by Juli

November 2005

There was resistance when Mac pushed in. It didn’t surprise him; there was something in Danny’s nature that always seemed to make the younger man do things the hard way. Even sex. Since Danny had initiated this encounter, Mac knew he wanted it. Craved it, even. And yet, Danny’s body seemed to be fighting their coming together.

“Easy, Danny,” Mac crooned as the large head of his cock pierced his lover’s opening.

“Holy crap, Mac,” Danny gasped. “You grow an inch or two since the last time?”

Mac grinned. Danny made it sound like it’s been a long time since they’d made love, but it had only been that morning. Just then, however, Danny’s ass flexed around Mack’s cock and he groaned.

On second thought, it did seem like forever.

He thrust in another increment, determined that the initial slide of their joining would be as pain-free as possible for Danny. “Just relax.”

“That’s easy for you to say, Mac,” Danny responded. “You don’t have this monster bangin’ on your back door.”

Mac ran his hands languidly up and down Danny’s back, feeling the twitch of the younger man’s muscles just underneath the skin. The petting motion seemed to calm the tense body underneath his a little and his cock gained another inch side.

“C’mon, Mac,” Danny complained. “Just shove in.”

“Absolutely not. You could get hurt.”

“But I need it, Mac,” Danny objected, voice close to a whine. “I need it now.”

”And you’ll get it, Mac promised him. “When you’re good and ready; I refuse to hurt you.”

The younger man obviously thought he needed sex that was fast and hard. That kind of coupling had its place, but as far as Mac was concerned, a quick fuck was the furthest thing from what Danny truly needed at the moment. The younger man was wound so tight that he was about to break. Danny needed to fall apart, but in a good way, and it was essential that he knew that Mac would be there to pick up the pieces.

Danny might think he needed fast, but what he was going to get was slow.

Mac shifted his hips and gained another inch. “That’s it, Danny. Let me in.”

“I’m tryin’, Mac,” Danny said desperately.

Mac had a feeling that his lover wasn’t just referring to the sex and hastened to reassure him. “I know, I know.”

It seemed like an eternity, but with continued petting and coaxing, Danny’s body began to relax. Slowly but with great certainty, Mac’s cock took possession of the other man, until eventually Mac was fully sheathed.

“Finally,” Danny sighed.

Mac grinned as Danny lifted his ass, obviously anticipating the beginning of the fucking. Instead, Mac stretched out on top of the smaller man, nuzzling Danny’s hair and biting gently at the back of his neck.

“Oh, God, Mac,” Danny moaned. “You’re killin’ me here. Move or wiggle or somethin’, will ya?”

“All in good time, Danny,” Mac assured him, gentling another bite into a kiss. “Just trust me.”

“I do trust you.”

“Then trust me a little more,” Mac asked.

Danny’s hands were fisted in the sheets and Mac covered them with his own. He continued the kisses, licks, and bites across Danny’s shoulders, murmuring soft words of encouragement. Slowly, Danny’s fists relaxed and Mac twined their fingers together.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he told the younger man.

Danny didn’t respond, just gasped as Mac shifted his hips slightly, just enough to make his cock twitch inside Danny. With one last kiss, Mac lifted himself off his lover, choosing ignore the muffled comment that the other man made, since he had a feeling it wasn’t likely to be complementary. Danny’s ass came up again and, this time, Mac took hold of his hips. The movement he made, however, again wasn’t what Danny was anticipating. He didn’t start thrusting; he leveraged them over more to the side of the bed. With his feet on the floor and Danny all but hanging off the mattress, Mac had more control over their coupling and he intended on taking advantage of every bit of it.

Before Danny could start complaining again, Mac began pulling out, using a movement every bit as unhurried as what he’d used to first penetrate his lover. It felt like slow motion, but Mac reveled in it. He could feel Danny’s body ripple around him, the heat where Danny’s ass engulfed him was enough to make him melt.

When he pushed back in every bit as slowly, Danny seemed to get the idea of what Mac had in store for them.

“Mac,” he growled. “I need more…”

“I know exactly what you need,” Mac reassured him. “And you’re gonna get it.”

“Some time tonight, Mac,” Danny grunted. Mac had only then finished his second thrust and stayed there, pressed tight against Danny’s prostate.

Mac smiled fondly. “Just let go, Danny.”

With that, Mac began to pull out again, at that same languid pace. He kept at it, not hurrying no matter how Danny cajoled or cursed him. Shamelessly, Mac used his superior position and heavier body weight to keep Danny pinned, refusing to let the younger man shove back against his cock or affect the rate of his thrusts. His movements were so slow, that even though he had Danny pressed against the mattress, there wasn’t enough wiggle room for a decent amount of friction. Danny could only come when Mac wanted him to.

And Mac didn’t want him to. Not yet.

Both Mac and Danny were covered with sweat as the minutes went by and Mac wouldn’t let them come. He reached down and licked at Danny’s spine, the added sensation enough to cause Danny to sob with need.

“Come on, baby,” Mac used an endearment, a rarity for him. “Let go, I know you can do it.”

Danny pounded on the mattress with his fists and, just when Mac thought he really was going to have to quicken the pace for his own sanity, finally broke down.

“God, Mac,” Danny whimpered as his body went limp underneath Mac. “Just… please, Mac.”

“What do you need, Danny?” Mac thrust in hard for the first time, but then just held his position. “What do you need?”

“You,” Danny sobbed. “I need you.”

“Good answer,” Mac praised him.

He stroked his hand down Danny’s side before resuming his grip on the younger man’s hips. He ground his pelvis against Danny’s ass, driving his cock in as deep as it could go. Danny cried out, but Mac wasn’t through. He slid back and then in again, thrusting both hard and fast. The slap of his balls against Danny’s ass was loud in the quiet bedroom.

“Mac,” Danny cried out.

“I’ve got you,” Mac grunted, thrusting in again.

He wrapped one arm around Danny’s waist and lifted the other man to his knees. Mac began thrusting again, the smack of his balls against Danny’s ass picking up in tempo as he began to make up for lost time. When he dropped his hand to cradle Danny’s cock, he found it large and heavy in his hand. Since he felt about ready to burst himself, Mac knew that neither of them could last long.

Pulling all the way out, Mac ignored Danny’s wordless cry of protest. He flipped Danny onto his back and plunged in again, bending the younger man almost in two so he could claim a sloppy kiss.

“Come for me,” Mac murmured when their lips broke apart.

Danny’s eyes had a dazed, almost glassy expression and Mac knew that his lover had given himself over completely. By this time, he was riding Danny hard, the whole bed shaking from the force of his thrusts. Mac felt the other man’s body clench down in orgasm even before he felt the splash of Danny’s come. Danny’s hips lifted as his body reached its climax, his strong legs wrapping around Mac’s legs as he instinctively pulled his lover closer.

It wasn’t any of those actions that brought Mac to orgasm. It was the look of love and trust on Danny’s face. All of Danny’s carefully constructed layers of emotional protection were down, maybe for the first time since Mac had known him.

Mac groaned long and loud as he came inside of his lover. His hips couldn’t seem to stop moving and he thrust once or twice even after his cock had spilled all that it could. Belatedly, Mac became aware that his arms were trembling from the exertion of holding himself up. He collapsed to his side, taking Danny with him. He wanted to take his time in pulling completely out of the younger man. After that love making session, Danny had to be sore.

Danny didn’t give Mac a chance to separate. As soon as Mac was on the mattress, Danny was pushing himself into Mac’s arms.

“You okay?” Mac asked, running a hand through Danny’s sweat-soaked hair.

“Nobody’s ever done that for me,” Danny admitted. “Fucked me like that.”

Mac kissed him. “That wasn’t fucking, Danny. That was making love.”

Danny’s face screwed up as he thought about it. “Why?”

“You needed it,” Mac shrugged.

It had been a long week, one where Danny’s Messer heritage had again gotten in the way. Mac had backed Danny, but it had still been rough for the younger CSI to see distrust in another detective’s face. Danny had all but run himself ragged, trying to prove himself. As supervisor and lover both, there had been nothing Mac could do but offer his support; some things Danny would need to demonstrate to the rest of the NYPD for himself. After all of that tenseness, plus the feelings of self-loathing that Mac knew haunted Danny whenever the Messer name was involved, Danny needed to unwind.

“You needed it,” Mac repeated. “And I love you.” When Danny looked away, Mac tried to lighten the atmosphere. “It wasn’t like it was a chore.”

Danny’s face, though, when he looked back, was serious. “Do you ever need… that… sometimes?”

“Yeah,” Mac admitted.

“How will I know?” The younger man’s face was wrinkled in concern.

Mac kissed him. “Trust me, you’ll know.” He shifted position a little and felt his softened cock be expelled from Danny’s body. With a grimace, he got the condom off, pleased to see that it didn’t have any blood on it. They’d prepared, so there was a wastebasket and wet washcloth standing by.

Danny lay quietly as Mac wiped him off.

“You okay?” Mac asked and he wasn’t just talking about the physical. Although Danny kept a lot bottled inside, he was rarely introspective.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Danny answered. “Just thinkin’, you know?”

“Not so tense?” Mac inquired as, chores done, he settled back onto the mattress.

Danny snorted. “I’m a puddle of goo in the middle of the bed, Mac. I don’t think I could manage to be tense if I tried.” He yawned. “Ask me again tomorrow.”

Mac kissed him gently. “I think it’s my turn to sleep in the wet spot.”

“We were at it so long,” Danny griped, “that the whole damn bed’s a wet spot.”

“Sorry,” Mac apologized, although the smug grin on his face made it obvious that the apology was less than genuine. He wasn’t at all repentant that his plan had worked and that Danny had worked off the tenseness that had building all week.

Already half-asleep, Danny burrowed into Mac’s arms. The older man held him gladly, wrapping one arm around the younger man and using the other to pull up the covers. No doubt they’d both sleep well, although he guessed that there would be sore muscles to spare in the morning. Sore muscles, though, were a small price to pay. Not only for extraordinary sexual experience he’d just shared with his lover, but also the knowledge that Danny trusted Mac enough to fall apart, knowing that Mac would be there to help him back together again.

~the end~


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