Hands on Steve's shoulders he plummeted again and again on his
lover's rigid shaft, moving faster as their bodies demanded more friction.
As ready as he'd been, given his lover's oral ministrations, Steve was surprised that he hadn't
blown his load yet.  Looking at the strained expression on Jesse's face, the smaller man was
feeling the need to cum too.  Given his position, Steve couldn't really help in that department,
but perhaps there was something else he could do to bring his lover to completion. 
"Ride me, baby," He crooned.  "That cock's all yours, so use it."  Steve'd been keeping both
hands either on Jesse's hips or waist, to help steady him, but he moved one to firmly grab the
smaller man's erection.  Fisting it, he felt the rigid penis swell even more. 
"Oh, God!"  Jesse sobbed with effort, the cum erupting from his cock as his ass clamped down
on the big prick penetrating him.  The young man's whole body went rigid as his orgasm ripped
from him, his hands gripping Steve's shoulders with a strength that was sure to leave bruises.
The bigger man didn't notice.  As soon as he felt his lover's body finish spasming around his
own, the detective stood and lurched the few inches to the kitchen table.  Jesse's limp body was
still impaled by his cock and with a careless sweep of his arm, the cop divested the table of its
remaining ice cream cartons.  Plunking his satiated lover down on its hard surface, Steve spread
Jesse's legs wide and plunged against his lover with vigor.  
"Jesse... Jesse... Jesse..." He chanted as he ground his body against his mate's, the fleshy sound
of his scrotum hitting the other man's ass as he made each thrust clearly audible in the dimly lit
kitchen.  "Aaaahhh!"  Steve cried out as he came, pumping wave after wave of sticky cream that
was warm, instead of ice, into his lover's willing body.
Finished, he collapsed against Jesse's prone body.  This time, it was the doctor's turn to murmur
soothing words as his mate recovered himself.  
"That was the most incredible experience, babe" Steve finally pulled himself together enough to
slide off Jesse, falling back into the chair and once again pulling the smaller man into his lap.  "It
made me feel..."  At a loss for words, the tall detective's words trailed off.
Jesse nuzzled into his neck.  "Cherished?" He offered.  "'Cause that's how you made me feel
before, with the candy."
"Yeah," The older man said, smiling and kissing the top of his mate's head.  "That's it exactly.
"Good."  Jesse lifted his eyes to meet the detective's loving gaze.  "Because you are."
The lights chose that moment to come back on, the appliances in the kitchen humming as they
reawakened with the returning electricity.
"Man," The doctor complained.  "I really wished that hadn't happened."
"Why?" His lover idly asked.  "You've changed my mind about power outages, baby, they're as
romantic as hell... but I don't think I'm up to another session just yet."
"It's not that," The younger man sighed.  "It's just with the lights on, you can see how messy this
place is."
He was right, thanks to Steve Sloan's impatient denuding of the kitchen table, there were half-
melted containers of ice cream strewn all over the floor.
"Won't take but a minute to fix." The older man promised.  "You know we can't leave it like
this.  No telling what kind of critters it would attract." Setting Jesse onto his feet, the detective
got up and wet down a couple of kitchen towels.  "I'll get the containers, you start wiping.  Then
we can go to bed."
Steve had placed the final ice cream carton in the trash and blown out the last of the candles
when he turned to check on Jesse's progress.  The smaller man was curled up on the floor, head
pillowed on an outstretched arm, a damp towel still in the other hand.  Shaking his head, the
detective reminded himself that his normally energetic lover had done most of the work during
their love making and was bound to be tired.  Besides, Jesse had managed to clean up the worst
of the spills before falling asleep.
"C'mon, babe," He said as he picked up the towel and flung it in the general direction of the sink. 
"I promised you back when we got together that you'd never have to sleep in the wet spot." 
Steve got his arms underneath Jesse's pliant body and lifted, pulling the drowsy man to his feet
and into his arms.  "And I intend on keeping that promise, even if the wet spot is a diary
As he carried his exhausted partner off to bed, Steve reflected that vanilla was no longer his
favorite flavor.  The new ice cream taste sensation he'd discovered tonight was Jesse Travis...
And it was guaranteed to melt in your mouth.
~the end~ 
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