Christmas Countdown: December 6

By Juli

December 2008

The cold air hit Deaq like a slap in the face the moment he walked into the room. He'd managed to sneak away from Van long enough to get a little bit of Christmas shopping done and was looking forward to seeing his partner. When he got to Van's hotel room, though, it was frigid enough to freeze his balls off.

"What the hell?" He muttered as he shut the door behind him. Deaq was tempted to leave the damn thing open; maybe some warmer air would come in from the hallway.

Deaq pocketed the card key and walked into the room. Describing it as a `room,' though didn't do it justice. It was more of a suite, given Van's cover as a high roller. Deaq preferred to be set up in apartments, but Van seemed to prefer the gypsy life of a hotel. At least Billie made sure that it was a high class place and not a dive like Van probably had grown up using.

Speaking of Van, where was he?

"Van, something's wrong with the air conditioning, " Deaq called out. The outer room was dark, but he could see that the door to the bedroom portion of the suite was cracked open.

"No, it's not," Van's voice drifted from the other room. He sounded entirely too cheerful for how cold it was.

"What do you mean it's not broken?" Deaq demanded as he pushed the bedroom door open. "Dawg, it's - . . . ." His voice broke off. "What the hell are you doing?"

Van was nude, at least what Deaq could see of him was. The other man's bottom half was under the covers of the bed. His torso was exposed as Van sat against the headboard of the bed, a mug of hot chocolate in hand and a Santa hat on his head.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Van asked, gesturing to Deaq with the mug. "I'm staying warm."

Deaq leaned against the doorframe. "You're huddled in the bed, shivering your skinny white ass off and you say the air conditioning idn't broke? Van, that's crazy, even for you."

Van pouted. "Come on, Deaq, don't be like that. Christmas is supposed to be cold, so you can snuggle and LA's always too hot in the wintertime for a decent snuggle. So I turned the thermostat down as far as it would go, to make us some cuddling weather."

"You like the heat," Deaq pointed out. "Leastways, you're always fast to shed clothes and that's the excuse you use."

The smirk his comment prompted assured Deaq that temperature probably had little to do with his partner's dressing preferences. Van Ray was a fine looking man and he knew it. Used it, matter of fact, like the little shit was doing right then and there.

"Well, right now, I like the cold," Van shrugged. The blanket dropped a tantalizing inch at his waist. "Want to come warm me up?"

"No can do, Van," Deaq held on to his willpower. "We're do at my folks' place in an hour. I am not gonna tell my momma I was late `cause I was warmin' you up."

"Mamma Hayes loves me, she wouldn't want me to be cold," Van stated with confidence. He took a last sip of his hot chocolate before setting it down. Some marshmallow foam stuck to his upper lip and Van took his sweet time before licking it off. "Besides, didn't I tell you she called?"

"No," Deaq grimaced. His mother did love Van; it wasn't too surprising that she'd called him instead of her own son. "You neglected to mention that."

"Your dad ate a bad shrimp or something," Van told him. "He's not feeling well, so we're going over there tomorrow instead." He stretched slowly. "Looks like we've got the whole night ahead of us and nothing to do."

Deaq grinned. Yeah, he could get into making some body heat with Van. "Oh, I think we can think of something," he smirked as he started for the bed.

"Nah-uh," Van held up a hand. "Not with your clothes on." He waggled his eyebrows. "How are we going to share body heat if you've got your skin covered?"

Groaning, Deaq hurried to comply. He wasn't about to object, not when being naked next to Van was what he wanted anyway. Even so, Deaq vowed to warm up Van's skin in a way the other man probably hadn't expected. One specific part of Van's skin anyway.

It was really cold in the room and by the time Deaq finished, he was more than ready to get under the covers with Van. He made another step towards the bed, but was again stopped by his partner.

"Wait a minute," Van ordered. He reached down and picked up a purple Santa hat. "You've got to wear this."

"I'm not wearing no damn hat, Van," Deaq complained.

Van gave him his most charming grin. "But I got you a purple one, just like Shaft would wear."

Deaq snatched the hat out of Van's hands and jammed it down on his head. "Happy?"

"Ecstatic," Van assured him. "Now will you get into bed before you freeze. You are so damn slow."

Growling, Deaq pounced. Van laughed and squirmed away. Despite claiming he wanted to snuggle, a wrestling match ensued. It took awhile before the actual snuggle occurred and somewhere along the way, Deaq lost the hat, but by that time, Van was far too busy to complain.

~the end~


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