Hands-On Demonstration

by Juli

January 2007

Danny opened the apartment door and smiled when he heard the mellow sounds of soft jazz music. Mac was home.

“Yo, Mac,” Danny called out. “I heard we both wrapped up our cases.”

“In here, Danny,” Mac responded from the living room.

“Did you get a load of those Suicide Girls?” Danny asked as he hung up his coat. “Man, what a mixed up group of babes.”

“Really?” Mac’s voice sounded curious, in that dry way of his. “How’s that?”

“Well, they’re supposed to be these strong women and they still call themselves ‘girls,’” Danny commented. “And I’d like to see anybody try and tell Stella she had to dress up like that to be considered strong.” He closed his eyes for a moment against the pain that still surged at the next name he had on his lips. “Or Aiden.”

“Not that they weren’t sexy,” Danny continued quickly, knowing he was babbling but not wanting to linger on the subject of his deceased friend. “In a tattooed, pierced kind of way. And judgin’ from the reaction of the people at the club, lots of people think they’re hot.”

By the time he finished speaking, Danny was done with his coat and had made his way into the living room. Mac was sitting on the couch. When Danny got a good look at the expression in the older man’s eyes, he slid to a complete stop.

“What?” Danny asked, heart suddenly in his throat.

“And you?” Mac asked solemnly. “Did you think they were hot?”

Danny grinned nervously. “Well, if you’re into that kind of thing, yeah.” He saw Mac frown and hastened to add a clarification. “But I’m not into that kinda thing. Totally not.”

“And yet I hear you were slow to turn her down,” Mac pinned Danny with an expression Danny was used to seeing his lover use in the interrogation room.

“Um, yeah, about that,” Danny stuttered. “I was gonna tell you about that.”

“Were you?” Mac’s voice was deceptively calm.

Danny squirmed, shuffling from foot to foot. “Look, Mac, I was surprised when she offered was all. There’s no way I woulda taken her up on it, you know that, right?” Danny gulped when Mac didn’t answer him right away. “Right?”

“Some former suspect flirts with you, asks you out, and I have to hear about it from someone else?” Mac summarized darkly. “And let’s not forget that you took your own sweet time saying no to her.”

“Aw, c’mon, Mac,” Danny protested. “It took me a minute to figure out how to turn her down without the NYPD gettin’ slapped with a sexual harassment suit.”

“What’s so hard?” Mac demanded. “You say ‘No, ma’am. Thank you very much, ma’am, but my boyfriend would paddle my ass red if I so much as thought about letting you touch me, ma’am.’”

Danny snorted at the absurdity of his lover’s suggestion. “Yeah, right.”

He didn’t even see Mac move. The next Danny knew, his wrist had been grabbed in an iron grip and, with one yank, he was over Mac’s lap. Danny yelped, but before he could manage a more articulate protest, the first swat landed on his ass.

“Yowch!” Danny cried out in surprise. “What the hell are you doin’, Mac?”

Mac grunted as Danny began to struggle, but his Marine training came in handy. No matter how much Danny squirmed, he couldn’t get free. And the swats kept coming.

“What I should. . . have done. . . a long time ago,” Mac punctuated each statement with a slap to Danny’s ass. “Claiming. . . what’s mine.”

No one was more aware than Danny that he and Mac were polar opposites. Danny was a loud Italian who wore his heart on his sleeve and was mouthy to boot. In contrast, if you looked up ‘stoic’ in the dictionary, Mac Taylor would be pictured there. Danny knew that Mac loved him. He wouldn’t be in Mac’s bed else; the older man simply did not do casual sex. Even so, sometimes Danny felt a little insecure. Mac was not the demonstrative type and that made it hard for Danny to understand his place in Mac’s life.

Well, now Mac was being demonstrative. . . with a vengeance.

“Someone flirts with you. . . you ignore them,” Mac panted as he continued. “You. . . belong. . . to me.” A particular sharp slap made Danny gasp. “Right?”

“Right, Mac,” Danny hastened to agree. “I’m yours.”

Danny’s ass was on fire, but he still felt his cock begin to swell. Damn, but Mac going all Neanderthal was hotter than hell. Or maybe it was just that he finally had undeniable proof that he’d managed to get past that hard shell of Mac’s.

Of course, just as soon as he realized he was enjoying it, the spanking stopped.

“Who do you belong to?” Mac’s voice was implacable.

“You, Mac,” Danny answered. “Only you. I’m totally yours, man.”

From his position, Danny couldn’t see Mac’s face, but he could hear the smile in the other man’s voice as he responded. “Good answer.”

Danny’s world tilted again as he was hauled back up to sit on Mac’s lap instead of over it. Mac was grinning at him, dark eyes snapping and Danny smiled shyly back. Mac groaned and wrapped a hand around the back of Danny’s neck, pulling him close for a kiss. Danny surrendered happily, allowing Mac to plunder his mouth with abandon.

One kiss melted into another and Danny was almost dizzy from lack of oxygen when Mac tore his mouth away. That didn’t stop him from whimpering, however, when he felt Mac’s hands tear his shirt open. The older man almost savagely shoved it and Danny’s jacket back and, while Danny tried to shrug out of the confining garments, lowered his head to Danny’s chest.

Danny gasped as he felt Mac’s mouth fasten around his nipple. His arms were caught in the uncooperative jacket, so he couldn’t do what he wanted, namely to hold Mac’s head in place and keep him right there. Mac seemed to know what he needed anyway, laving and nipping at first one tiny nub and then the other until Danny was about to come in his pants.

Cursing under his breath as he fought his clothing, Danny finally freed his arms. He reached for Mac, but the older man foiled him. Mac twisted and Danny ended up on his back across the couch cushions, Mac poised above him.

“You do belong to me, don’t you.” Mac stated with satisfaction. It wasn’t even close to being a question. “You’d let me do anything to you.”

Danny licked his lips. “Yeah.”

Surprisingly, Mac’s smile gentled and when he leaned forward to capture Danny’s lips again, the kiss was almost gentle. It didn’t last nearly long enough, though, before Mac was pulling away to trail kisses down Danny’s neck. Danny’s protest died in his throat as the kisses continued down his chest and dove into the sensitive skin of his belly.

“Oh, man,” Danny gasped as Mac’s tongue lapped at his bellybutton. His fingers wound into his lover’s short hair, trying to hang on to something, anything, as the sensations threatened to overwhelm him.

Danny squirmed, unable to hold still as Mac’s tongue both tickled and aroused him. Far from being impatient about it, Danny’s writhing seemed to please Mac. At least the few brain cells that Danny had left noticed that the older man was humming as he rimmed Danny’s bellybutton.

Then the cold air hit Danny’s ass and he knew why Mac was so satisfied. Mac had used both Danny’s movements and distraction as a tactic to get his pants off him.

“You’re. . . one sneaky. . . bastard. . . Mac,” Danny gasped.

Mac lifted his head and, with an evil smile, blew gently across Danny’s stomach. His breath was warm, but as it caressed the damp surface of his skin, it caused goosebumps.

“Just marking my territory,” Mac assured him. “After tonight, you’ll never forget who you belong to again.”

Danny meant to protest that he knew damn well who he belonged to. All that came out was a garbled sound that might have been Mac’s name, because the other man chose that moment to engulf Danny’s cock in his mouth.

“Fuck!” Danny cried out, heels digging into the soft sofa cushions as he arched his back. Mac knelt between Danny’s legs, head bobbing up and down as he worked the younger man’s cock.

Mac wouldn’t let Danny come, no matter how much he begged. Every time Danny got close, Mac would pull off the cock in his mouth and just smile as Danny swore at him. The first time he bent back to his task, though, Mac slid a finger in Danny’s ass. With each subsequent stop and then return, another finger was added. Soon, Mac was finger fucking Danny even as he kept his lover from the brink of orgasm.

“Who do you belong to, Danny?” Mac grated out the question as he pulled his mouth off Danny’s cock one last time.

“You, Mac,” Danny panted. “Only. . . you.”

Danny watched with half-lidded eyes as Mac dropped his own pants. The ex-Marine had obviously prepared for this encounter, because he next reached for a tube of lubricant that was sitting on the end table, along with a condom package. Danny licked his lips as Mac efficiently sheathed his erection and quickly slicked it up. A strange sort of lassitude came over Danny. Although he was anxious to proceed, he found he was content to lay back and let Mac do all the work, especially when it came to making all of the decisions.

It didn’t take long for Mac to finish his preparations. Soon he was back on the couch with Danny, kneeling between Danny’s legs. Mac bent forward and kissed Danny gently, but thoroughly.

“Yours, Mac,” Danny whispered hoarsely.

“Mine,” Mac agreed.

Mac sat back on his haunches and grabbed Danny by the hips. He scooted the younger man up and onto his lap. Danny hissed as the sensitive skin of his reddened ass pressed against Mac’s thighs. That heat was soon replaced, though, by the burn and stretch as Mac pressed inside. Danny gasped and bit his lip, but was glad that Mac didn’t stop until he was fully buried. He did grunt a little as Mac leaned forward to kiss him again.

“Mine, Danny,” Mac repeated.

And then he started to thrust.

There was no gradual build-up, no easing into a rhythm. Mac moved his hips strongly right from the beginning, his balls slapping against Danny’s ass as he made his movements. Mac drove into him relentlessly, making Danny feel possessed completely by the older man and fully loved.

“Come for me, Danny,” Mac commanded after several minutes. Up until that point, their coupling had proceeded with only soft cries of pleasure from Danny and some grunts of exertion made by Mac. “Show me who you belong to.”

Along with the order, Mac started swiveling his hips, nailing Danny’s prostate with each thrust inside. That added sensation, along with looking up and seeing Mac’s possessive expression, was enough to send Danny over the edge. He felt his orgasm burst through him in wave after wave of pleasure. As he grayed out from the intensity of his release, the last thing Danny saw was the look of triumph in Mac’s face even as his body clenched around the cock deep within him.

“Danny? Danny, come on. Open your eyes.”

It was the worry in Mac’s voice that brought Danny back to wakefulness. He was first aware of Mac’s scent. As he became more awake, Danny realized he was being held in Mac’s arms and was pressed close against the older man’s skin. He couldn’t have been out too long, because Mac was still damp with sweat and breathing hard.

“Mmmm. . .” Danny murmured as he stretched languorously. “Did you get the license number of the truck that hit me?” He grinned as he opened his eyes. “It was a Mack truck.”

Mac smiled back. “I was worried. You haven’t passed out before.”

“I never had a ride like that before, either,” Danny admitted, snuggling into Mac’s body.

One of Mac’s hands came up and started stroking Danny’s hair. “So. . . you’re not angry at me for the spanking?” He didn’t wait for Danny to answer. “I’m sorry about that. I had no right. . . .”

Danny’d had enough. “Stop right there.” He struggled out of his lover’s embrace, lifting up so Mac could clearly how serious he was. “If I had a problem with what you were doin’, I woulda told you to stop. Besides, you always say to follow the evidence. Well, if me passin’ out isn’t good enough evidence that I enjoyed myself, I don’t know what is.” He paused. “Next time, though, we’ll set a safe word first.”

“Next time?” Mac looked bemused. “Safe word? Have you done this before?”

“I had this girlfriend once,” Danny shrugged before settling back down on top of Mac. “She tried to get me interested, told me a few things, but it didn’t work out.”

Mac tilted his head as he considered the younger man. “But you said you enjoyed it?”

Danny blushed. “Yeah, well, she wanted me to be the one doin’ the spankin’. I guess I just like bein’ on the receivin’ end.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Mac nuzzled behind Danny’s ear. “I like you being on the receiving end too.”

”Yeah. I gotta tell ya, Mac,” Danny admitted. “You’re hotter than hell when you’re marking your territory. I kinda like that I can drive you all apeshit like that.” He grinned. “You, Tarzan. Me, very, very happy.”

Mac snorted. “I think you forget who the hot one is in this relationship.” One hand came down to cup Danny’s ass possessively. “Or have you forgotten what got this evening started?”

”You don’t think you’re hot?” Danny chuckled. “Just ask Peyton or Lindsay. One of these days while you’re sleepin’, I’m gonna write ‘Property of Danny Messer’ on your forehead with a Sharpie so they’ll quit drooling over you.”

“I’m yours every bit as much as you’re mine,” Mac assured him. He grinned in that open and easy way that Danny loved, because he knew that Mac trusted very few people with seeing him like that. “Just, skip the magic marker labeling, okay? At least, not when I have to go to work.”

“Nah, work’s work,” Danny shook his head. “Lovey dovey stuff don’t belong there. Don’t worry, Mac. I’d never expect nothing like that anywhere near the lab.” He licked Mac’s neck, tasting the salty flavor of sweat. “Here, at home, though, is an entirely different story.”

Mac kissed him tenderly. “I can live with that.”

After a few minutes of cuddling and kissing, Danny yawned. Mac laughed softly. “Come on, let’s get cleaned up and go to bed.” He kissed Danny one more time before maneuvering the younger man off of him and onto his own two feet. Getting up and wrapping an arm around his lover, Mac guided them towards the master bedroom.

Danny looked at him hopefully. “Since you’ve established that I’m your property, you gonna help me get clean, maybe wash my back for me?”

Mac grinned. “I think that can be arranged.”

He let go of Danny long enough to flip the light switch, turning off the lights in the living room. That was just a cover for his true intention, however. Mac swatted Danny playfully on the ass.

“Hey!” Danny protested, glaring at the older man. “What was that for?”

“Just a reminder,” Mac told him, a smile tugging at his lips. “No more flirting.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “I think you made your point.”

“I’m not so sure about that,” Mac retorted. “You enjoyed yourself, that hardly makes it an effective deterrent.”

“What do you mean?” Danny demanded.

Mac’s grin was full of anticipation. “I mean that I might have to come up with other. . . deterrents.”

Danny gulped, but then he remembered how he’d felt during the spanking and, especially, during the love-making session that followed it. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mac would never hurt him and, if this evening had been any indication, then any future deterrents Mac came up with would be pretty fucking fantastic.

“Then I guess we better come up with that safe word,” Danny replied simply as he continued on to the other room.

He could hardly wait.

~the end~


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