Dressed for the Occasion

by Juli

May 2007

Mac opened the door cautiously. He’d been geared up for a surprise the whole damn day and had pretty much tensed up whenever he entered a room or turned a corner. Danny Messer had an inventive mind and Mac wouldn’t put it past his lover to have some sort of birthday event planned for Mac, despite knowing that Mac hated that kind of thing. He’d made it through the whole day without being pounced, though, which left only the home they shared as ambush territory.

Once he opened the door, Mac put one foot in, ready to dart back out if there was a horde of people waiting to jump out and shout ‘surprise.’ To his relief, though, the apartment was apparently empty. The lights were on, but there was no one hiding behind the couch or in the shadows.

In a much better frame of mind, Mac entered the apartment and closed the door behind him. Birthday parties held no appeal to him. He’d much rather spend the evening with Danny.


Mac realized that his lover had to be home, but he was nowhere to be found. “Danny? You home?”

“I’m in here, Mac,” came the muffled response.

Mac followed the other man’s voice. ‘Here’ turned out to be the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. The clothes that Danny had worn to work were spread out neatly on the bed and a clear bag was wadded on the floor. Mac picked it up and straightened the twisted plastic, striving to read what was printed on its slick surface. It appeared to simply be a drycleaner’s bag.

“Danny, what are you doing?” Mac’s question was met with silence. “Danny?”

“It was supposed t’be your birthday present, Mac,” Danny didn’t make a move to come out of the bathroom and still spoke through the firmly closed door. “But the idiots at the drycleaners messed it up.”

Mac looked from the plastic bag back to the bathroom. He didn’t need to be a forensic scientist to know that Danny had obviously picked up some sort of clothing item for Mac’s birthday, but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out what that would be. Not to mention, why it being wrong meant that Danny needed to barricade himself away.

“What are you talking about, Danny?” Mac was perplexed.

Danny’s sigh could be heard through the closed door. “You know how you get off on seein’ me in my dress uniform?”

That got Mac’s attention. It was a little embarrassing, but Mac did indeed have a thing for seeing Danny Messer – irreverent, irrepressible rebel that he was – in a formal uniform.

“Yeah,” Mac replied, licking his lips.

“Well, mosta the time you see me in mine, it’s for a funeral or somethin’ and that’s not exactly the most fun,” Danny explained. “I thought for your birthday, I’d wear it and we could go out to dinner.”

Mac wasn’t so sure that the going out was such a good idea. If Danny was, in fact, in dress uniform, Mac didn’t think he’d be able to concentrate on anything as mundane as food. “Okay, so what’s the problem?”

“I wanted everything to be perfect, so I decided to get it cleaned for the occasion.” Mac didn’t need to see Danny to know that the other man’s expression was filled with disdain. “But the genius drycleaner got my uniform mixed up with somebody else’s.”

“So?” Mac questioned. “It’s clean, right?”

“So, it doesn’t fit!” Danny protested vehemently. The door shook a little, as though the agitated young man had smacked his hand against it. “Mac, I can’t go out in public dressed in this.”

Sighing, Mac sat on the edge of the bed, careful not to rumple Danny’s clothes. Danny was casual about a lot of things, but not his clothing. It got the same care and attention that the evidence that Danny handled on the job did. Mac thought it was cute, although he was careful not to let that be known to Danny.

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think,” Mac tried to console his lover. “Why don’t you come out and show me?”

“You’ll laugh your ass off.”

For the first time, Danny sounded hesitant instead of angry and Mac felt a welling of tenderness for the younger man. Vulnerability wasn’t something that Danny was comfortable feeling, let alone allowing to show. Mac got up and laid his hand flat against the door, imagining he could feel Danny’s flesh underneath his palm instead of the wooden surface.

“I won’t laugh,” Mac vowed. “I promise.”

There was no response.


“All right, all right,” came the reluctant reply. “Just sit on the bed or somethin’. Otherwise, you might just lose your balance tryin’ not to laugh.”

Mac did as he was asked, thinking it a small enough thing to do. The sooner he coaxed Danny out of the bathroom, the sooner he could reassure the younger man that his gift was very much appreciated, even if it hadn’t turned out quite the way Danny had intended. “Okay, I’m seated. Come on out.”

“Brace yourself,” Danny warned him.

As he watched the doorknob turn, Mac smiled. Danny was something of a clotheshorse and Mac was pretty sure that the fit of the uniform couldn’t be as bad as Danny had described. When the bathroom door opened and Danny finally came out, however, Mac found out that he was wrong. It not only was as bad as Danny described, it was worse.

If ‘worse’ was the right word for it.

The uniform was several sizes too big and hung on Danny. The sleeves of the jacket and shirt almost totally covered his hands, with just the very ends of his fingertips showing. Likewise, the pants legs were too long and bunched up around Danny’s ankles, threatening to trip him. Danny’s neck was swimming in the collar of the shirt and not even the tie could cinch it up all the way.

Danny shuffled his way over to Mac, holding the waistband of his pants with one hand to keep them from falling off. With the other, he held a hat. He looked like nothing less than a boy who’d decided to play dress-up in his daddy’s uniform.

And Mac was destined for hell, because the sight of it went straight to his cock.

“See?” Danny said, mistaking Mac’s stunned expression for something other than lust. “I told you it looked stupid.”

“Daniel,” Mac whispered hoarsely. “Come over here.”

The use of his formal name gave Danny pause. He looked at Mac askance, but shuffled closer, still moving slowly as he tried not to trip. Just a foot away from Mac, Danny got tired of holding the hat and put it on top of his head. Like everything else, it was too big and immediately fell over his eyes. Danny blew out a short breath of exasperation and shoved it back at angle so that he could see.

By that time, Danny was right in front of Mac and must have realized that his lover was having a strong reaction to what he was wearing, although the expected laughter hadn’t materialized. “Um. . . Mac? You okay?”

Mac was far from okay. In fact, he felt like a dirty old man. Then again, it was his birthday, he told himself. If ever there was a day to be naughty, this was it.

“Daniel, come here,” Mac repeated, using a low voice laden with authority.

Danny gulped, but stepped closer, moving so he was standing in between Mac’s spread legs. Mac reached up and grabbed Danny by the tie, using it as leverage to pull the younger man down. Danny’s eyes widened, but he allowed it to happen. Within a few heartbeats, Danny was straddling Mac’s lap.

“Happy birthday to me,” Mac said quietly, but with great satisfaction. He stroked Danny’s cheek with the back of his hand. “I like my present, Daniel. I like it very much.”

Before Danny could answer, Mac pulled him down for a kiss. Usually, their kisses started slow and they both had fun as they worked their way up to hot and heavy. Not this time. Mac kissed Danny like his life depended on it, using his tongue to claim ownership. Danny stiffened in surprise, but then moaned low in his throat. Bracing himself with hands on Mac’s shoulders, Danny gave in to the kisses, letting Mac plunder him at will.

Mac tore his mouth from Danny’s to start nipping his way down the side of the younger man’s neck. Danny arched to give him access. Seeing his lover’s neck in the oversized shirt brought out something primal in Mac. Grinning madly, he bit sharply, careful even in the haze of his lust not to break the skin. Danny cried out and shivered in Mac’s arms as the bite turned into a series of soothing licks.

“You taste as good as you look,” Mac murmured against the salt of Danny’s skin. “Better than birthday cake.”

“Feels like you’re eatin’ me alive here, Mac,” Danny gasped.

“Good,” Mac’s chuckle was just short of being evil.

Mac used one hand to wrap around Danny’s body and grab him by the ass. The other he used to unbutton the coat. Once it was undone, he slid it off Danny’s shoulders and pulled out the shirt from Danny’s waistband. Once he had access, Mac’s hand slid up the front, tickling his lover’s bare skin as he went. When he got to Danny’s nipples, he used his short fingernails to scrape against first one hard nub and then the other. When Danny gasped, Mac covered his mouth with his own, stealing the sound before it could be completely uttered.

Danny tried to reciprocate, but Mac pinned his hands down, causing him to whine. “Mac, I wanna touch you.”

“No,” Mac denied him. “You’re my birthday present and I’m going to unwrap you the way I want to.”

For several minutes, Mac was content to devour Danny’s mouth and tease the skin of his chest and torso. Danny wiggled and squirmed on his lap. Once the younger man realized his movements were bringing some much-needed friction, he redoubled his efforts, laughing softly through the prison of Mac’s lips.

Mac finally had to put his hands on Danny’s hips, stilling him. “Brat,” he murmured fondly as he rested his forehead against his lover’s. Both men were panting heavily.

“You like me that way,” Danny replied, smugness apparent in every word.

Since Danny was completely right, Mac didn’t bother to correct him. Instead, he found himself suddenly eager for more skin. Danny’s skin.

Keeping eye contact with Danny, he undid the younger man’s belt and slowly drew it through the loops on the pants. Once it had been tossed aside, Mac encouraged Danny up just enough to wriggle free of the pants. They were so big that he was able to slide them right off his hips without undoing the zipper. The briefs he was wearing underneath were a bit harder, since Danny’s erection was straining to get free, but they managed. When Danny was naked from the waist down, he reached for the shirt, but Mac stopped him.

“Leave it,” Mac ordered. “And the tie.”

Danny smiled slowly and next stretched his hands towards Mac’s clothes, but again was stopped.

“No,” Mac stated succinctly. He settled Danny back on his lap, once again straddling his legs.

There was something wicked about having a half-nude Danny on his lap while Mac himself was fully clothed, but he liked it. The kissing resumed, except this time, Mac’s hands wandered below Danny’s waist. His lover made little whimpering sounds in the back of his throat, but Mac swallowed those too. He ran his hands across the taut flesh of Danny’s ass, clenching and spreading the cheeks before dipping his fingers to the crevice in between. He didn’t linger, though. That was a pleasure for later.

Without breaking his lips from Danny’s, Mac slid his hand around to Danny’s front. The heat from his lover’s rigid cock drew him like a magnet. Mac grasped it firmly and without any warning, started pumping it strongly.

“Ahhh. . . .” Danny arched off Mac’s lap. “You tryin’ to kill me, Mac?”

“Nope, just trying to make you feel good,” Mac chuckled. He shifted his grip to momentarily cup Danny’s balls, laughing again when the action caused Danny to moan.

“Nah-uh,” Danny shook his head. “You’re tryin’ to kill me, all right.”

“Mmmmm. . . .” Mac murmured into Danny’s ear. “I think I like you like this, all sexy and spread out for me to enjoy.”

“Glad to ob-oblige,” Danny responded. “Any- . . . anytime, trust me.”

Mac laughed softly and continued his stroking. Danny went still in his arms. From the way he bit his lip and had his faced screwed up in concentration, Mac assumed his lover was holding on to his self control by the barest of minimums. Mac continued until he sensed the touch was close to completely driving Danny over the edge.

“Here,” Mac said as he ran a finger along Danny’s bottom lip. “Get this wet.”

Pupils blown wide with lust, Danny obediently opened his mouth and allowed Mac’s finger inside. Mac felt the softness of his lover’s tongue and then all of his attention was taken up when Danny started to suckle. The suction hollowed out Danny’s cheeks and it was Mac’s turn to gasp.

“Brat,” Mac murmured as Danny’s tongue swirled around the tip of his finger. Danny smiled with his eyes, his lips being otherwise occupied. “The longer you keep that in your mouth, the longer’ll you’ll have to wait to have anything in the other end.”

Scowling, Danny let Mac’s finger slip from between his lips. “Party pooper.”

Mac gathered his lover close, holding Danny pressed tight against him as he reached around to the younger man’s ass. “On the contrary, I just want to get the real party started.”

He slid his finger inside Danny and when the other man gasped, covered Danny’s mouth with his own. Their tongues dueled as Mac finger fucked Danny. Each time he added another digit, Danny moaned and stilled as he adjusted to the added fullness. Mac would wait until the other man started squirming on top of him before moving them around.

“Quit teasin’, Mac,” Danny pulled his lips away from Mac’s long enough to grumble. “I thought you said something about partying?”

Mac ran his hands up and down Danny’s torso, under the shirt. His lover’s skin was slick with sweat. He bestowed one chaste kiss on Danny’s lips, noticing that they were swollen and hot from their earlier activity. “All right, hold on a minute.”

Managing to keep Danny on his lap, Mac stretched and opened the drawer to the bedside table. It was where they kept the condoms and lube; soon Mac had each in hand.

“We don’t need that stuff,” Danny complained. “I’m ready to go now.”

“You’ll wait another minute, young man,” Mac told him firmly, but there was a smile playing around his lips. “We only do this fully prepared, remember?”

Danny bit his lip and nodded. One time and one time only, he’d managed to convince Mac to take him without lube. The result had not been pretty. Oh, the anal tear was small, but even Mac admitted that he’d reacted like it was the Grand Canyon itself. Luckily, Sid was something of a player and had been willing to take a look at Danny when Mac asked. It’d been weeks before Danny could look Sid in the eye again, but to Mac it had been worth it to have his lover seen to. Up until now, the embarrassment had been a deterrent for Danny, preventing him from risking a repeat.

“Here,” Mac handed the condoms and lube to Danny. “Make yourself useful.”

Grinning cockily, Danny made a show of opening the condom wrapper with his teeth. He became serious as he unzipped Mac’s pants and eased out his erect cock. “I feel like I’m the one getting the present here.”

“Oh, this is for me too,” Mac stifled a groan as his lover’s clever fingers slid the sheath over his overheated flesh. The lube came next and he gasped as the liquid’s coolness hit him. Danny was practically drowning him in the stuff.

“Want to make sure you’re plenty slick,” Danny said primly. “We have to be fully prepared, you know.”

“Brat,” Mac growled. He grabbed the tube from Danny and tossed it carelessly onto the bed.

Mac took a firm grip of Danny’s hips and encouraged him up. Once the younger man was poised over Mac’s cock, Mac guided him down. Both men exclaimed in pleasure as Mac’s erection breached the prepared opening to Danny’s body. Mac tried to keep the penetration slow, but Danny had different ideas. He pushed down relentlessly until Mac was fully inside him.

“Happy birthday, Mac,” Danny panted. His eyes were full of love and triumph.

Leaning forward, Mac kissed Danny deeply. “Thank you.”

The movement caused Danny’s flesh to ripple around him and Mac moaned. He kept his hands on his lover’s hips and encouraged the young man to move. Danny’s cried out and steadied himself by putting his hands on Mac’s shoulders.

“S’good, Mac,” Danny murmured. “S’damn good.”

“Yes, you are,” Mac bit Danny lightly on the shoulder. “Daniel, you’re very good.”

Danny lifted and lowered himself on Mac’s erection, starting with a slow, smooth motion. After their frantic kissing from before, it didn’t satisfy either man for long. Mac rained kisses on his young lover, intermixed with nibbles on whatever skin was within reach.

“Come on, Danny,” Mac maneuvered his hand between their straining bodies. “Don’t hold back, I want everything you’ve got.”

Mac started stroking his lover’s cock in time with Danny’s movements. Danny gave an inarticulate cry and his rhythm broke momentarily before resuming at a faster, harder pace. “That’s it, Danny. I want you to fall apart for me.”

Danny arched and threw his head back. The oversized police hat slid off his head, but neither man noticed. Biting his lip, Danny began slamming himself down harder.

“Careful,” Mac cautioned.

“No way,” Danny panted. “Gotta come, Mac.”

Mac twisted the firm flesh in his hands, digging his thumb right underneath the sensitive tip. “Then come.”

One moment Danny was straining on top of him and then the young man’s body stilled. Mac felt his own cock be gripped tightly as Danny’s orgasm started, just as the other man’s cock shot his release over both of their bellies.

“Good, Danny,” Mac crooned. “Good, baby.”

After his climax passed, Danny fell forward limply. Mac caught him. The shift in position, though, brought the younger CSI to realization.

“Mac, you didn’t-. . . .”

Mac grin was greedy. “Not yet.”

Before Danny could respond, Mac was partially standing, with Danny wrapped around him like a blanket. Danny squawked in surprise, but held on instead of struggling. In little time, Mac had deposited him on the bed, with Mac still buried inside him.

“Now it’s my turn,” Mac bent Danny’s legs back and stole a fierce kiss before starting a rhythm of his own.

With his lover bent at an awkward position that had him completely open to Mac’s pleasure, Mac thrust strongly, almost savagely. For all he babied Danny sometimes, he knew that Danny was tough and could take it.

“Hell, yeah, Mac,” Danny encouraged him. It was too soon after his own orgasm for Danny’s cock to harden again, but he used his muscles to squeeze Mac tightly and give him more friction.

Mac could have stayed on top of Danny forever, but his body had other ideas. It reminded him that, yes, he was another year older and that he could take only so much pleasure. Knowing he was near release, Mac grabbed Danny’s legs and spread them wider, allowing him to get inside just that tinier bit more.

“Mine,” Mac growled, grunting a phrase out with each thrust. “My birthday. My Danny. Mine.”

He felt his orgasm start and waves of pleasure crashing over him. The next he knew, Mac had his head pillowed on Danny’s chest and the young man was carding his fingers through his hair. He lifted his head and looked at his lover blearily.

“Oh, you’re back,” Danny commented, entirely satiated and smug. “Happy birthday.”

Mac couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks.” He grinned and moved up enough to kiss Danny thoroughly. “I liked my present.”

Danny snorted. “You can say that again.” He stretched and then grimaced.

“What?” Mac asked, suddenly concerned. He remembered how strong those last thrusts of his had been. Almost savage. “Are you okay?”

If Danny was hurt because of Mac’s enthusiasm, they’d be paying another visit to Sid, no matter embarrassed Danny was about it.

“I’m fine, but I can’t say the same of the uniform,” Danny complained. “Man, I’m gonna have to get the blasted thing cleaned before I take it back.”

Mac remembered how his lover had looked in the oversized garment and his cock, which should have been thoroughly worn out, actually twitched. “You’re not taking it back.”

“What?” Danny protested. “Mac, it’s not mine. Not to mention, some badge out there has my uniform and probably isn’t too happy about it.” He grinned. “I bet he didn’t get lucky in it, either.”

“Fine, take it back,” Mac gave in. He settled into the pillows and pulled Danny on top him, suddenly too tired to even get undressed. “But we’re buying you a new one.”

Danny yawned and wiggled until his head was pillowed in the space between Mac’s neck and shoulder. “Nah. Don’t need to buy me a new one. I’m sure the copper that has mine will bring it back.”

Mac chuckled. “That’s not what I’m talking about. The new one we’ll buy you is gonna be the same size as the one you wore tonight. Maybe one size bigger.” He felt Danny start in surprise and looked down to see wide, blue eyes looking up at him. “I liked my birthday present, Danny. I liked it a lot.”

Of all things, Danny blushed. Still dressed in his oversized shirt and tie, he looked adorable. Downright edible, in fact. Mac took a delicate nibble on Danny’s chin, simply too tired for anything more.

“And here I thought you were pretty vanilla, Mac,” Danny finally said as he settled back next to his lover.

“Oh, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Mac replied. Stroking the other man until he felt Danny drift into sleep.

There were a few things Danny didn’t know about Mac, but after tonight, Mac was more than eager to show him.

~the end~

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