Christmas Countdown: December 5

by Juli

December 2006

Deaqon Hayes was not a happy man, mostly because his damn partner was going to drive him insane. Deaq couldn’t even bust Van’s chops for it, because he was pretty sure that his boy wasn’t even aware that he was doing it.

Crime didn’t normally take a holiday for Christmas, but theirs was a unique situation. Their deep undercover work required a different interaction with the criminal element than most cops. Even scumbags had families that they wanted to spend time with on the holidays. Christmas tended to be slow for the Candy Store, so when Deaq and Van successfully wrapped up a case shortly before the big day, Billie had actually given them the rest of the week off. Of course, she also insisted that they had to get their paperwork done first. Their boss hadn’t made it to lieutenant at such a young age by being stupid.

With time off as an incentive, the required forms and reports got completed more quickly than normal. In short order, the two men were done and only needed Billie to sign off before they could leave. They were both anxious to go, Van more so than Deaq. Not that Deaq could blame him. Van’s family life had been plenty screwed up and Deaq shuddered to think of the type of Christmases his lover had in his past. Thankfully, Deaq’s family adored Van. In fact, Mamma Hayes had given Deaq firm orders to bring him home for the holiday. A smile had been plastered on Van’s face ever since Deaq had told him.

At first Deaq thought he could help Van burn off excess energy on the small basketball court that the Candy Store contained, but that hadn’t worked out. On the job, Van controlled himself with a ruthlessness that was downright scary. Maybe that was why Van was such a mass when he was ‘off camera,’ so to speak. In any case, Van’s basketball play was on the wild side, so much so that Deaq was worried that Van would hurt himself.

Next, they tried playing pool, but that backfired too. Van was unfocused in that game as well, but when one of his shots went wild and a ball flew past Deaq’s shoulder, it was Deaq that almost got hurt. In self-defense, Deaq had put a Steve McQueen movie on and they’d settled in to watch.

Billie was cool with their relationship, but with that Internal Affairs weasel dropping in unannounced, they didn’t dare be too open at work. So while Van took the couch, Dean dropped down into the chair opposite it. His choice had been deliberate. From that position, he could clearly view both the television screen and his lover.

Therein lay the problem.

Van wasn’t alone on the couch; a candy cane was keeping him company. Van was absently sucking on the straight part of the candy. If it could be called sucking. From the attention that Van was lavishing on it, it was more like he was making love to the damn thing.

Sprawled on the couch, Van languidly stroked the candy cane in and out of his lips as he kept his eyes on the screen. Deaq shifted on his seat, remembering those lips around his dick, making a similar movement, and what that felt like. As he watched, Van swirled his tongue around the very tip of the candy cane end and Dean twitched on his chair again.

“You okay?”

Deaq belatedly realized that Van had taken the candy cane out of his mouth in order to ask him a question. “Huh?”

“You comfortable over there?” Van asked. “You’re wiggling a lot.” His face got a hopeful expression on it. “You could come over here and sit with me.”

Yeah, right. Like Deaq could sit next to Van while his lover performed head on a candy cane and still manage to keep his hands to himself.

“Thanks, but I’m okay right where I am.”

Van shrugged. “Okay, suit yourself.”

Shrugging, Van turned over, so that he was laying on his stomach. He was wearing a pair of dark green leather pants, in deference to the holiday season, and a white shirt that was riding up a bit. Deaq could see a small swath of skin at the small of Van’s back and he swallowed hard. Getting a tattoo was close to suicide in their type of work. Any type of mark on their body that couldn’t be removed was a risk of being identified. That didn’t stop Deaq from daydreaming, though. Someday, when they weren’t doing undercover work, he wanted Van to get a tat right there, right above his ass. Something that would mark him as Deaq’s. But that was in the future. At the moment, Deaq’s fingers itched with the desire to stroke that bare skin.

Van continued his seduction of the candy cane, using enough suction that it was audible from where Deaq was sitting. To further tempt Deaq’s self control, Van’s position on his stomach caused his ass to cant up in the air. Damning the tight pants that currently were acting as a torture device, Deaq slumped in his chair and prayed for Billie to arrive and put him out of his misery.

By the time Billie finally did show up, Deaq was a virtual puddle of goo. Restless, Van had shifted position again so that he was on his side, with his legs obscenely open. While the majority of Van’s attention was on the movie, the candy cane hadn’t escaped notice. Even, white teeth nibbled on the end, reducing its length with delicate bites.

Deaq was in serious envy over a piece of candy. Thankfully, Billie did come striding in. Eventually.

“You two still here?” She asked as she sauntered over to where they were sitting.

Van sat up. “You said we couldn’t leave until you looked over our stuff.”

”Yeah, right,” Billie flicked her long dark hair back. Noticing that Deaq hadn’t said anything, she looked at him in concern. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Deaq squeaked. He’d grabbed a nearby pillow and had it positioned over his groin. Billie was cool and all, but that didn’t mean he wanted her to see his current state of arousal. Damn his tight pants anyway.

Billie Chambers looked from Deaq to Van, a baffled look on her face. Police to the core, though, Deaq could see her cataloging the situation. Deaqon Hayes, embarrassed and in physical distress of some nature. A Steve McQueen movie. Van Strummer, lips red and moist and a spit-slick candy cane in his hand.

Deaq saw Billie’s eyes widen as she took in that last visual clue. She looked at Deaq with one eyebrow raised. He couldn’t help himself; he whimpered.

“Okay, get out of here,” she laughed, waving them off. “Merry Christmas.”

“But the movie’s not over yet,” Van whined.

Deaq got up so fast that his pillow fell to the floor. “Thanks, Billie. Merry Christmas.”

Without waiting for a response, he grabbed Van by the arm and hauled him off the couch. He yanked the damned candy cane out of Van’s grasp and unwrapped the rest of it, popping it into his mouth and biting down. It made a satisfying crunch as the candy cane shattered.

“Hey, I wasn’t through with that,” Van protested as Deaq hauled him towards the door.

“You are now,” Deaq told him. He stopped as soon as they’d left Billie behind and leaned close in order to whisper in Van’s ear. “I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen. I’m gonna take you home, strip those clothes off you and then Santa Claus is coming to town a little bit early.” Van gulped and Deaq pressed his body against the smaller man’s. “You got a problem with that?”

Van’s answering grin was bright. “No, no problem.”

Deaq reassessed his early assumption. Van had known damn well what he was doing with his candy cane performance. That was okay with Deaq. Now that his lover had reminded Deaq of all of his moves, Deaq’d just take him home and have Van do it all for real.

Santa Claus would be coming early and, if Deaq had anything to say about it, coming more than once too.

~the end~


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