Christmas Countdown: December 23
Dark Angel

By Juli

December 2006

When it came to breaking and entering, Alec was no virgin. It was easy for him to get into Logan’s apartment, maybe too easy. Given his altruistic crusade as ‘Eyes Only,’ Logan really should have had better security. Telling him that was useless, though, The man didn’t have nearly enough of a sense of self preservation, so Alec decided he better mention it to Max instead.

Or, given what he’d come to Logan’s apartment to do, maybe not. Logan was Max’s and even if she couldn’t have him, she wouldn’t want anyone else to either. Not that Alec planned on having Logan. That wasn’t in the cards and Alec was too much of a realist to try and pretend otherwise. That didn’t mean, however, that he wasn’t above wanting something for himself. Just a small sliver of something, no matter how pathetic it was.

Manticore hadn’t been too big on the whole Christmas thing, but Alec had learned a lot since living in the real world. Christmas intrigued him for some reason. Max would probably say it was because of his materialistic nature and that he was attracted to shiny things. There was probably some truth to that, but one Christmas tradition in particular he’d heard about had struck Alec as perfect, as far as his situation with Logan was concerned.

Alec had decided that he would be Logan’s Secret Santa.

He’d started with small things, some of Logan’s favorite candy or a six-pack of a brand of beer that Alec knew the other man particularly enjoyed. He’d accompanied them with little notes, knowing that the mystery would be the real gift to a man like Logan. Tonight, Christmas Eve, was the culmination. Alec would drop off the last gift and then disappear, leaving Logan with some memories that would hopefully make him smile, but not revealing Alec as his suitor. It was a win-win as far as Alec was concerned. Logan would get just a little bit pampered and Alec would never have to see the disappointment in Logan’s face when he found out who’d been doing the pampering.

The other gifts had been left in Logan’s car or other more public venues. Tonight, for the finale, Alec had decided to go all out. The gift was still small, an ornament, but he wanted to show off a little and leave it in Logan’s home. The nature of the gifts themselves and the notes would be Logan’s assurance that his Secret Santa was not a threat. At least, that was the idea. It had been hard to tell how Logan was taking the whole thing, the man could keep things close when he wanted. Alec liked to think that Logan wore an expression since the gifts started that was a little more bemused than normal, but that could always have been wishful thinking.

Alec quietly slid into Logan’s apartment and stopped for a moment, trying to decide if he should just leave the gift somewhere easy like on the kitchen table or if he should try something more daring and go for the bedroom. Alec grinned. He’d been called many things, but timid wasn’t one of them.

Walking as quiet as a cat, Alec approached the bedroom. Logan slept with the door open, so he peeked in. Logan was sleeping alone, which was a relief, and appeared to be dead to the world. In any case, Logan was sprawled out on his stomach and his breathing was nice and even. Grinning again, Alec crept in and left his package on the nightstand. Barely even daring to breathe, he turned to leave.

A strong hand shot out from the bed and grabbed him by the wrist. Before Alec could even gasp, he’d been yanked off his feet and tumbled onto the mattress, landing on top of Logan with a startled "oof." Their noses almost touched as they lay together, face to face.

"Why, hello there," Logan purred. "Fancy meeting you here."

Due to his transgenic nature, Alec was far stronger than Logan. Even so, he found he couldn’t move under that lazy, smug gaze. "I can explain. . . ."

"Sure you can," Logan interrupted. "Just like you can explain the other gifts."

Alec was never one who had to struggle to lie. "Someone hired me to deliver them. Got paid extra not to say who it was."

Logan shook his head, his smile never wavering. "No. They were from you, don’t even try to deny it. I’m ‘Eyes Only,’ remember? I have my sources."

"Yeah, well, believe what you like," Alec started squirming, "But I really gotta run."

And when did Logan’s arms get so strong? They were like iron bands across Alec’s back. He could get free, but he’d probably have to hurt the other man to do it and that was something Alec was loathe to do.

"And I think I know why you did it too, Alec," Logan said softly, almost kindly.

Giving up for the moment on getting free, Alec threw back his head and challenged the older man. "Oh, yeah? Why?"

Logan simply leaned forward and kissed Alec. At first, it was a gentle, almost tender meeting of the lips. Then the kiss deepened and Alec moaned with need. By the time Logan let his mouth go, any thoughts of trying to deny his intentions had been sucked right out of Alec’s brain.

"What about Max?" Alec asked, his tongue licking his lower lip and tasting Logan there.

"What about her?" Logan asked, his arms no longer holding Alec in place, but caressing his skin.

"She’ll find a cure for that virus," Alec pointed out, resisting snuggling into that embrace. "You know she will."

Logan stopped petting him and brought his hands up to cup Alec’s face. "It doesn’t matter if she does, Alec. Max and I were over long before the virus."

Alec snorted. "I wouldn’t be so sure about that if I were you. She seems pretty stuck on you."

Logan shook his head. "Max indirectly put me in that wheelchair, Alec. Technology has helped me overcome the injury to a certain degree, but the fact that it happened will always be between us. I forgave her a long time ago, but you know Max well enough to know she’ll never forgive herself."

Since the older man was right, Alec didn’t try to argue. He just rested his head on Logan’s chest.

"Max will never let herself be happy with me and the best thing I can do is to let her go," Logan explained. He kissed the side of Alec’s neck, causing Alec to shiver. "But there’s nothing that says I have to be a martyr about it. Alec, most people don't have a second chance at happiness. I have no intention of letting my chance with you go by."

Alec lifted his head to look at Logan, hope beginning to war with doubt. "You sure about that? I come with as much baggage as Maxie does."

Logan chuckled. "You say that like it's a drawback. I happen to like baggage."

"And that's working so well for you," Alec replied dryly. He yelped when Logan squeezed him tight.

"I've got no complaints," Logan nibbled on Alec's chin. Just when Alec was getting into it, Logan left off and reached for his present.

"Let's see what the final gift is," Logan stated. "Other than you in my bed, that is."

Alec tried to take it away from him. Now that Logan knew who it was from, it felt a little silly. "Gimme that."

"Nope, it's mine," Logan countered.

With Alec glaring at him, the younger man once again unwilling to get overly rough with the comparably fragile human, Logan opened the package. It was a glass ornament, easily recognizable as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.

"If I hadn't already known, this would have proven that you were my secret admirer," Logan's smile was a little sad.

Alec frowned. "Why so?"

"Because the Tin Man always wanted a heart, Alec," Logan explained. "As much as you try to hide it, I don't think you need to worry on that account."

Uncomfortable, Alec squirmed. "Yeah, well, I'll remind you of that the next time I'm being selfish or manipulative."

"You do that," Logan carefully put the ornament aside, clearly not concerned in the least. "But you already gave me my best gift."

"What's that?"

"You. Here with me," Logan commented. "Now come here and let me unwrap my present."

Alec gladly complied, figuring that maybe the normals had been right all along. Alec might have been playing Secret Santa for Logan, but the real Santa had given Alec exactly what he'd wanted for Christmas.

Even if Alec was perpetually on the naughty list.

~the end~


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