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                        Too Hot to Cuddle?

                        Turkey Day Cuddle

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Picnic Cuddle

"This was a terrific idea," Steve Sloan said, squinting with satisfaction into the cloudless summer sky.

His lover, Jesse Travis, stopped spreading out the blanket long enough to look at the older man. "Really?" The doctor asked with relief. "You think so?"

A veteran of the Viet Nam war, Steve usually found Memorial Day a difficult occasion. It hurt Jesse to see the painful memories haunt the older man and he had racked his mind for days to come up with a way to distract him. A picnic had seemed a perfectly themed activity for the time of year and so there they were, on a friend's piece of private property, getting ready for an all-American afternoon of fun.

"Yes, I most certainly do," Steve said firmly, enjoying watching his lover's face light up with pleasure at his compliment. "A *terrific* idea."

Jesse stood up on his tiptoes and kissed the older man on the tip of his nose. Then, he enthusiastically turned back to his unpacking. "Well, we've got a Frisbee, a football, a radio…"

Steve chuckled. The younger man's gusto for whatever project he was involved in was always wholehearted and the detective loved to bask in the glow. "Since this is a picnic, shouldn't there be some food in there too?"

"Don't worry, I didn't forget," the other man reassured him. "Fried chicken. Cold, of course. Potato salad. Grapes. Rice Krispie bars. All the fixin's for a great lunch."

Jesse was bent over the picnic basket and Steve snuck up behind him, wrapping his arms around the smaller man and snuggling him close. Nuzzling behind the other man's ear, he murmured, "How about cute, blond, kissable doctors? Got any of those in there?"

His lover leaned back into the embrace. "Oh, yeah. I think we might be able to get you one of those."

Unsurprisingly enough, food wasn't the only thing on the two men's minds and, they took great pleasure in feeding each other their treats.

"Oops, looks like I missed," Steve said, his smirk indicating that the big man wasn't the slightest bit repentant that he'd been a bit off the mark a bit with the last bite of potato salad he'd fed Jesse. Leaning forward, Steve licked off the tidbit, lips miraculously sliding over to engage his lover in a kiss.

The Frisbee, radio, and the football were neglected in favor of trading kisses and caresses. Even in a semi-private area, though, the couple didn't indulge themselves too far, mindful of potential observers. Neither man really minded, though. What was important was being together and there were times when snuggling was far preferable to hot and sweaty sex.

Eventually, the two ended up sitting underneath a tree, watching the clouds drift by with sleepy eyes and reveling in one another's presence.

"Ugh," Jesse said suddenly, brushing at his shirt. "That's the one bad thing about picnics. Ants – the original uninvited guests."

"Here, maybe laying on a different blanket will discourage the little buggers," Steve suggested. Then the older man encouraged Jesse to stretch out on top of him, settling him into the curve of his body.

His arms wrapped around his lover and his nose buried in the soft fragrance of Jesse's hair, Steve felt the last shadows of the remembrance holiday lift from his heart. He couldn't do anything about the comrades that had fallen in battle decades before; he knew that. All he could do was to live his life to the best and fullest that he could, a tribute to those soldiers who hadn't survived. And with Jesse in his life, Steve reflected as he followed his lover into post-picnic nap, his life was very full indeed.

~the end~

Shopping Cuddle

"Steve, this is ridiculous."

The plaintive voice wafted out from behind an unsteady pile of folded jeans. Steve Sloan had finally gotten tired of the baggy, ill-fitting denim pants that his lover favored and made good on his long-standing threat to take the younger man shopping. Jesse Travis had thought the detective was kidding, right up until the moment when Steve had escorted him to the car.

The couple had spent the last thirty minutes at the local department store. Steve forged ahead like a bloodhound on a hot trail, looking at each garment with an assessing eye. An unhappy Jesse trailed forlornly behind Steve and those clothing items that passed muster were piled into his arms. The stack was already so high that it obscured Jesse's face, making it difficult for the doctor to navigate the maze of clothing racks and displays.

"Nobody's taken me clothing shopping since I was in junior high," Jesse grumbled. Not only was he not happy with the whole situation, but the way he couldn't see where he was going and kept banging into things didn't help his appreciation for the event any.

"I can tell," the older man retorted, eyeing a silk shirt that seemed to be the exact shade of blue as Jesse's eyes. Steve looked at it thoughtfully, then grinned as he thought of feeling the sleek fabric slide across the soft expanse of Jesse's skin. The shirt was immediately tucked under Steve's arm as a "must have" item.

"Hey!" Jesse complained. "I don't gripe about the way you dress, do I?"

Steve heard the faint tone of hurt in Jesse's voice and immediately responded. Coming to a full stop, Steve took the stack of clothing from Jesse. Holding it one arm, the detective gently tilted his lover's face up with his free hand. "I'm not griping, babe, but..." he struggled for words, "I'm with the most gorgeous man in Los Angeles, can you blame me for wanting to show you off a little bit? Nothing too extreme, just jeans that highlight your best assets for a change."

Jesse blushed and relaxed into the large hand that still cupped his face. He'd been feeling a bit strange since Steve had insisted on taking him shopping but now that he knew that his lover wasn't embarrassed by him, he didn't feel so bad about it. "Okay, when you put it that way...."

Steve grinned, happy to have alleviated his lover's worries. "I think we've got enough to try on for now- where's the fitting room?"

"Over there somewhere," Jesse sighed, sorry to have lost the warmth when Steve removed his hand.

The fitting room was found in short order and Jesse ducked inside with the pile of clothing. After making sure the clerk was holding on to silk shirt until they were ready to pay, Steve sprawled on the chair that was conveniently located right outside. At first, it felt good to sit down, but eventually the detective realized that it only took a few minutes to put on a pair of pants and Jesse, by his reckoning, was taking a lot longer.

"Jess, everything okay?" Steve called.

"I dunno, Steve," came the hesitant reply. "These are kinda tight."

The older man snorted. "Jess, compared to your other jeans, a toga would feel too tight. Come on out here and let me see."

The fitting room door squeaked as Jesse opened it and then the reluctant young man stood in front of his lover. Steve smiled encouragingly at his mate before looking down to judge the fit of the jeans.

Steve looked, blinked his eyes, and then looked again.

The pre-washed pants had an artificially distressed texture and appeared to be painted on to Jesse's body. They left absolutely nothing to the imagination, including which side Jesse tucked "Jesse Jr." Without being asked, the doctor rotated slowly, giving his lover a full view. If the pants were tight on the, front, they were virtually indecent in the back. Not only was the fabric molded to the swell of Jesse's cheeks, but the soft material also curved into the cleft, sharply defining the younger man's beloved ass.

"I think you're right, Jess," Steve said in a strangled voice. "They are too tight."

Despite his earlier protests, Jesse couldn't help but be amused by the detective's response. "I dunno, Steve, I kind of like them."

Steve immediately thought of what might happen if Jesse were to be seen in public in them and was grateful that he carried a gun. If Jesse wore these, Steve would need it to keep strangers' grubby hands off his man. "Absolutely not."

Jesse grinned smugly. "Hey, you're the one who wanted something that showed off my assets." He couldn't help but wiggle his butt a bit.

"Assets! Just you wait until I get my hands on your assets...." Steve growled, getting up from the chair.

Jesse's smiled broadened. "Easy there, big fella. 'Fitting rooms may be under observation of store security personnel.'" He quoted primly as he started stepping backwards towards the fitting room.

"Good," the older man said as he backed his lover into the small cubicle. "Let's make sure they get an eyeful."

When the two emerged several minutes later, rumpled and breathless, the jeans in question had joined the silk shirt as a "must buy." Whether or not they would be worn in public was still up for debate.

~ the end ~

Too Hot to Cuddle?

"Jesse, what are you doing?" Steve had come out to the deck that was at the back of the Malibu home he shared with his father, only to find his lover spread out in all his glory on a lounge chair. The younger man was wearing nothing but sunglasses and some cut-off denim shorts.

*Very* short, cut-off denim shorts, Steve had been quick to notice.

The doctor languidly pulled his sunglasses down to the end of his nose in order to look at the newly arrived detective. "I'm not Jesse Travis. I'm a melted puddle of human goo that used to be Jesse Travis."

"This is Los Angeles, Jess. It's supposed to be hot."

Jesse sniffed. "Yeah, but there's limits. It's so hot, the farmers are having to feed their chickens ice, just to keep them from laying hard boiled eggs."

Steve snorted. "Like I said, this is LA, Jess, not Illinois. I bet there's not a chicken farmer around for miles." The older man gingerly perched on the side of Jesse's chair, careful not to overbalance it. "Why not just go inside, where it's air conditioned, if you're that hot?"

Jesse's eyes did an expressive roll before the blond pushed his eyewear back into place. "Air conditioner's broke, didn't you notice?"

Steve blinked. Seeing from the car parked outside that Jesse was inside, he'd rushed through the house, intent on seeing his lover. Now that he thought about, it had seemed a bit warmer than normal as he was walking through. "Okay, but there's a whole ocean just a few feet from the house. If you're hot, how about taking a dip?"

The glasses came down again. "Yeah, but there's all that sand in between here and the water. It's so hot, I'm surprised it hasn't all be converted into glass."

Steve stifled his grin. Jesse was in one of *those* moods, which meant it was Steve's job to coax him out of it. The detective was more than happy to oblige.

"I could carry you out to the water, that way your feet wouldn't get burned," he suggested. The bigger man licked his lips at the thought hoisting his lover's body into his arms, Jesse's skin warmed by the sun's lingering kisses, slick with sweat and suntan lotion.

Jesse considered the offer. "Nah. I just got off a double shift. I'm too tired to play in the waves right now."

Steve's greedy eyes tracked a drop of sweat as it trailed down his mate's firm chest, the little droplet disappearing into the doctor's exposed navel…. With a wrench, the detective brought his mind back to the task at hand. "I could run a bath for you, maybe put some ice cubes in it. That ought to cool you down real quick."

Jesse winced. "Oh, man! Jesse Jr.'s shriveling away to nothing, just thinking about it! That might be cooling off a little bit too much."

His lover grinned, leaning down to rub noses with the younger man. Shriveling that particular part of Jesse's body wasn't exactly what he had in mind. "How about a cool shower, then? That should feel pretty good."

The doctor tilted his head to the side as he considered. "Okay," he eventually conceded. "On one condition."

"What's that?"

"That after the shower, we go into the bedroom and get all hot and sweaty again." Jesse grinned, knowing full well that his mate would find that a hard suggestion to resist.

He was right. With a growl, Steve stood up and pulled Jesse over his shoulder. Jesse yelped as his sunglasses tumbled to the deck, barely managing to snag the bottle of suntan lotion from the table as Steve hurried by.

Something told him that they would need the lotion, even if the body part he had in mind to use it on wasn't exactly something that ever got exposed to the sun.

~the end~

Turkey Day Cuddle

The scent of roasting turkey driving him nuts, a peckish Steve Sloan entered the kitchen, a little holiday nibbling on his mind. Once he got in the oven-warmed room, however, the sight that met his eyes drove all thoughts of hunger right out of his thoughts.

At least, the sight of his lover's upturned ass as Jesse Travis bent over to inspect the contents of the oven drove all thoughts of food-related hunger right from the detective's mind. The view of those delectable cheeks, jeans stretched taut over the firm globes, only served to whet Steve's Jesse- appetite to the point of sudden starvation.

Gliding across the room, the big man slid behind his younger lover, caressing the denim-clad flesh with a proprietary hand.

Focused on his task, the doctor didn't hear the other man approach and so the caress startled him into straightening suddenly, resulting in a banged head. "Ouch! Geez, Steve, give a guy a warning, why don't cha?"

Unrepentant, the detective slid his arms around his lover from behind, pulling Jesse's compact body close to his. "Hmmmm... you're working too hard, babe."

Jesse grinned, relaxing into the warm embrace. "Work? You call this work? I'd hardly call basting a turkey strenuous, big guy."

Steve grabbed the turkey baster Jesse was using to punctuate his statement, "I've got a turkey for you to baste, little boy..." he purred, grinding his groin against the smaller man's ass.

"S-steve! Your dad's right out in the living room!"

With a sigh, the detective allowed his partner to squirm out of his arms. Most of the time he respected Jesse's shyness, but sometimes.... "Can I help it if I find Thanksgiving to be so sexy?"

Jesse shook his head in amusement. "You are a slave to your stomach. Only you would find a big meal to be sexy."

"I don't know about that," Steve retorted, "I think the turkey company thinks it's pretty sexy too."

"Really," Jesse said, arms crossed his chest as he challenged the older man. "Why do you say that?"

Steve wiggled his eyebrows and leered. "Why else would they name their product 'ButterBall'?"

~the end~

Wedding Cuddle

This happy day had been a long time coming.

The church was full of family and friends, gathered to witness the couple's first steps into wedded bliss. The day couldn't have been more beautiful, with nary a cloud to mar the autumnal perfection of the crisp blue sky. As for the ceremony itself, it was traditional in nature with one modern twist.

"I now pronounce you husband and husband," the minister proclaimed. "You may now kiss the groom."

The two young men didn't need any further encouragement, lips meeting happily as their watching loved ones broke out into spontaneous applause.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the minister said when the joyful noise died down, "It is my honor to present to you, Mr. and Mr. Bently-Banks."

Seated in the second row, Steve Sloan barely heard his partner's sniiff above the crescendo of the organ music. "You okay?" he whispered his partner's ear.

The smaller man wiped a tear from his eye. "I'm fine - you know how weddings always make me cry."

Steve smiled fondly at him. "Except for ours," he reminded his husband. The memories were fresh for Steve, even though they'd celebrated their twentieth anniversary. Of course, it had been a different time then and their wedding hadn't been as well-attended or lavish as this one, but the amount of love it represented was every bit equal. "I'm still surprised your face didn't break that day, you smiled so much."

"If you say so," Jesse whispered back. "I don't remember. All I remember is being so happy that I felt like I was floating all day."

"Sort of like C.J. and Darryl," Steve commented as they watched the newlyweds make their way down the aisle and out the back of the church.

"Amanda looks beautiful," Jesse commented.

He was right, their friend looked very stately as she followed the wedding party out. The white peppering her hair only added to the queenly manner with which she'd always carried herself.

Seeing the way Simon Banks, the other groom's father, kept a proprietary hand on the small of Amanda's back, Steve chuckled. "Something tells me this might not be the only Bently-Banks wedding we'll be attending." At least, Steve hoped it wasn't. Simon would be good for Amanda.

"And you accuse your dad of being a matchmaker," Jesse laughed. The silver at his temple only emphasized the twinkle in his eyes.

"What's the old saying, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?'" Steve countered. He looked more like his father than ever, especially with the way the snowy color of his hair now matched Mark's.

By this time, the wedding guests around them were starting to file out of the church and the two moved to follow. Steve ushered his husband ahead of him, taking the opportunity to admire the way his mate filled out his tuxedo. "Babe, have I told you how beautiful you look today?"

"Only about ten times," Jesse laughed, "but flattery'll get you nowhere. You are dancing with me at the reception. I don't get that many chances to waltz with the Chief of Police before and I am not going to miss this chance. Not when you look so handsome in your dress uniform."

He wasn't a vain man, but Steve couldn't help but puff his chest out a bit in pride. The Los Angeles police department had worked hard during the last two decades to clean up their image. Even so, no one was more surprised than Steve when he was appointed Chief of Police - the first openly homosexual to hold such a position in a major US city. Not only had Steve excelled in the job, but the city officials had recently asked him to consider putting off his retirement for a few years.

"Did someone mention dancing?"

The years had slowed Mark Sloan down a bit, but he still had an obscene amount of energy for a man in his ninth decade. Although he'd finally conceded it was best if he stopped practicing medicine, he still kept an office at Community General. Jesse, who was now head of the Emergency and Trauma Units, relied on the older doctor's advice and the pediatric wing wouldn't have been the same without his daily visits. Steve didn't need his father's help as much with murder cases, but only because he'd been less involved in detective work as he'd risen in the ranks of the department, not due to any lessening of Mark's mental acuity.

It had been their job responsibilities that had kept Steve and Jesse from being in the wedding party itself, neither man knowing when he'd be called away. Not so Mark, who'd happily walked down the aisle as a groomsman. Steve had worried that the day's excitement would prove too much for his elderly father, but his fears were groundless. Eyes bright, the old man vibrated in place, eager for the party to begin.

Fingers snapping and humming a merry tune, Mark Sloan led the way to the receiving line. Steve and Jesse moved to follow, the taller man tucking his husband's arm in the crook of his own. Looking down, he couldn't help but notice a thoughtful expression on his spouse's face.

"Penny for your thoughts, Jess."

"Oh, I was just thinking," his companion answered. He leaned into the bigger man's bulk, wearing a look of contentment as he felt Steve's body press close to his. "Amanda gave birth to C.J. in my car he entered the world, literally, in my hands." Jesse's voice was full of wonder. "And, here he is, getting married. Wow."

Steve patted his husband's hand. "Feeling old, babe?"

Ahead of them, Mark all but danced as he walked, joy simply radiating out of him. Jesse looked at his father-in-law and grinned. Nodding at Steve's dad, he replied, "With him as an example, are you kidding? You're only as old as you feel."

The younger Sloan stopped in his tracks, stooping for a kiss. Rubbing his nose against his husband's he shamelessly prolonged the nuzzle. "The best is still to come, sweetheart."

"Yeah, I know," Jesse grinned back, dimples undiminished after twenty years.

The tender moment was interrupted by Mark Sloan's impatient voice. "C'mon you two, you can cuddle all you want at home. I want to dance!"

Laughing, the lovers broke apart, eyes promising each other that there would indeed be plenty of cuddling later. Then, hand in hand, they went to offer their best wishes to the newlywed couple, confident that their own future contained untold joy.

~the end~


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