A Journey of the Heart

Fanfiction by Juli


CSI: New York

CSI:NY and its characters belong to CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Alliance Atlantis. This story was written purely for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made from it.


Stand Alone 

 It’s Mac’s birthday and Danny’s present doesn’t turn out quite the way he had in mind.

When Danny doesn't show up for work, Mac becomes more concerned than he expected.

Danny might think he needed fast, but what he was going to get was slow.

Danny’s been propositioned by a Suicide Girl. Mac shows him exactly how he feels about that.

Danny's feeling a little insecure about going to Chicago with Mac for Thanksgiving.

Mac's got a sleepy Danny on his hands.

Spliced Series - AU
Warning: Technically, this is not underage, but it’s close. In a similar vein, there’s no issue of non-consent, but it could be argued that one participant doesn’t really know what’s going on. That might make it dubious consent? In any case, if you’re sensitive to either issue, I would recommend not reading

Captain Mac Taylor finds more than he expects when his team captures a crèche station.

Even being experienced with newly rescued ELFs doesn’t prepare Captain Mac Taylor for the reality of being bonded to one.


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