Christmas Countdown: December 17
Mutant X

By Juli

December 2008

New York City had an energy all its own and that was even more true during the Christmas season. Normally, Adam was too wrapped up in his own troubles to notice it, but he and his lovers had taken the holiday off; as much as they could, anyway, considering their unique situation. So far, however, even Genomax appeared to be in the Christmas spirit; there hadn't been a single mutant blip on the radar and Adam was profoundly glad. His lovers were younger than him, but even Jesse's usually high spirits had started to flag lately. They all needed a break.

"Come on, Adam, we're almost there," Jesse called back to him. "You can't get out of it by being slow; you promised."

"I'm not trying to get out of anything," Adam protested. "Just admiring the view."

Adam wasn't talking about the skyline. The sidewalk was too crowded for all three of them to walk together and Jesse and Brennan had ended up on front. Adam suspected that they were acting as blockers for him, given the number of people, but he didn't mind. The younger men had on winter jackets, but they were short and ended above the hip. Adam wasn't sure the tight jeans his boys were wearing were practical for what they were going to be doing, but he thoroughly approved of them.

The trio had only allowed themselves a few days for fun and decided that they would take turns deciding on what activities they would enjoy. They'd gone in alphabetical order, which also happened to be in order of their ages, and Adam had gone first. His choice was a concert of the New York Philharmonic. The orchestra's rendition of Handel's Messiah gave Adam goosebumps, but the sight of his lovers in their tuxedos had taken his breath away. Truly, the evening had been a gift to himself.

Brennan had been next and his choice had been a professional basketball game. Adam had joined his lovers when they'd watched from home, but never quite understood the lure of the game. Live, it was a little better. Adam had insured that they'd gotten close seats and even he was affected by the competition of the players and fans, not to mention all the testosterone in the air. They'd had their own game of sorts once they got back to the hotel and afterwards they'd all slept soundly.

Finally, it was Jesse's turn and he'd opted for ice skating at Rockefeller Center. It was too late in the season for the big tree lighting ceremony, but it still would be beautiful. Like with the basketball, ice skating wasn't Adam's usual choice of activities, but he'd be happy to give it a try if it made Jesse happy. Honestly, Adam wasn't sure if Jesse really wanted to skate or if he just wanted to see Brennan and Adam try to skate. Either way, it was likely to be an interesting night. Thankfully their hotel room had a spa tub in it, perfect for soothing away the body aches that were likely to be the result of their efforts.

"Hey, why is it dark?" Jesse's plaintive question marked their arrival.

They'd expected Rockefeller Center to be lit with a breathtaking display of lights, but instead it was dark. There were a lot of people mulling around, muttering under their breath and even a crying child or two. Frowning, Adam was about to grab someone and ask for an explanation, but a police officer carrying a bullhorn stood on a short cement wall to address the crowd.

"Sorry, folks," the beleaguered cop told them. "No skating tonight. There's been some sort of electrical problem."

His announcement caused a chorus of disappointed sounds from the audience. Adam sympathized. While he hadn't necessarily been looking forward to skating, Jesse had and Adam hated for the young man to be disappointed.

"There's skating in Central Park too, Jess," Adam put his hand on Jesse's shoulder. "We could try there."

"Yeah, that'll be fine," Jesse put a smile on his face, obviously trying hard not to be disappointed. "It's not the skating so much as it's being together that I wanted."

"You two have got to be kidding," Brennan snorted. He held up his fingers, a familiar blue light dancing between them. "I have yet to see an `electrical problem' that I haven't been able to fix." He kissed Jesse quickly on the nose. "Be right back."

Jesse grinned sheepishly at Adam as they watched Brennan's retreating back. "I always forget that our powers have practical applications too."

Adam wrapped an arm around Jesse's waist, tugging the younger man closer to him. "It's easy enough to do. I'm afraid your work with Mutant X has biased you to thinking of them as weapons. I look forward to the day that mutants only have to consider uses of their powers that will benefit humanity."

"It's not your fault," Jesse told him firmly. "That we have to use our abilities to fight. You can blame Genomax for that."

The lights chose that moment to come back on, saving Adam from having to answer. An `ooooh' of appreciation came from the crowd, along with spontaneous applause. Jesse laughed, both in joy and at the perplexed looks on the officials' faces.

"Trust Brennan to figure a way to help out that still manages to confuse the authorities, " Jesse crowed.

"Of course," Brennan had snuck up behind them. "That's half the fun. Come on, let's skate."

Jesse whooped. "Yeah and enough people gave up and left that it won't even be that crowded. I'll go get us some skates."

Without waiting for answer, Jesse hurried off to the building that handled the skate rentals. The older men watched him go fondly.

"Are you sure that tweaking authority's even half the fun?" Adam asked Brennan pointedly, referring to Jesse's delight that their outing hadn't been ruined.

Brennan shrugged. "Well, let's call it the icing on the cake."

Adam kissed him soundly in reward. "I guess we're skating."

"I guess we are," Brennan grinned. "If you're a good boy, I'll rub your ass for you later."

"You assume I'm going to fall on it?" Adam lifted one eyebrow archly.

Brennan's chuckle was low and dirty, making Adam shiver. "I know you're ass is going to be sore tonight, one way or another."

Adam decided that ice skating might just be his favorite Christmas activity after all.

~the end~


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