Sweet Tooth
By Juli
November 2000
Slight kink warning:  If mixing candy and sex isn't for you, I'd
recommend you skip it.

What a bitch of a day.
Steve Sloan plodded up the stairs, reflecting that he should have expected the elevator in his
lover's apartment complex to be broken.  Why should the elevator cooperate, after all, when the
rest of the world was arrayed against him?
The LAPD detective's morning had started out well enough, sunny and relatively smog-free.  But
the afternoon had brought rainy weather and, with it, a series of events that had put a serious dent
in his mood.  First, it had been his car.  After stopping in at Barbecue Bob's for a quick bite of
lunch and to check-up on the staff, his normally trustworthy sedan had refused to start.  That
meant getting it towed and, worse yet, using a squad car until his normal ride was fixed.  Squad
cars weren't the cleanest under the best of circumstances, but the one he'd been leant by the
Precinct's car pool smelled like stale vomit.  
The stinky car meant a trip to a nearby convenience store to get a whole handful of those
cardboard tree-shaped deodorizers.  Unfortunately, while he was there, a couple of hapless
thieves chose that particular store to rob, so what was intended to be a quick errand turned into a
drawn-out car chase.  
In a car that still reeked.
The car chase ended when the suspects tried to flee down a dirty alley, but only succeeded in
plowing their truck into a row of large, metal dumpsters.  The only perp armed with a weapon
decided to get rid of it.  That was good news for Steve, because it meant no stand-off with the
desperate young men.  Unfortunately, the bad news for Steve was that the gun had been tossed
into the garbage and had promptly sunk underneath the putrid layers of refuse.  By the time the
detective had retrieved the firearm, he was dirty, crabby, and stunk worse than his squad car.  To
top it all off, while dumpster diving, he'd managed to step on a rusty nail.  As a doctor's son, he
knew such a minor-seeming puncture wound could have major infection repercussions.  So, after
a fast stop at the Precinct's gym to shower and change clothes, a trip to Community General was
It was at the hospital, that the policeman's day finally took a swing towards the upside again.
He knew it was silly, but Steve could almost feel the black cloud that felt like it was hovering
over his head dissipate when he saw Jesse's welcoming smile.  The young doctor fussed nicely
over his wound to the extent that the detective was actually feeling like the whole thing was
worth it, when the other shoe dropped.  Doing a routine check, the nurse had discovered that
Steve was overdue for a tetanus shot.  
Steve didn't care what they called it   a shot, a vaccination, or an injection.  Whatever the word
was, it meant a procedure that involved needles and that, frankly, sucked.
Even as a small boy, he'd never liked needles.  It was embarrassing for Dr. Mark Sloan to have
his child scream at every yearly vaccination, so Steve's mother had usually taken him to the
pediatrician.  As he grew older, Steve himself felt sheepish about his aversion to needles.  It just
didn't seem right that a big, burly cop   and a doctor's son to boot   flinched over a tiny thing
like a syringe.  But, he couldn't help it and lived with it as best he could.
As Steve neared his lover's door, he shook his head in bemusement.  He had to give Jess credit,
he wouldn't have believed that the young man could be sneaky.  Teasing him like that and giving
him the shot while he kissed him.  Talk about a distraction!  In all, it was the easiest injection
episode the cop had ever had.  He knew all the credit went to Jesse, and he had every intention of
showing his lover just how much he appreciated his efforts..
By the time he got to the door, the tall blonde was virtually chuckling.  Oh, Jess had yelped when
he'd teased about the doctor rewarding him for his good behavior by giving him a lollipop, but
Steve saw the flash of interest in his lover's eyes.  So, when his shift was finally over, he'd made
a small stop at another store before heading over to Dr. Travis' apartment.
Lollipop, indeed.
Using his key to open the door, Steve entered Jesse's apartment, where the two of them spent
most of their time together. The Malibu beach house had much better furnishings and ambience,
but even as close as Steve was to his father, the lovers' needed more privacy than the home he
shared with his dad provided.  As a result, Steve knew the apartment almost as well as Jesse did
and, upon entering, he could tell that the younger man had made some special arrangements. 
Even though it was dark outside, no lights were on.  Instead, several candles had been placed
around the small space.  The illumination they provided was almost a living thing, the light
gently dancing as the draft from the open door sent the candles' flames dancing.  
Steve turned in a circle in the center of the living room, admiring the view, and letting the scent
of the candles envelope him.  As he did, the detective noticed that, for what seemed like the first
time since the rain had started, he was warm.  Figuring that the lit candles couldn't be adding that
much to the apartment's temperature, he strode over to the thermostat.  Sure enough, it was set
almost ten degrees higher than normal.
At Jesse's gentle greeting, the policeman turned to ask why the added heat.  When he got a good
look at his lover, however, the question died on his lips.  Jesse was wearing a loose white shirt,
untucked for a change, that came halfway to his knees. Steve was familiar with that shirt, as
would be expected, since it was his.  A gift from a would-be lover, he never wore because it was
too thin and it made him feel half undressed.  An unabashed hypocrite, he admired that same
flimsy material on Jesse, mesmerized by the way the dusky circles of the smaller man's nipples
could be made out underneath the shirt's diaphanous folds.  On his lower half, the younger
blonde wore loose white trousers, made of slightly heavier cloth than the shirt, but still sheer
enough that a darker patch in-between his legs could be detected.
"H-hey yourself," he managed to stammer a greeting.  "Why the hothouse effect?"
His companion shrugged.  "With this weather, I thought you might be chilled.  Rough day, huh?"
Jesse asked.  Not waiting for an answer, he approached his lover and circled around behind him. 
Steve let the smaller man take his coat, not protesting as the doctor's hands turned the action into
a gentle stroking. 
Tossing the jacket to the side, Jesse grabbed the big detective's hand and tugged his lover
towards the nearby couch.  Gently pushing until the big man sat down, Jesse knelt next to him. 
"How's that foot doing?"
Jesse's dimples came out as he smiled at his dazed mate.  "Your foot?  You know, the one that
got attacked by a nail?"
Steve shook himself.  "Oh, yeah!  That foot.  It's fine."
"I'll be the judge of that," the other man responded firmly, grasping Steve's ankle and efficiently
stripping it of shoe and sock.  "Hmmm... looks okay.  You kept it dry, like I told you, didn't
"Yes, sir."
"Good."  Working quickly, Jesse removed the uninjured foot's shoe and sock. Only then did
Steve notice a bowl of water sitting on the floor by the couch.  The doctor dipped a washcloth in
the steaming water and proceeded to wash both of the policeman's feet. 
With the younger man's administrations, Steve Sloan felt his muscles slowly unwind. The
unpleasantries of the day seemed unimportant, as if his lover was washing away his cares as he
bathed his feet.  The tall man leaned back against the sofa's soft pillows, letting his eyes droop as
he enjoyed the sensations.  
After a few minutes, the wash cloth was replaced by Jesse's bare hands.  The doctor remained
kneeling and took first one foot and then the other into his lap.  He started at the heel, bringing
his fingers around to lovingly graze the inside of the arch before going on to massage each toe. 
Steve was almost purring when he felt Jesse's mouth envelope the big toe on his uninjured foot. 
"Oh, God!" The detective moaned.  If he'd thought that the hand massage had felt wonderful, it
was nothing compared to the delicate tongue bath his feet were now receiving. Keeping his hands
away from his crotch with the most iron of wills, Steve withstood the sensations for as long as he
could.  He's never paid much attention to his feet before, but Jesse was thoroughly teaching him
the error of his ways.  
As good as it felt, however, Steve knew he couldn't let it go on.  Not if he wanted to accomplish
everything tonight he had in mind.
"Come here, you," he growled, pulling his feet away from Jesse.  Reaching down toward the
younger man, he pulled Jesse into his lap, situating his lover until the smaller man was sprawled
against him, facing Steve and with one knee to either side of the bigger man's hips.  The position
allowed for deep and thorough kisses, not to mention bringing the two men's cloth-covered
crotches to grind together most satisfyingly.
After several minutes of kisses, Jesse stopped long enough to ask.  "Why did you stop me? 
Didn't you like it?"
Steve brought his hands to the small of his lover's back and squeezed, pushing their groins even
closer together.  "Feel that?" He asked, referring to his erection, "that's how much I liked it."
Jesse groaned, bracing himself against his larger lover's shoulders, almost humping the lap he
was sitting on.  "Then why stop?"
"Because I was promised a lollipop and I intend on getting it."
Dazed blue eyes tried to focus on his.  "Huh?"
"You know... at the hospital today.  I took it in the ass like a man and a lollipop is my reward." 
Steve nuzzled behind Jesse's ear.
"Oh, yeah.  Lollipop.  Right."  Instinctively, Jesse arched his neck, silently inviting his lover to
nuzzle further.  "You were serious about that?"
"Damn straight."  Steve delicately lapped the inside of Jesse's ear with the tip of his tongue. 
"Only, I decided that a lollipop isn't enough.  Not by a long shot.  I want the whole candy store."
"C-c-candy store?"  
Steve smiled in satisfaction as the quivering of his body caused the younger man's voice to
shake.  Oooh, yeah, tonight was going to be a night to remember.  "Yeah.  Your so sweet, baby. 
Just like candy... and I've got a real sweet tooth."
Jesse laughed breathlessly.  "Candy, huh?"
"Yup," Steve confirmed as he turned his attention to Jesse's neck. "This," he said as he worked
his way down its length with lingering kisses, "is the finest Swiss white chocolate.  Smooth and
sweet."  Finding the juncture between the younger man's neck and collarbone, the policeman
lingered, sucking until the skin was slightly red.  He needed to mark his mate tonight and, when
his lover didn't protest, Steve continued.  "Melts in your mouth," he murmured, quickly going
back to tasting his lover's flesh.
While his mouth was busy, Steve's fingers became occupied by undoing the other man's shirt,
slipping it off Jesse's shoulders when the buttons were unfastened.  When he had his lover's
chest exposed, Steve brought his fingers to Jesse's nipples, lightly scraping his fingernail across
first one and then the other, bringing them to stiff peaks.  When the younger man's breath caught
in reaction, Steve finally left off his sucking.
"You ever had rock candy, Jess?"  He asked, looking at the other man's flushed face.  Not
waiting for an answer, the detective continued.  "You know, that crystallized sugar candy? 
That's what these remind me of."  A gentle squeeze to Jesse's nipples explained what he was
referring to.  "See how hard they are, babe?  Just like rock candy."  Bending forward, Steve
tasted one.  "Hmmm... sweet too."
"Oh, man..."
"On the other hand," Steve pulled back, pretending to contemplate the taut little nubs.  "The little
guys are awfully plump...  Hmm, I might have to rethink this...."  Snapping his fingers as if
making a decision, he continued.  "I know what I'm thinking of.  But, you know what?  I think
we better move this to a larger venue..."  
The policeman wiggled his legs, amused when Jesse didn't take the hint.  In fact, the young
doctor grabbed Steve's shoulders in order to keep his seat.  "Steve?"
"Bed, Jess.  I think we ought to move to the bed."
It took a minute for Steve's explanation to penetrate his lover's foggy brain.  "Oh, yeah. Right. 
Still, the younger man didn't move.
Shaking his head, Steve sighed in resignation.  Oh well, he'd wanted to drive Jesse so nuts that
his lover's brain synapsis stopped working.  He couldn't very well blame Jess if he'd succeeded.
Bracing himself, the big man looped one arm around Jesse's waist and used the other to brace
himself against the sofa.  With a mighty heave, he hoisted himself and his lover off the couch. 
Instinctively, Jesse's arms and legs came up to wrap around the other man, the doctor making
small noises of contentment as he locked his lips against Steve's.
Once safely out of the sofa, Steve staggered a minute before finding his balance.  With Jesse
hanging on like a burr, he made his careful way towards the bedroom, pausing only long enough
to snatch his discarded jacket.  If the evening continued as it had started, he'd need the supplies
stashed in the coat sooner rather than later.
The two reached the bedroom without stumbling too badly, but Steve was still glad to dump his
lover onto the bed.  Jesse was short but sturdily built -quite a handful in more ways than one. 
Standing over the prone young man, he took a moment to enjoy the way his bare-chested lover,
still clad in white, drawstring pants, looked against the bed's dark blue sheets..
"What you looking at?" Jesse asked, noticing the hungry gleam in the older man's eyes.
"You," Steve answered succinctly, crawling onto the bed next to his lover.  "Now, where were
we?"  His fingers caressed the other man's chest, fingers brushing against Jesse's still erect
nipples.  "Oh yeah.  Trying to decide if these were rock candy or something else..."  
Grinning when the petting brought the dazed look back into the younger man's eyes, Steve
reached over and grabbed his jacket.  Digging around in the pocket, he pulled out a small, silver
object.  Removing the foil wrapping, Steve brought the new item close so his lover could see. 
It was a small piece of chocolate.
"I think I was wrong before," Steve said.  "About the rock candy.  After all, it's hard. Square.
Full of sharp corners.   These,"  He took one of Jesse's nipples in his teeth, carefully pulling on it
to stretch the little nub.  "these are plump.  Pink... Round..."  The detective brought the chocolate
to his lover's chest, moving it in lazy circles around the smaller man's nipples.  Soon, the heat of
Jesse's skin melted the confection and each plump nub was surrounded in a semi-liquid pool of
candy.  When the entire piece had melted, he bent forward to take a lick. "Not like rock candy at
all.  More like chocolate covered cherries.  The gourmet type."
Jesse's back arched off the bed, trying to keep his chest into contact with Steve's talented lips. 
"Oh, God..."
Steve laughed under his breath.  Oooh, yeah.  This was exactly the reaction he was hoping for.
Giving one last lick to his favorite nub to make sure he'd cleaned off every drop of melted
chocolate, Steve started kissing his way down Jesse's torso.  He loved playing with his lover's
sensitive breasts, but he still had a lot of ground to cover.  Getting to the other man's navel, he
stopped again, managing to ask his next question in a conversational tone of voice.  "You know
what's irresistible about a Lifesavers?" He asked, referring to the donut-shaped hard candy.  
"Wh-wh-what?"  Jesse wasn't quite following his lover's train of thought.
"I just can't help myself," Steve explained.  "Whenever I have one, I just have to use my tongue
to play with the hole."  With that, the older man sent his tongue deep into Jesse's bellybutton,
hands firmly placed on the younger man's hips in preparation.  
As expected, his ticklish mate's bottom came off the bed as the smaller man yelped at the
sensation.  "Ste-e-e-e-ve!"  Only the policeman's hands kept him on the bed.
A last curl around the delicate dimple and the detective took pity on the young man.  His intent
was to pleasure his mate, not torture him. "Too much, sweetheart?  Sorry about that."  
Jesse had quickly recovered his breath.  "Sorry?  Are you kidding.  This is... this is... wow!"
Steve's answering grin was downright impish.  "So... I can still have my lollipop?"
"Oh, please..."
Taking that as a yes, Steve reverently placed a nearly chaste kiss on his lover's lips.  Then, his
hands slid down Jesse's torso, fingers worming their way underneath the fabric of the waistband. 
Once the drawstring was loosened, it was easy enough to slide them off the younger man's
slender hips, revealing the much-anticipated "lollipop" in all its glory.
Steve ignored it.
Instead, the bigger man feathered light caresses along the skin of Jesse's inner thighs.  The young
man sighed in contentment and spread his legs, giving the detective better access.  Steve soon
replaced his fingers with his lips, his nose drinking in the heady scent of his lover's arousal. 
Nuzzling the younger man's testicles, Steve extended his tongue for a quick lick.  Responsive as
always, Jesse gasped at the sensation, biting his lips to keep from crying out.  Steve chuckled in
"When I was a kid, the local drugstore had this great candy dispenser.  You'd put in a dime and a
jawbreaker would come out, rolling down a lazy circle on this spiral track.  Watching it come out
of the machine was almost as fun as eating the candy."
Jesse groaned.  His lover had his head buried in his groin and the man was waxing nostalgic?
"And this is significant, why?"
"Well," Steve answered, "I bring it up because there's a common misconception about
Jesse wiggled.  His legs were spread wide and over Steve's shoulders, the older man's head
almost out of sight underneath him.  It was a vulnerable position for the doctor, but that didn't
really bother him.  What bothered him was that the more Steve talked, the less available his
mouth was for other activities.  Deciding that responding to the older man's comments might
finish the conversation portion of the encounter faster, Jesse replied.  "What sort of
Steve rewarded him with another lick to his testes.  "Despite the name, you don't bite down on
jawbreakers.  Instead, you roll them around in your mouth."  With that, the policeman opened his
mouth wide and drew one of Jesse's testicles into his mouth. 
At the sensation, Jesse cried out in pleasure and arched his back off the bed.  He'd always known
his balls were sensitive, but none of his lovers had ever explored the area before...
Steve divided his attention between the two hyper-sensitive sacks, ignoring his lover's cries of
passion and stopping only when he felt Jesse's balls draw up close to his body.  Knowing that
meant that the other man's orgasm was eminent, he pulled back.  Jesse was going to cum tonight,
more than once if Steve had anything to say about it, but it wasn't time.  Not just yet.
"St-st-eve.  Oh, God.  Have mercy..."
"Not just yet, sweetheart.  I haven't had my lollipop yet."  
Deciding that he might have pushed his younger lover as far as he could, Steve gently lowered
Jesse's legs from his shoulders back onto the bed.  Taking the other man's throbbing erection
into his hand, he pumped gently with one hand while the other snaked over to the discarded
jacket.  Finding his next aid, he started talking again.
"I always did want to find out how many licks it took to get to the center," he said, referring to
the old Tootsie Pop commercial.
"Th-th-three."  Jesse rallied enough to offer an answer.
"Three?"  Steve was glad to see Jesse getting into the game.
"Yeah.  The owl.  He always took three licks, then bit into the sucker.  So the answer was always
"Nothing to worry about, babe," the older man reassured his lover.  "I've waited long enough for
this lollipop   I'm not about to bite into it."  Then, before Jesse could answer, his mouth finally
descended on his lover's cock.
"Steve!"  Jesse's cry was a joyous shout.  His hands thrashed around, reaching for his lover's
head in an effort to direct the other man's efforts.
But Steve had been anxiously waiting all day for his lollipop reward and wasn't about to be
hurried.  Grabbing the young doctor's hands, he held them to the side, not letting Jesse get a grip
on him.  His lover under control, the detective's lips danced up down the length of the shaft, his
tongue tracing its ribbed veins as he hummed his pleasure. 
Once his lover's length had been orally mapped, Steve's attentions turned to the head of his
lover's lollipop.  The older man drew the mushroom-shaped head of Jesse's penis into his mouth,
rimming its ridge with his tongue.  As he sucked, the tip of his tongue frequently darted up to
tease the slit on the crown, until he felt his lover's body quiver.  Anxious to taste the sticky treat
in store for him, he almost relented at that point and let Jesse go over the edge. 
This time, when Steve pulled away, Jesse didn't moan or whine.  Instead, he said in a very clear
voice.  "If you don't let me cum in the next five minutes, I am going to kill you.  Slowly."
Clearly, the young man was at the end of his rope.  Steve groped for latest confectionery aid. 
Finding it on the bed next to him, brandished it at his lover.  "This is gonna be worth it, babe, just
you wait."
Jesse squinted at the object in the bigger man's hand.  It was long and thin, like a straw, but with
both ends pinched.  "A Pixie Stick?  What are you going to do with that?"
The cop grinned and tore open the striped package with his teeth.  Pixie Sticks were essentially
paper tubes filled with flavored sugar. Very simple.  But... sometimes the simplest treats were the
With the end of the package open, Steve tilted it carefully, dusting Jesse's jutting cock with the
flavored granulate. 
At first, it tickled, and the young doctor's hips moved involuntarily in reaction.  But when the
package was empty, Steve wrapped his hand around Jesse's penis and slowly started pumping. 
By this time, thanks to all of his lover's ministrations, Jesse's erection was incredibly sensitive
and the sugar particulates acted liked hundreds of little massage squares.  
"Oh... oh...." 
 Jesse threw his head back at the sensation, legs spread wide, heels digging into the mattress. 
Just when the touch started to become painfully intense, the friction of Steve's pumping
combined with the liquid of the pre-cum leaking from Jesse's cock and melted the sugar
granules.  Steve had been monitoring the young man closely and when he saw Jesse's eyes begin
to roll to the back of his head, he swooped down, replacing his hand with his mouth, just in time
to catch the salty, sticky treat he'd been craving all night.
Licking his lips, it occurred to the detective that the lime-flavored Pixie Stick sugar combined
nicely with the salty taste of Jesse's seed.  Sort of a Travis Margarita special.  He turned to share
the observation with his lover, only to find Jesse out cold.  At first Steve was worried, but a quick
check showed that the younger man's pulse was steady. His partner had simply cum so hard that
he'd passed out.
Steve stood up, only then still realizing that he was still fully clothed.  Quickly removing all of
his candy-stained clothing, he stretched out on the bed beside his lover, relieved to see the young
man stirring.  By the time Jesse's dazed eyes opened, Steve was propped up on one elbow,
looking down on him lovingly.
"Hey," he greeted his partner, bending in for a quick kiss, "Welcome back."
"Where was I?"  
Steve smiled smugly.  "I think you were in orbit."  
"Oh, yeah, now I remember," Jesse said, smiling tiredly.  "Wow.  That was... I mean... wow.  No
one's ever done that to me before."
"What?" Steve said in mock surprise.  "No one's ever told you that you were so cute, they just
wanted to eat you up?"
The younger man grinned sheepishly.  "My Aunt Ida used to say that to me when I was a little
boy, but that's about it."
Steve bent for another kiss.  "Well, hate to break this to you, Jess, but I'm not your Auntie and if
you're a little boy, well, I'm in a whole lot of trouble.."
Recovering his strength, Jesse returned the kiss enthusiastically.  As the two men's bodies
pressed close together, the young doctor felt the hot length of his lover's rigid shaft pressing into
his stomach.  "Something tells me we're not finished yet, either."
His partner looked at him lovingly, tenderly brushing the sweat-darkened hair out of Jesse's eyes. 
"You up to it? We don't have to if you're too tired."
"Hey," Jesse protested, reaching up to stroke the cleft in the bigger man's chin with his thumb.
"When has this relationship ever been one-sided?  Besides," he added, blushing, "I can't wait to
see what you're gonna do next."
"Ohh, I think you're gonna like it," Steve assured his young love, stooping down for another kiss. 
Then, breaking away, he patted the other man on the bottom.  "You get your pillows ready, baby,
while I get the rest of the supplies."
Jesse obediently got the pillows in question, extra firm ones covered in a sturdy material that
could take a lot of... abuse.  While his lover was turned away, Steve dipped into his treat bag one
last time before getting the lubricant out of the nightstand's drawer, hiding the added object
underneath a fold of the sheet.
"Where do you want me?"  Jesse asked, clutching the pillows to his chest.  
Steve took the fluffy burden from him, wordless arranging the pillows on the center of the bed. 
Once he had them arranged to his satisfaction, he held his hand out for his lover, pulling the
younger man into his embrace for yet another kiss. 
Jesse remained pliant in the other man's arms, not contesting any of Steve's guidance until the
detective started to direct his lover to the pillows.  "Hey," the doctor protested, "you're still doing
all the work here.  Wasn't I supposed to kiss it and make it better?"  
The older man continued to arrange his lover's body on the bed so that the young was laying on
his stomach with the pillows canting his buttocks into the air.  Steve stopped to caress the nearest
upturned cheek before reassuring his mate.  "Don't worry, sweetheart, you're gonna get a workout
all right."
Jesse squirmed against the pillows, feeling his erection start to return at the unhidden heat in his
lover's voice. Steve moved behind the young man, tracing the doctor's spine with one hand while
reaching between his partner's legs to spread them wider.  When Jesse sighed in contentment and
opened up, the detective bent down to place a reverent kiss at the small of his lover's back.  
Licking and kissing his way down, soon the big blonde's head was at his companion's crevice and
a faint medicinal smell tickled his nose.  Smiling tenderly, Steve easily identified it.  Jesse didn't
like being rimmed nearly as much as Steve enjoyed doing it.  It wasn't the sensation itself, rather,
it was the whole idea of his partner licking him *there* that bothered the health-conscious
doctor.  So, as a compromise, if he thought Steve would want that particular activity to part of
their love making, Jesse prepared himself carefully.  An enema and thorough cleaning gave the
younger man the emotional ease he needed to enjoy this sexual act and Steve was touched that
his lover had gone to the trouble to make himself ready this night, after putting in a long shift at
the hospital and dealing with a cranky mate's fussing over a simple injection to boot.  
Breathing deeply, Steve kneaded the firm globes of Jesse's ass, watching avidly as the puckered
opening was revealed and then hidden as he manipulated his lover's flesh.  Finally, he spread the
cheeks wide and dove in with his tongue, his large hands keeping his squirming lover's body
right where he wanted it.  
First, he lapped around the ridged tissue of the opening to the young man's body, teasing it with
feather-light touches with his tongue.  Then, when Jesse's writhing told him that his lover was
ready for more, he penetrated it with the length of his tongue, revelling in the way the tight
passage opened minutely to let in.  
Licking his lips, Steve sat back on his heels, the fingers of one hand dipping down to fondle
Jesse's balls.  With the other hand, he grabbed the bottle of oil the couple used as lubricant. 
Deftly flipping the top open with singlehandedly, he dribbled the oil just at the top of his lover's
ass, grinning at the gasp the cold liquid provoked from his partner.  "Sorry about that, babe.  It'll
be warm in a minute."
"S'alright.  Just startled me.  Feels good, I'm so hot..."
"Gonna get hotter, just you wait," the detective claimed, leaving off teasing Jesse's testicles to
spread the proffered cheeks again, encouraging the oil to slide where it was needed.  When the
crevice was good and slick, he inserted a single finger into his lover's rectum, smiling when the
penetration caused a deep-throated groan of pleasure from the other man.  "You like that, huh,
Steve chuckled, swiveling his finger around and finding that the muscle was already quite loose,
probably from Jesse's heightened state of arousal from the whole evening.  Reaching into his
goody bag, the detective pulled out the last treat, unwrapping a bar of chocolate.  Measuring with
his eye, he thought about two squares looked like the right size.  Then, after sliding his finger out
of Jesse, he replaced the digit with the candy, the sweet rapidly softening in the passage's moist
Jesse twitched his hips.  He'd bit his lip to keep from moaning when Steve had removed his
finger, knowing that the older man would come back with two and that would feel even better. 
But, instead, there was this odd sensation.  Something had been inserted into his ass, but for the
life of him, the doctor couldn't figure out what.  Not that it hurt or anything, quite the opposite.  It
felt warm and kind of... gooey.  "Steve?"
"It's okay, baby.  Trust me, this is gonna be good,"  Then, without waiting for answer, he bent his
head again, anxious to taste this latest Jesse Travis candy creation.
He wasn't disappointed.
The sophisticated sweetness of chocolate combined with the musky darkness of this most private
part of his lover's body, creating a taste sensation that almost drove Steve insane. Making greedy
growling, hungry noises in the back of his throat, the detective devoured his lover, stopping only
when the last sane portion of his mind warned him that he had to leave enough of the liquid
oil/chocolate combination remaining to lubricate his cock's entrance into the passage.
The big man rose up to his knees and mounted his lover, nipping  the nearest sweat-slickened
shoulder of his mate, not able to hold back any longer.  Wordlessly, the detective wiggled his
hips from side to side, forcing the large head of his cock past the ring of muscle that guarded the
entrance to his partner's body.  Once it was through, he thrust forward steadily with his hips until
his entire length was buried hilt-deep into the other man, his balls pressed tightly against Jesse's
Only when fully connected to his partner, did Steve calm somewhat.  "Sweetheart, you okay?"
That was clear enough. Slowly, torturing both of them this time, the cop started thrusting in and
out of the tight sheath that enveloped him, loving the way Jesse's ass held on to his cock, almost
as though it never wanted to let him out of his grip.  A few more thrusts and  then the older man
noticed that his mate had lifted one hand from the bed to start pumping his own penis.  Irritably,
he slapped the offending fingers away.  
"*My* lollipop," he growled and shifted his stance so that he could wrap his own hand around
his lover's length.
"Wh-whatever you sa-sa-say," Jesse said breathlessly, "as long as you don't *stop.*"
The need in his partner's voice encouraged Steve and his thrusts grew quicker and harder.  By
this time, both he and Jesse were beyond words.  In fact, the younger man's moans of pleasure
had lengthened and deepened, becoming a soft keen of ecstasy that was nearly continuous.
The bigger man was close and could tell that his lover was too.  But he wanted more.  So, making
an abrupt decision, he stopped his movements, ignoring Jesse's whimper of protest.  Instead, he
grabbed the doctor's wrists and brought Jesse's hands to the headboard, slapping them down on
the metal frame.
"Hang on, baby," he warned, "this is gonna get a little wild."  Then, he went back to pistoning his
cock in and out of Jesse's tight ass, his thrusts so powerful that the headboard thumped against
the wall and his balls slapped a rhythmic cadence against the smaller man's body.
It still wasn't enough.
Steve was determined to get as much as his body inside Jesse's as humanly possible; in his
heightened state of arousal, it seemed the only way to bring them both to completion.  His hands
gave up their hold on Jesse's hips, sliding down to the inner portion of the smaller man's thighs. 
Then, in the throws of passion and not even feeling the strain, he lifted his lover off the bed,
Jesse's grip on the headboard keeping him steady.  
Jesse hung on tight, his body totally at the mercy of his larger lover and loving every minute of it. 
If anything, the banging of the bed against the way grew even more ferocious and the two men's
coupling grew frenzied.
Only human, the two could only keep that pace up for a few minutes.  With a sharp keen, louder
than the rest, Jesse's hips bucked as he came, wave after wave of semen streaming out of his
body.  The combination of the orgasmic tightening of Jesse's ass, the young man's cries, and the
scent of his lover's completion brought Steve to his own orgasm, his shout of exaltation
triumphant in the small bedroom.
Afterwards, Steve didn't really remember how he came to be laying down on the bed, Jesse's
body curled up on top of them in their typical post-coital cuddle.  Perhaps he'd blacked out as the
younger man had earlier, it would be understandable given the circumstances...
"Jess, you okay?" Steve asked in a worried tone, remembering just how wild their mating had
Blue eyes opened sleepily and Steve was reassured by Jesse's smile, tired but full of satiation. 
The big man kissed the tip of his lover's nose.  "Thank you," he whispered.
That woke his partner up.  "You're thanking me?  Tonight was... was... was unbelievable, the
things you did to me.  And you're thanking me?  I should be thanking you.  I mean I am, you
know, thankful - umpf."
Jesse's babbling was cut off by Steve's kiss, the way the older man's tongue penetrated his mouth
and danced with his own preventing any more words.  After they broke off, the doctor settle back
onto his mate's chest with a sigh, tracing idle patterns on the muscles with lazy fingers.
"You want to take a shower?" The detective asked, knowing the Jesse was probably sticky, from
any number of sources.
"Nah.  I'm candy, remember?  Sugar melts in water."  The younger man's eyes were dancing with
good humor.
"I don't know, Jess.  You might be sorry in the morning..."
The other man was firm.  "No way I'm moving right now, besides, " Steve thought he detected a
blush on Jesse's cheek, "I don't want to forget tonight just yet.  I want every reminder I can, for as
long as I can."
His admission was rewarded with another kiss.  "Thank you," Steve said again, going on before
Jesse could interrupt him again.  "Thank you for trusting me and letting me do what I wanted
His mate gave him a sleepy answer.  "Of course I trust you.  You take care of me."
Steve smiled and looked fondly down at his mate.  "You take care of me too, sweetheart," he
said, a pat to Jesse's bottom reaffirming that statement.
Silence descended for a few minutes, but was broken by a drowsy question.  "Steve?"
"Jess, if you say anything about dreaming of a Sugar Plum Fairy tonight, you're gonna find
yourself out of the bed on your ass."
The younger man's smile indicated just how seriously he took that threat.  "No, not that.  I was
just thinking...." Embarrassed, he broke off what he was going to say and buried his face into the
older man's neck.  "Never mind."
Steve automatically wrapped his arms around his suddenly shy mate. "What were you gonna say,
Jesse looked up and met Steve's gaze,"I was just going to say that I'm glad you're not on a sugar-
restricted diet."
~the end~ 
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