A Journey of the Heart

Fanfiction by Juli





"Andromeda" and its characters are the property of Tribune Entertainment.  These stories are written purely for entertainment purposes.  No money is being made from them and no copyright infringement is intended.


Stand Alone 

To a Nietzschean, it isn't how you play the game, but whether you win  or lose that counts.  (Tyr/m)

Some Harper introspection, with a little smut thrown in to keep things interesting.  (Harper/Tyr)



"Bear's Cub" Series (AU)

A Nietzschean teenager finds a most unexpected intruder.




I have a fiction list for those who don't want to wait until I manage to get a story posted here. I also post stories to my list that I'm not comfortable putting on a public website, such as my Supernatural work. If you'd care to join, it's located at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JuliSlashFiction/



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